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Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer

What is Your Biggest Fear

What is your biggest fear? Loss, change, abandonment, or else? Answering the 20 psychological questions on this quiz reveals your deepest fears AND phobias accurately.

A Freaky Quiz That Reveals Your Biggest Fear

It is a set of panic-, worry-, and distress-related questions to unveil your fears and nightmares.

Discovering your biggest dread can be challenging. But taking the quiz on this page lets your mind expose its darkest parts subconsciously. And it makes it a lot easier to understand your anxiety.

We already have a similar quiz called the Safe Trypophobia Test. We did our best to keep this one anxiety-proof for those who have unbearable phobias, too. So, note that the test DOES NOT include any jump scares, graphic imagery, or gross questions.

It is a genuine fear quiz that focuses on your thoughts, worries, and traits.

Find Out What You Are Afraid of the Most.

According to, “Fear of failure is the most common concern among people.” But taking the quiz can provide you with much more accurate answers. Not everyone is afraid of disappointments. By the end of the questionary, you know what your exact fear or phobia is—and even how to deal with it.

See if Your Fear Is a Phobia or Not.

For some participants, the big question is, “What is my phobia?” So, the test actually uses psychological tricks to determine if your emotions are as intense as phobias or are they just rational thoughts to make you avoid risks.

Discover the Type of Your Fright.

According to VeryWellMind, “Fear is a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion. It involves a universal biochemical response as well as a high individual emotional response.” It may come in different forms, such as social anxiety, depression, and isolation. The Fear Quiz can expose what type of terrors you are dealing with in your mind.

Why Taking a Fear Quiz Is Actually Helpful?

Facing a fear or unpleasant feeling is the best method to deal with it. By doing so the right way, you stop your anxiety from becoming debilitating. And it never turns into a phobia. Taking the quiz helps you take your first step towards exposure to your deepest terrors without overstimulating your emotions.

Note: According to the latest statistics, 10% of adults in the US have phobias interfering with their daily lives.

The Only Quiz That Distinguishes Fear and Phobia!

We are talking about two different questions here, “What is my fear?” and “what is my phobia?” We created the first quiz that acknowledges the difference between these concepts and has curated the results accordingly.

Here are the psychological definitions of the concepts to help you distinguish them as well.

  • Fear is a regular emotion that warns about possible danger or threats. It occurs when your body wants to decide on staying (fighting) or leaving (flight).
  • Phobia is an irrational emotion about something that is not necessarily deadly or dangerous.

Some Examples of Fear Vs. Phobia

The quiz lets you know how phobic you are. But the following examples show the primary dissimilarity between the two.

Fear of Spiders Vs. Arachnophobia

~300-400 million people all around the globe are afraid of insects—specifically spiders. But a person with Arachnophobia would experience all the phobia symptoms (i.e., sweating, trembling, hot flushes or chills, shortness of breath, etc.) even thinking about spiders. However, someone with a regular fear would probably never overreact to such a tiny insect and only try to avoid it.

Fear of Height Vs. Acrophobia

One with Acrophobia would avoid steep steps, elevators, and in some cases, even traveling with airplanes due to their excessive fear of height. However, one with regular anxiety would never let it overcome their life or interfere with their lifestyle.

Fear of Needles Vs. Trypanophobia

Your biggest fear might be getting a flu shot. But when you may volunteer to receive the third dose of your COVID-19 vaccine booster because you do not want to die. However, one with Trypanophobia would be afraid of injections so much that they would avoid seeing a doctor at any cost. So, they might even refuse to get their COVID shots because of their unbearable anxiety.

The intensity of fear and the extent of its effect on your life determines whether or not it is a phobia. The quiz analyzes your responses and evaluates the scale of your panic to decide which one you have.

How to Uncover Your Biggest Fear (without a Quiz)

Your biggest fear is the concept, thing, situation, or creature that makes you feel nervous and triggers your fight or flight mechanism. Common fears are animals, sudden changes, death, and darkness.

Following the four steps below enables you to detect and deal with your frights properly.

#1: Ask fundamental questions.

You need the answer to these questions: 1) When do I feel nervous the most? 2) What triggers my negative emotions? 3) When do I feel the need to escape a place or situation? 4) When did it all start? 5) When was the last time I felt terrified and why?

#2: Review your fight or flight moments.

Our body makes a crucial decision whenever we face danger, to run or to stay? When things seem to be too frightening, it forces you to flight—or escape, if you will. Those are key moments for you to uncover your deepest and biggest fears. Simply think about a recurring pattern that makes you want to run away and hide. It could be anything, such as an environmental factor, a creature or animal, a person, or just an idea.

#3: Pay more attention to your physical responses.

You need to monitor your body to find the answer to questions like, “What is your biggest fear?” Here are the symptoms you should be looking for (according to the VeryWellMinded): Chest pain, chills, Dry mouth, nausea, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating, and trembling.

Things that cause the above sing to show up in your body are your biggest fears.

#4: Keep a fear journal.

Writing down your emotions is always a good idea. It enables you to let them out, observing them from outside—like a third person. Journaling your biggest fears creates the path to uncover your anxieties and prepare yourself to deal with them.

Why Most Other Online Fear Quizzes Are Useless?

The goal of nearly all phobia quizzes is to find an answer to questions like, “What is your biggest fear?” However, their approach is to show you some scary images or put you through some stress-triggering situations to (somehow) identify your frights. But that is both unprofessional and unhealthy.

But the test you take on this page is completely safe and stress-free. We do not want to put you through unpleasing emotions to discover the roots of your distress. That would be an old-fashioned way to do so. Instead, we use a self-report questionary that identifies your phobias and anxieties through psychological questions.

Should You Be Afraid of Your Fears, though?

“Fear” is an essential emotion for humans. It is directly related to your survival instincts, always trying to keep you alive. So, regardless of your frights’ nature, you should not be afraid of them. Contrarily, you need to learn how to deal with them and use them in your favor.

Fun fact, there is actually a thing called Phobophobia which is also known as fear of fears! So, you are better off without overthinking your distressing emotions or they might turn into something bigger and more intense.


The Fear Quiz does not provide you with any clinical diagnosis of psychiatric illnesses.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which one describes your fear(s) better?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 1
    • Philosophical

    • Emotional

    • Childish

    • Rational

    • Irrational

    • None

  • 2
    Do your frights show up at a specific time?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 2
    • When I have to make a decision or do something

    • When I think about horrible things that could happen

    • At nights

    • When I'm sure something bad is about to happen

    • No, they happen randomly

  • 3
    What part of your life has been affected by your fears the most?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 3
    • My career

    • My relationships

    • My sleep

    • My Lifestyle

    • My friendships

    • None

  • 4
    Are you afraid of "things that could happen to you" or "creatures that could attack you?"
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 4
    • I'm afraid of disappointing others.

    • I'm afraid of things that could happen to my family

    • I'm afraid of scary creatures

    • I'm afraid of natural phenomena

    • I'm usually afraid of wild animals that could attack me

    • I'm not afraid of any of them

  • 5
    Which of the following scenarios is scarier than the rest?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 5
    • Disappointing your parents right before they die

    • Losing a very good friend

    • Having to find a lighter in a pitch-black house

    • Having to survive a hurricane

    • Seeing a huge dog running towards you

    • None

  • 6
    Which place or situation is terrifying?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 6
    • Giving a speech to thousands of people

    • Burying someone you loved with your hands

    • Waking up at a dark cemetery

    • Living in a shelter after an earthquake

    • A room full of harmless spiders

    • None

  • 7
    Which word makes you more nervous?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 7
    • Success

    • Loss

    • Dark

    • Survival

    • Attack

    • None

  • 8
    If your fear was a person, what would it look like?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 8
    • A strict parent

    • A depressed man

    • A scary tall creature

    • A god-like figure

    • A giant animal

    • A normal person

  • 9
    You wake up having a strange, unpleasant feeling. What's the first negative thought that comes to your mind?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 9
    • Today's going to suck

    • Someone I know is in trouble

    • I probably had a nightmare

    • It might be a sign of a disaster

    • I don't know

    • Nothing specific

  • 10
    What stops your fear?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 10
    • Getting things done

    • Talking to my loved ones

    • Going to my room, keeping the lights on

    • Going to a safe place

    • Having no animals/insects around

    • None

  • 11
    What do you usually do when you are scared?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 11
    • Keep me busy working

    • Hug people, I love and cry

    • Shiver while trying to stay quiet

    • Try to find ways to survive

    • Scream and ask for help

    • None

  • 12
    Of the following triggers, which one evokes your distressing feelings?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 12
    • A social situation

    • A traumatic event

    • Watching scary movies

    • Hearing bad news on TV

    • Being chased by a friendly animal

    • None

  • 13
    What do you do when you feel like you cannot make your fears go away?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 13
    • Avoid people

    • Avoid loneliness

    • Avoid darkness

    • Avoid news and media

    • Avoid going out

    • None

  • 14
    How often do your frights come back?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 14
    • Whenever something in my life changes

    • Whenever I feel happy

    • Whenever I'm alone

    • Whenever I feel like I might die

    • Whenever I see an animal, insect, or bird

    • None

  • 15
    Have your fears affected and changed your life? How?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 15
    • I overthink success and achievement

    • I became overprotective of my family

    • I cannot be alone

    • I'm constantly preparing for a disaster

    • I cannot go out and enjoy outdoors

    • None

  • 16
    Feel in the blank. I usually feel anxious because ___________.
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 16
    • I might be humiliated

    • People might unlove me

    • Scary things might happen

    • Mother nature might wipe us off this planet

    • Something might attack me

    • Something unwanted/unplanned has happened

  • 17
    Which one sounds like a symptom of your fear(s)?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 17
    • Sudden anxiety

    • Depression

    • Faster heartbeat

    • Chest pain

    • Shortness of breath

    • None

  • 18
    How would people react if you explained your emotions (frights) to them?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 18
    • They don't get it

    • They pity me

    • They laugh at me

    • They think I'm overreacting

    • They feel bad for me

    • They claim to have the same fears

  • 19
    When did your fears start?
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 19
    • Teenagerhood

    • After a traumatic event

    • Childhood

    • After experiencing a disaster

    • After something/someone attacked me

    • None

  • 20
    Final question, on a scale of 0 to 10, how intense is your fear? (10 means very intense).
    Quiz: What is Your Biggest Fear? Get 100% Honest Answer 20
    • 2-3

    • 4-5

    • 6-7

    • 8-9

    • 10

    • ZERO!

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