XO Kitty Quiz: Which Character Are You? 2024 Update

Hey, which XO Kitty character are you? Take this romance quiz to see if you match Kitty, Dae, Min Ho, Yuri, Q, or other KISS students.

XO Kitty Quiz: Which Character Are You

XO Kitty Character Quiz Explained

The XO Kitty Quiz is a personality test that exposes which KISS student from Netflix’s drama looks like you. It analyzes your traits, likes, and dislikes, matching them to that of Kitty, Dea, Yuri, Min Ho, Q, and the rest of the crew to discover the perfect match.

XO, Kitty is a spin-off of Jenny Han’s To All the Boys film series following the story of Kitty, an Asian-American girl who goes on a journey to find her true love in Seoul, Korea.

With the XO Kitty Test, you get to see which characters of her story you resemble in real life—and learn the real reason behind this similarity.

Find Your MBTI Match from Jenny Han’s Universe

XO, Kitty takes place in the same universe as To All the Boys and The Summer I Turned Pretty, other beloved works of Jenny Han. But the big question is, which of her relatable characters share the same personality as you?

Our quiz imagines you as a student at Korea Independent Seoul School, analyzing your MBTI in that particular setting to identify your perfect match—your teen drama doppelganger, if you will.

If you already know your personality type, the following table might help you find your matching XO Kitty character faster. (Though, we’d still recommend taking the quiz for accurate results.)

XO Kitty Character MBTI
Kitty ENTP
Q Shabazian ENFJ


An Overview of XO Kitty Characters’ Personalities

Okay, you want to know which XO Kitty student you are. But what kind of personalities are in the show? To answer that, we’ve created a short—but informative—analysis of each main character. (See below.)


Despite her adventurous and free-spirited nature, Kitty is confused about her sexuality and questions some of her decisions. However, personality-wise, she is a kindhearted, caring, and loving girl who wants everyone to be happy and enjoy their lives.


Although struggling with financial problems, Dae is a giving young man who values dignity and respect. His personality can be described as hardworking, devoted, and loyal. But he’s also quite introverted, finding it hard to open up to others.

Min Ho

Min Ho appears to be a cocky and selfish young man. But that’s just a façade he’s hiding behind. Deep down, Min Ho is a caring, loyal, and protective person who’s always there for his loved ones—even when they leave him alone.


In the first half of XO Kitty’s Season 1, Yuri is a spoiled girl who seems concerned about nothing but her own gain. But later, she reveals her true personality, a compassionate, supportive, and helpful friend who refuses to live the lavish—and soulless—life that her parents have scheduled for her.

Q (Quincy Shabazian)

A true empath, Q is patient and calm, with a talent for making people feel heard and understood. Most of the time, he is the invisible glue keeping his group of friends together, but he never makes a big deal of it—and offers unconditional love and support to his loved ones, no matter what.

Let’s Unveil Which KISS Student You Are

Okay, now that you know more about XO Kitty characters and the story, it’s time to answer the big question: Which XO Kitty boy or girl do you resemble? Take the quiz to find out.

We have binged-watched all the episodes, taken our notes, and created the most accurate personality-matching test. All that is left for you to do is respond to our fun questions so we can reveal your soulmate and perfect match.

Let’s meet your counterpart at KISS now! 📔💖


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