Am I a Bad Person? This Quiz Analyzes 20 Personality Factors

Do you always ask, “Am I a bad person?” This psychological quiz reveals if you are an antagonist, malicious person. Should you be worried?

Am I a Bad Person

A Malicious Quiz to Check if You’re a Baddie

The test is designed for those wondering if they are a bad person. It uses psychoanalytic methods to assess your dark core, exposing your antagonist self. The goal is to see if you are manipulative, malicious, and devilish. But the quiz determines the extent of your evilness, too.

You can also check out the ‘Am I Toxic?’ test if you are worried about hurting others’ emotions.

How Does the Test Identify Bad People?

The premise of the quiz is to answer questions like, “Am I a bad person?” It uses four primary factors to identify evil personalities: the D-Factor, conscious choices, possible personality disorders, and selfish behaviors.

Dark Core Check

Psychologists uncovered nine core traits every bad person has: Egoism, Machiavellianism, moral disengagement, narcissism, entitlement, psychopathy, sadism, self-interest, spitefulness.

You do not have to have all of the nine factors to be an evil individual. So, the quiz analyzes the activity level of each separately, determining if you have an out-of-control dark core. That would help us decide if you are a bad person or not.

Decision-Making Simulator

In his Ted Talk called ‘Why Good People Do Bad Things,’ Einar Øverenget explains, “Good intentions do NOT result in good actions.” That is because humans should make conscious decisions all the time. You might not want to hurt others by smoking near them, but sometimes you do. That is because you make a decision not to think about your actions’ consequences.

Does that make you evil? Should start self-questioning like, “Am I a bad person?” It depends. If your decision-making style is reckless and inconsiderate, you might not be a perfect human.

Background Analysis

Psychologists suggest that several elements in your past can turn you into a bad person. Being a victim of a tragedy, experiencing poverty, emotional abuse, addiction, or hanging onto certain ideologies can increase your evilness.

So, before answering questions like, “Am I a bad person?” we would like to analyze your backstory. Even the antagonists in films happen to have some of the said experience to justify their cruelty.

Narcissism Detector

Here is an interesting question to ask instead of “am I bad?” Are you a Narcissist? People with such personality disorders are believed to be cruel, manipulative, toxic, and wicked. Grandiosity and constant attention-seeking make a narcissist an awful person.

That is why the quiz looks for any signs of NPD before revealing the results.

6 Undeniable Signs You Are a Bad Person

Here is how to assess your evilness before taking the test. Having two or more of the following signs indicates you are not that of a good person.

#1: You Do NOT Empathize

Lack of empathy is an obvious sign of badness and immorality. Some people are so unempathetic that they are called sociopaths or psychopaths. So, it is crucial to know how kindhearted you are before deciding if you are a bad person.

#2: You Are Irresponsible

Evil personalities usually avoid responsibilities. They blame their mistakes on others unapologetically. So, negligence and carelessness are other signs of antagonism the quiz looks for.

#3: You Are Cruel to Animals

Animal cruelty is a crime. And it is the same as hurting people. If a person is reckless enough as a living creature, it is safe to say they are bad.

#4: You Are Manipulative

Manipulation is an undeniable red flag of evilness. Controlling others indicates you do not care about their feelings or decisions. And that makes you a bad person.

#5: You Enjoy Malicious Criticism

Before asking, “Am I a bad person?” you should review your criticism style. Do you enjoy humiliating others with your comments? Does it make you feel good to remind others of their flaws? If yes, you have an evil personality.

#6: You Step on Others to Succeed

Another sign of cruelty is abusing others to achieve something in life. Most bad people do not care about how their actions or decisions affect others’ lives. So, they value their gain over everything else.

The Psychology of Becoming a Bad Person

Trauma can turn good people bad. Psychologically speaking, certain distressing experiencing can help the person justify their future malicious actions. For instance, some studies show that kids who have experienced sexual abuse are likely to become pedophiles in the future.

Plus, humans’ minds have a moral licensing system. It acts like a goodness quota, helping us justify our bad behaviors after several good deeds. For instance, you might offer a dollar to a homeless man but ignore a couple of beggars on your way home because you feel like you have done your part.

Are You the Bad Guy? The Quiz Will Reveal

The forced-choice questionary on this page is your last chance to get a solid answer. It helps you stop overthinking questions like, “Am I a bad person?”

The quiz is not meant to shame you for who you are. So, please, take the results likely. Being bad is a debatable topic. And its definition varies from one person to another. As Billie Eilish does in her song, Bad Guy, some might even glorify being a bad person.

Quick Reminder: Not All Mistakes Make You a Bad Person

You made a mistake. Does that make you evil? As long as you admit to your mistake and apologize, you are a good person. In general, humans are prone to making mistakes. But it is not fair to assume everyone is bad because of their faults.

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