Which Trolls Character Are You? In 2024 Trolls Band Together

If you want to know which singing Troll or Bergen from the Trolls franchise you are, take this personality quiz. It reveals if you’re Poppy, Branch, Viva, or another character.

Which Trolls Character Are You

Just wrapped up rewatching the freshest addition to the Trolls series, Band Together, and I’m totally hooked. Seriously, it’s hands down one of the coolest jukebox musicals you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Loved it so much, I took action – created the Trolls Character Quiz.

With my Trolls Test, you dive into discovering which Troll vibes with your personality. But here’s the kicker: I also spill the beans on your Tribe and throw in the possibility of a Bergen match. (Feeling daring?)

Wondering how the quiz rolls? It’s all about MBTIs and iconic traits. Answer 15 questions, and I unravel your archetype, then match it up with the Trolls from all three movies. If you already know your personality type, consult the table below to find your perfect Troll match.

Troll MBTI
Poppy ENFP
Branch ISTJ
Cloud Guy ENTP
Cooper ENFP
Veneer ISFJ
Bridget ISFJ
John Dory ENTJ


Some of the Trolls characters in the mix:

  • Queen Poppy: The caring protector, daughter of the Troll king, on a mission to unite all Trolls for a happily-ever-after.
  • Branch: Grumpy exterior but a big-hearted Troll, going the extra mile for his loved ones.
  • Cooper: A lovable and innocent Troll with a positive outlook on everything.
  • Viva: Fresh from the 2023 release, Band Together, she’s a protective, risk-averse, yet sociable Troll.

Oh, you got it! I threw in some new faces from the 2023 release – Viva, Veneer, and Velvet, the latest buzz in the franchise.

Ready to discover your inner Troll? Let’s roll!

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