Quiz: What Raccoon Are You? 100% Fun Personality Match

There’s certainly a trash panda in you waiting to be exposed; take this Human Raccoon Test to see which ‘coon matches your personality.

What Raccoon Are You

Are You a Human Raccoon?

If you’ve got those tired eyes, a soft spot for junk food, struggle with sleep, and come off as cute but pack a punch inside, you’re basically a human raccoon. Here’s the complete checklist:

  • Do you see dark circles around your eyes?
  • Do you have insomnia?
  • Are you a night person?
  • Do you have anger issues?
  • Are you fond of free food?
  • Is your diet a mishmash of unhealthy foods?

If yes, then your spirit animal is a raccoon, the most prominent member of the procyonid family—if you prefer the technical term.

What Type of Raccoon Are You?

Demeanor-wise, raccoons can be divided into four groups: Homebodies (who rarely leave their dens), Bandits (who excavate food out of your trash), Explorers (who wander around the city at night), and Con Artists (who lure you into giving them free food).

But hey, which one are you?

If you find yourself consistently tired and lazy, you fall into the category of a Homebody Raccoon. If you’re irritable and intimidating, you fit the profile of a Bandit Raccoon. If adventure is your calling, you embody the spirit of an Explorer Raccoon. And if you excel at the art of being two-faced, you align with the persona of a Con Artist Raccoon.

Do Raccoons Have Unique Personalities?

Scientific research has demonstrated that animals, including raccoons, have distinct personalities and temperaments. These studies reveal that animals exhibit unique reactions to specific triggers and stimuli, affirming the presence of a fundamental level of individualism within the animal kingdom.

But in pop culture, raccoons are believed to have an ENTP personality type: Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. They are curious, conning, and compulsive. But they are also cute. An adorable yet dangerous combination.

Can We Guess What Percent Raccoon You Are? Sure!

The quiz you’re about to take is designed to detect human raccoons: the outcasts, bandits, and nighttime explorers of the city. We can accurately determine your raccoon-ness percentage, matching you to the perfect procyonid family.

If you’ve been feeling like a trash panda lately, now is the best time for a personality test. Let’s see if there’s actually a ‘Coon living in you.

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