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Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately

Word of The Year Quiz

The word of the year quiz asks you 20 questions to reveal the term you resonate within 2023. Find out what word summarizes your year based on your vision.

Word of the Year Quiz Explained

The test is a series of questions with the goal of revealing your word of the year. It reviews your visions, memories, and experiences to discover the term that fits into your life for the upcoming days.

Your word indicates what kind of year is expecting you and how you’ll approach the happenings. For instance, 2021’s term was “perseverance,” implying the struggle and hard work in facing the pandemic. So, what expression or word do you think could explain your life? Take the quiz to find out.


Word of the Year Year
They 2019
Pandemic 2020
Vaccine 2021
Embrace 2022


Find Your Guiding Word of the Year 2023

For many, discovering the year’s term is somewhat spiritual, like a message from their guardian angel—or something along the same line. The good news is that the quiz helps you identify the dictionary term that recaps your upcoming year. Plus, it offers a brief but comprehensible explanation of why we think your life resonates with a specific word.

Who Chooses the Word of the Year?

There’s no specific organization to select the word of the year. However, chooses a trending word that describes the gist of the happenings annually.

The organization offered “Allyship” as the best fit for the 2021 events, claiming that “[it] acts as a powerful prism through which to view the defining events and experiences of [the year].”

How to Find Your Own Word (No Quiz Required)

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Discovering a term or expression that guides you through the year should be pretty straightforward. You just need to know what to consider and where to look at. Here’s a 4-step guide in case you’re not a fan of quizzes and want to hunt your own words.

#1. Choose it based on your goals and resolutions.

You want a word that guides—or at least motivates you—through the year. So, it’s crucial to look into your expectations before choosing one. What do you want to happen? How are you going to fight the struggles? Do you need more “STRENGTH,” or are you already feeling “BLESSED?”

#2. Choose your word of the year based on last year’s happenings.

It’s cliché, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So, what happened last year that made you even tougher? Such events or turning points in your life can also determine your word of the year—before you opt to take a quiz. Did you survive an unbelievably challenging year? Then your year’s term should be “THRIVE.” Did you go through a loss? “Growth” might be the word you’re looking for.

#3. Go with the vibe of the whole world.

Another way to discover your word of the year is by listening to humankind. Each year, certain struggles and happenings form mutual concerns and visions. You can use them to come up with your own relatable term and seek guidance along with all other humans. Google’s Year in Search is an excellent tool to see what the world is going through and how one word could describe it.

#4. Revisit your browser history.

It may sound too geeky but bear with me. Your search history has some profound pieces of info to offer. It can be a door into your visions, expectations, wishes, and plans. So, for the sake of finding your word of the year without a quiz, open your browser history. See if you can find any meaningful relationship between the queries and your wants for the new year.

How the Word of the Year 2023 Quiz Works

The test goes through the most critical aspects of your life. The goal here is to decipher your resolutions to see what word can best describe them.

It analyzes your vision.

You start the word of the year quiz by answering somewhat philosophical questions. We’d want to know more about your personal views and opinions about fundamental topics, such as finance, love, career, family, etc.

It reviews your speech patterns.

Unlike most other word of the year quizzes, we value your word choices to come up with the most fitting suggestion, a word that you’d be willing to use in your daily speeches. Some alternative online tests leave you with cumbersome terms that require a dictionary to decipher. But here, we analyze your responses to guess how you talk before revealing your special word of the year.

It also considers your recent memories.

What you’ve been through so far should shape the word of the next year—because our memories make us who we are. Some quiz questions focus on your experiences and the boldest recollections to help finetune the results.

Finally, it searches through our database to find the fitting word.

We use your responses to the word of the year quiz to create an accurate profile. Then, the algorithm goes through the database of terms and expressions, revealing the one with the highest matching percentage.

Bonus: Christian Words of the Year Are Included, too.

As you know, the word of the year is somewhat of a spiritual thing for some people. That’s why the quiz includes suggestions for Christians. The terms for this section are handpicked from the Bible itself, making it easier for you to seek guidance.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    How would you describe your year in one word?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 1
    • Memorable

    • Promising

    • Critical

    • Successful

    • Unsuccessful

    • Meh

  • 2
    What do you think about the challenges you face in life?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 2
    • Life's meaningless without them

    • I'm ready for them

    • I think they teach me lessons

    • I try hard not to give up against the challenges

    • I'm tired of them

    • I'm numb to life in general

  • 3
    Why do you want to know your word of the year?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 3
    • It sounds fun

    • I need guidance

    • I need support

    • I want to ensure I'm on the right path

    • I'm bored

    • I don't even know

  • 4
    Choose a word that summarizes your memories of the past couple of months.
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 4
    • Enjoyable

    • Real

    • Harsh

    • Valuable

    • Traumatic

    • Meh

  • 5
    What do you think is the best strategy to face life's hardships?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 5
    • Holding onto your faith

    • Acceptance

    • Education and experience

    • Toughness and consistency

    • I don't know anymore

    • No strategies could help with that

  • 6
    What was the pandemic like for you? How did it affect your life?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 6
    • It taught me a lot of lessons

    • It made me a better person

    • It made me grow up

    • It turned into a tougher person

    • It hurt me deeply

    • It didn't have a significant effect

  • 7
    What are your hopes for the next year?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 7
    • I hope the pandemic ends.

    • I want my family and friends to be happy and healthy

    • I want to succeed in my business/job

    • I hope that I make it

    • I hope that I can recover

    • I want the next year to be a bit more exciting

  • 8
    What's something that you really want to do in the upcoming years?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 8
    • Spend more time with loved ones

    • Focusing on my mental and physical health

    • Educating myself and becoming a better person

    • Keep trying and not focusing on my goals

    • Giving myself some time to let everything sink in

    • Have fun and enjoy my time on earth

  • 9
    What do you think is the key to having peace of mind?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 9
    • Believing in the greater good

    • Befriending your faith

    • Never stop learning

    • Believing in yourself

    • Not overthinking your past

    • I don't really know

  • 10
    Which one sounds like a better definition of happiness?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 10
    • Having a lovely, healthy family

    • Living with peace of mind

    • Following your passion

    • Surviving the hardships and achieving your goals

    • Getting along with life's challenges

    • Not overthinking anything about life

  • 11
    What's something your life is missing right now?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 11
    • Mercy

    • Love

    • Challenge

    • Stability

    • Peace

    • All of them

  • 12
    What's the feeling you get when thinking about the future?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 12
    • Hope

    • Excitement

    • Fear

    • Stress

    • Uncertainty

    • Indifference

  • 13
    How would you describe your relationship with the past?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 13
    • I appreciate my experiences

    • I respect my past

    • I don't like it

    • I'm proud of it

    • I can't stop thinking about my past

    • Meh. I don't have anything to say about that.

  • 14
    Why do you think some people give up and never try to fix their lives?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 14
    • They don't have faith in what they do

    • They don't believe in themselves

    • They don't have the proper resources

    • They're not tough enough for the challenges

    • They are tired of failing

    • They just don't want to waste their time

  • 15
    Fill in the blank. I’d like to focus on my relationship with__________.
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 15
    • My family

    • My friends

    • My coworkers

    • My future

    • My past

    • My classmates

  • 16
    Choose a word that you think gives off positive or soothing vibes.
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 16
    • God

    • Angel

    • Ocean

    • Mountain

    • Home

    • Party

  • 17
    What do you usually do to calm yourself down and get rid of stress?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 17
    • I pray

    • I meditate

    • I talk to a friend

    • I devote more time to work

    • I watch movies and avoid working

    • It's completely random

  • 18
    How would you score the past five years of your life on a scale of 0 to 5?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 18
    • 5

    • 4

    • 3

    • 2

    • 1

    • 0

  • 19
    What motivates you to keep going and try even harder?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 19
    • My beliefs

    • My loved ones

    • My goals and achievements

    • My responsibilities

    • The promises that I've made

    • I'm not motivated, TBH.

  • 20
    Final question; how old are you?
    Quiz: Find Your Word of The Year 100% Accurately 20
    • 60 or older

    • 45-59

    • 30-44

    • 20-29

    • 15-19

    • 14 or younger

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