Quiz: Am I Two-Faced? Get a 100% Honest Answer

Do you ask yourself, “Am I two-faced?” This psychology-backed quiz exposes fake people in no time. Analyze 20 personality factors to see if you’re deceitful.

Am I Two-Faced

A Genuine Quiz to Spot Fake People

The test is a series of challenging character-related questions to reveal your two-faced side (if you have any). It’s the best way to expose any fake person, no matter what. The goal is to find out if you’re nice to people’s faces and evil behind their backs.

A two-faced person disguises themself as a friend but secretly behaves like an enemy. Our test inspects twenty red flags to decide if you’re such a person or not. But be mindful that treacherous is a spectrum. So, you’ll not receive a simple yes or no answer. We’ll let you know how big of an insincere you are and offer a detailed breakdown. Here’s everything the test reveals about you.

Find out if you are two-faced.

The premise of the quiz is to answer this question: “Am I two-faced?” And that’s the first thing you get in your results. The test distinguishes between people who’re genuine and those who fake emotions. Plus, it grades your insincerity level, putting you in different categories.

Realize why you might seem fake.

It’s not just about the “IF” questions; you also need to know the why behind your result. Our two-faced revealing quiz lets you know the reasons why you seem like a deceitful person and vice versa. Sometimes, you don’t have any insincere intentions. But your actions may make it seem like you do. So, it’s essential to ask the “why questions” as well.

Read eye-opening facts about your personality.

You may want to know if you’re two-faced or not and then leave. But we’ve got more to offer. Unlike any other online test, we provide a comprehensive character breakdown. It helps you get to know yourself better from an outside perspective.

How Does the Two-Faced Quiz Work?

It considers three aspects of your deeds (intention, motivation, and quality) to identify if you’re deceitful. More on this below.

Analyzing your motivations.

It’s believed that two-faced individuals are nice to you for a reason. They usually need you to do them a favor, or they somehow benefit from your presence in their life. So, to determine if you’re such a dishonest person, we need to dig deep into your motivations. Several questions in the test aim to discover why you treat people the way you do. And that helps us finetune the results.

Inspecting your thoughts and intentions.

Are you innocent? Do you have good intentions when interacting with others? Our quiz answers such questions quite accurately. A fake nice person has fraudulent, malicious goals. And being kind or generous is a tool for them to achieve their targets.

Looking into your relationships.

Fortunately, two-faced people find it challenging to bond deeply with others. So, their relationships are mainly shallow and unintimate. That’s why our quiz takes the quality of your relationships and friendships into consideration.

Signs You’re a Deceitful Person

You may feel insecure about taking the two-faced exposer quiz—and that’s understandable. But there’s another way to self-evaluate your character and conclude a result. Read the following five signs and try to see if you have them. If you spot two or more of these red flags, you’re probably a deceitful individual.

You brag humbly.

Do you turn bragging into complaining? Like, “I hate to be so beautiful and attractive because everyone wants to flirt with me.” If that’s your bragging style, you might be two-faced.

You don’t listen to anyone.

Before asking things like, “Am I two-faced?” think about how much you care about others. If you’re numb to what others feel and say, you’re deceitful.

You’re nice to people when you need them.

Do you believe in the hierarchy of power? Do you try to keep yourself close to those in power no matter what? If yes, you might be pro-two-faced.

You’re passive-aggressive.

Being deceitful is not easy because you need to hide your rage and dislike. That’s why most fake people are secretly aggressive. They never show their rage. Instead, find other ways such as gossiping to express their anger. If that’s the case with you as well, no need to wonder if you’re two-faced because the answer is yes.

You enjoy talking behind people’s backs.

Gossiping is any dishonest person’s go-to entertainment. It’s a passive way of expressing their rage towards others. So, if you find yourself constantly gossiping about your friends, family, or coworkers, you might be an insincere friend.

Why People Become Two-Faced? (The Psychology of Treacherous)

A two-faced person behaves in such a dishonest manner because it’s beneficial. Humans tend to lie when there’s gain in it. For a deceitful individual, being fake nice is a tool to connect to more people, manipulate them when necessary, and benefit from their power. But at the same time, it allows them to talk behind everyone’s back and unload their rage or jealousy without losing friendships and connections.

What Do I Do if the Test Called me a Two-Faced?

First off, remind yourself that you can change for the better. The fact that you care is promising. And you’d definitely become a genuinely nice person if you tried hard. Here are the initial steps you have to take to stop being two-faced.

#1. Reconsider your intentions.

Don’t see your relationships as opportunities to gain materialistic things. Purify your intentions and be with others for the sake of love, friendship, and having an enjoyable time. Seeking to benefit from everyone makes you a lonely person because people can spot such dishonest behavior easily.

#2. Stop gossiping.

Talking behind people’s backs has no gain. Stop gossiping and try saying pleasant things about those around you—no matter if they’re around or not. If gossiping is how you unload your rage towards others, consult a therapist. You can always find better ways of expressing emotions that hurt others’ feelings.

#3. Cut ties with people you don’t like.

Instead of being fake nice around those you hate, remove them from your life. You’re not obligated to be kind to everyone around you. Cutting ties with people you dislike gets you to read the urge to pretend to be a polite and nice person, which helps you become a genuine friend rather than two-faced.

Read Before Taking the Insincerity Quiz

The test is designed to help those who ask, “Am I two-faced?” QuizExpo does NOT want to label you or downgrade your personality by any means. It’s a self-report questionnaire that works based on your responses, so there are no assumptions involved. Please, take the results lightly and contact us if you find them inappropriate or offensive. We always value your comments.

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