Quiz: Would I Be a Good Teacher? Based on 15 Facts

If you’re looking to know whether you would be a good teacher, take this Tutor Personality Quiz: It reveals how good of an educationalist you could be.

Would I Be a Good Teacher

Teaching is an art mastered by a select few. This quiz helps determine if your personality aligns with the job and why. It focuses on assessing soft skills rather than academic capabilities, aiming to gauge your potential as a good teacher.

5 Subtle Signs You Would Make a Good Teacher

Condensed into five characteristics, potential good teachers are patient, curious, creative, empathetic, and adaptable. Patience helps them repeat and rehearse; curiosity keeps them keen to learn; creativity encourages them to gamify teaching; empathy makes them relatable; and adaptability gives them the ability to adjust to different needs.

Here are the five signs of a teaching knack:

How to Become a Good Teacher

Azul Terronez, the author of The Art of Apprenticeship, has asked his students the same question for over 24 years: What makes a good teacher great?

According to Azul’s observations, one can become a better tutor in four steps: Grow a passion for learning, take risks and try new things, connect with students on a personal level, and make learning fun and engaging.

Students want a relatable role model, not an assertive dictator. They want a lighthouse to guide them through the rocky path without making them feel stupid—or bored. To become a good teacher, as Plato suggests, you must create a love for learning. You should ignite the passion in a student to discover knowledge for themselves.

Should You Become a Teacher?

Before making the decision, consider the following aspects of teaching in the US.

  • Work conditions. You must train a classroom of an average of 16-23 students for 40 hours a week.
  • Working with kids requires careful handling. You need to follow strict ethics and stay composed all the time, which can be tiring.
  • Financial aspects. A Public School Teacher in the US earns $57,543 per year. That is about $4,795 per month. Ask yourself if you can handle this wage before becoming a teacher.

See If You Would Be a Good Teacher with a Quiz

If you pass this test, you are likely to become a good teacher. We won’t ask for your expertise or work experience—that’s for recruiters to do. What we do instead is analyze your personality to see if you have the soul of an educationalist.

According to the NCES, over 308,000 new teachers are hired per year. So, let’s see if you could be one of them. 📚

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