What animal am I quiz. 100% Accurate Personality Test

Take this personality quiz if you ask yourself, “What animal am I?” It matches your traits to known animal personalities, suggesting the most similar ones. Are you a dog, wolf, cat, panda, or else?

What animal am I quiz

What Animal Are You?

If you have a Type A Personality (The Director), you are a lion. Likewise, if you’re a Type B (The Socializer), your animal self is an otter. But if you’re Type C (The Thinker), you are a beaver, and if Type D (The Supporter), you are a golden retriever.

Personality Animal
Type A Lion
Type B Otter
Type C Beaver
Type D Golden Retriever


What animal am I? Take this Quiz to Discover

The following are twenty behavior and instinct questions to determine what animal you are. Participants may use it to identify a living creature—other than humans—that represents their personality. For example, one might find out their animal self is a dog since they’re loyal and protective.

Mind that the animal personality quiz differs from the spirit animal quiz in that it matches your traits to living creatures. So, it’s less figurative, and the results are based on behavioral analysis rather than symbolic comparisons.

The Test is Based on the Four Animal Personality Assessment Model

Also referred to as the Smalley-Trent model, The Four Animal Personality Assessment is a personality inventory created by Gary Smalley and Dr. John Trent that uses DiSC profiles to categorize people into four groups: Lions, Otters, Beavers, and Golden Retrievers.

The current animal personality quiz uses the same model when determining the category you belong to (L, O, B, G). Thanks to the psychological evaluation of the Smalley-Trent test, the results are far more accurate than an interest-based test.

Please note that, unlike an animal trivia quiz, no right or wrong answers are involved. You need to select the options you relate to—or make the most sense.

You Could be a Lion, Beaver, Otter, or Golden Retriever

Several world-known tests have demonstrated the results with animal similes. Think chronotype quiz. And those aiming to answer “What animal are you?” are no exception.

The test analyzes the type of person you are, contrasting it to the animal database to find the best match. Although the Smalley-Trent model has only four types, our quiz considers other combinations such as Type X to finetune the results.

The following are the possible results based on your responses.

The Lion Personality

A natural leader, The Lion or L represents Type A characters. People in the L category are dynamic, active, goal-oriented, determined, independent, and reliable. However, the downside of their personality is that they might become bossy, impatient, or quick-tempered.

The Beaver Personality

Deep and thoughtful, The Beaver or B is analytical, serious, purposeful, creative, and philosophical. The Beavers are natural artists and idealists. But the downside of their character is that they might be pessimistic, moody, and insecure.

The Otter Personality

As a Type B personality, The Otter—or O—is talkative, cheerful, and bubbly. They have a knack for storytelling and performance. But the downside is that they might act childish, dwell on details, or forget about obligations.

The Golden Retriever Personality

A person with Type D is represented as The Golden Retriever or G in the Smalley-Trent model. The prominent characteristics are easygoingness, calmness, collectiveness, and quietness. But the Gs could also be fearful, selfish, shy, overly compromising, or self-righteous.

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Surprise Results and Personality Type X

The test on this page is the long and complete version of animal personality quizzes. So, it covers alternative characteristics such as Type X, a combination of multiple personalities.

How the Test Uses the DiSC Profiles to Determine Your Animal Self

Significantly important are four specific aspects of personality concerning your inner animal: Dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. In short, DiSC.

The test analyzes each feature individually to determine if you are a Lion, Otter, Beaver, Golden Retriever, or else.

Dominance: It reveals how leading you would be had you been an animal. Lions, for example, score high in this category.

Influence: When deciding what animal you are, you must know how influential you are. Otters often are more persuasive in this sense.

Steadiness: The balance in your personality can reveal what your beast animal is. Beavers usually do a better job at creating a steady life and preserving work-life balance.

Conscientiousness: In contrast with wildlife, a particular kind of carefulness is shared among humans and animals. So, your conscientiousness could help expose your animal self. Golden Retrievers often exhibit high levels of meticulousness compared to other groups.

Spirit Animal Vs. Animal Personality

During an animal spirit test, your physical features, religious beliefs, dreams, or even past life assumptions play a more significant role than your personality. But an animal personality quiz focuses on your behaviors, decisions, and actions to generate results.

Basically, the spirit animal quiz reveals spiritual or divine connections between you and another type of living creature. But the animal personality test exposes what species have similar characteristics as you.

Do Animals Actually Have Distinctive Personalities?


Animals do have personalities. A 2021 study by Marie I. Kaiser & Caroline Müller showed that “some individuals are bolder than other individuals of the same species, or more sociable or more aggressive.”

While the categories differ, animals’ personalities are, to some extent, comparable to that of humans. So, theoretically speaking, a scientific quiz could match the type of person you are with a specific animal species or breed.

But mind that it’s challenging to categorize an entire animal species into a specific persona. And the distinctive characteristics among non-human creatures are mostly useful when studied individually.


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