Quiz: Which Heartstopper Character Are You? 2024 Update

Hey, which Heartstopper character are you? This romantic quiz reveals whether you are Charlie Spring, Nicholas Nelson, or others.

Which Heartstopper Character Are You

This Quiz Reveals Your Heartstopper Character.

With its 20 heart-melting, adorable questions, the Heartstopper character quiz discovers which of the Paris Squad members you resemble in real life.

The Paris Squad in Heartstopper is a group of Truham Grammar High School students exploring romance during their coming of age.

An accurate personality analyzer, the current test identifies the student you could’ve been had you lived in the same universe.

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It Is the First MBTI-Based Heartstopper Test.

Thanks to the detailed descriptions of Alice Oseman’s webcomic, we know the MBTI types of all main characters. And to finetune the results, the quiz compares yours to theirs.

In other words, you are the Heartstopper character who shares the same—or the closest—personality type with you.

Use the following table to find your match if you don’t have time for a fun quiz.

Character MBTI
Charlie Spring ISFP
Nicholas Nelson ESFJ
Elle Argent ENFJ
Darcy Olsson ESFP
Aled Last INFJ




Webcomic and Netflix Adaptation Characters Included.

Netflix’s Heartstopper adaptation has two non-canon characters: Isaac and Imogen, replacing Aled Last and Sahar Zahid. However, the good news is that the current quiz covers both canon and non-canon characters.

You might end up matching one of the OG members of the Paris Squad in the webtoons. Or you might discover you’re one of the newly introduced Truham Grammar high students.

Here’s How to Discover Your Matching Personality.

Taking the Heartstopper personality quiz is the most convenient way of meeting your counterpart (obviously). But there are other alternatives as well.

One substitute for the test is reading the main characters’ descriptions. It takes more time, but it’s a straightforward process: You are the character who gives off the same vibes as you.

The following guides could help you find your match.

#1. Charlie Spring.

A true ISFP, Charlie is a kind-hearted, caring young boy with a sensitive soul—and an apologetic attitude. Although romantic, he holds his emotions back in everyone’s best interest.

#2. Nicholas Nelson.

Nick, a tough-looking rugby player, is actually a tender-hearted, loyal, and protective guy. Although confused about his sexuality, Nick knows he’s in love with Charlie, appreciating every moment he spends with him as any true lover would.

#3. Elle Argent.

As with most ENFJs, Elle’s personality can be described as sweet, organized, and creative. Despite her rather big-headed attitude and competitive nature, she’s a reliable friend who’s always there for you.

#4. Isaac Henderson.

A confirmed Aroace (Aromantic-Asexual), Isaac is a wise, level-headed, and insightful young man. Whether you see him as the squad’s guru or go-to, he’s the one who calms you down, shows you the way, and soothes your pain with words.

#5. Tao Xu

MBTI-wise, Tao is the Logistician: introverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. As a friend, though, he’s a protective, supportive, and loyal boy with a heart of gold.

Other Heartstopper characters.

The Paris Squad aside, Heartstopper has many more memorable characters. (David, Sai, Christian, Otis, Jane and Julio Spring, and Sahar Zahid come to mind).

By taking the quiz, you’re likely to find your counterpart among them—if it’s not one of the OGs.

Ready to Join the Paris Squad? Take the Quiz Now.

Let’s face it; Heartstopper is so romantic that it made many straight people secretly wonder if they’re gay—probably while holding back tears.

But now—on the verge of binge-watching season 2—you have one more way to relate to its super-relatable characters: Discovering your matching Heartstopper personality.

A love letter to Alice Oseman’s love story, the quiz takes you on a romance-fueled ride, a journey to discover who you are in the Heartstopper’s universe.



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