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How do people apologize to you?
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    Causally. I don't hold a grudge.

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    Sincerely. I don't fall for fake apologies.

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    Repeatedly. I'm not satisfied with one apology.


Question 1: How do people apologize to you?

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If you ask yourself, “Am I intimidating?” this quiz helps you discover your intimidation factor and, uncover hidden personality traits & boost self-awareness.

What Does Being Intimidating Mean?

When used to describe a person, the term “intimidating” means someone who frightens others or diminishes their confidence. In other words, being intimidated by someone means they either physically threaten you or boost your insecurity.

Am I Intimidating? Signs You Intimidate Others

If you are snappy, impulsive, blunt, critical, arrogant, competitive, dominant, aggressive, and overly logical, you are an intimidating person. But your intimidating others might also be because of your strong and independent personality of yours.

Intimidating Approachable
Impulsiveness Thoughtfulness
Bossy Considerate
Hostile Friendly
Judgmental Supportive
Entitled Independent


What Is the Intimidation Quiz?

Made up of 20 questions, the intimidation quiz identifies if you have an overawing or unapproachable personality. The premise is to answer questions like, “Am I intimidating?”

Some associate intimidation with being a bad person, while others believe it’s tied to being handsome or attractive. The test, however, exposes the actual reason behind your daunting character.

How to Know if You’re Intimidating?

Look for signs. If you can relate to four or more of these indications, you DO HAVE a frightening personality.

1.     People avoid eye contact with you.

Lack of eye contact is a sign of fear. If others seem unable to look you in the eye, there’s a problem. Likely, they’re intimidated by you.

2.    You dominate the conversations.

Dominance is an intimidating feature. Controlling the talks is a warning that you might be a daunting person.

3.    Your friends often agree with you.

It’s challenging to disagree with an intimidating person. So, if your loved ones, especially your friends, are flunky around you, they’re probably taken aback by you.

4.   Strangers don’t feel comfortable around you.

Observe the body language of people who don’t know you. Do they actively try to avoid you? If yes, you’re likely an intimidating person.

5.    You hear too many apologies.

No one wants to upset you—out of fear. So, you are exposed to lots of over-apologies, which indicates you’re intimidating.

6.   Most people tiptoe around you.

Since daunting personalities are snappy, others tread lightly when interacting with them. In other words, others’ tiptoeing in your presence is not a sign of respect; it’s a sign of intimidation.

How to Know if It’s Intimidation or Unattractiveness?

When someone is intimidated by your looks—or finds you unattractive—they mostly avoid romantic or sensual interactions. But when the intimidation comes from a place of fear, they circumvent any interactions.

For a more detailed answer, take our other quiz, “Am I attractive?”

Is Being Intimidating Attractive or Off-Putting?

It depends. If someone is intimidated by your desirable features—style, intelligence, confidence, etc.— it’s attractive to be intimidating (at least to that particular person). However, if it’s because of your arrogance or aggression, it’s unattractive.

What If the Test Result Was Positive?

The intimidation quiz doesn’t give a simple yes or no answer. The results are detailed and come with suggestions on what to do next.

If the quiz detects you’re negatively intimidating, it offers practical advice on bettering yourself.


The intimidation quiz is not meant to label or discriminate against you. It’s an educational and entertaining test to self-assess your personality.