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Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You?

What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You

We know exactly what kind of physical touch would destroy you. Take this intimacy, romance, and erotica quiz to discover the touch you’re craving right now.

What Does It Mean to be Destroyed by a Physical Touch?

In a literal sense, it might refer to a physical attack that could kill you. But figuratively, a touch that destroys you is one that you’ve been craving for so long that you wouldn’t be able to handle it if it happened.

The Physical Touch Quiz Explained

It’s a self-report test that helps answer questions like, “What kind of physical touch would destroy me?”

Similar to the love tester quiz, it analyzes your desires, fantasies, and sexuality to generate accurate results.

Find out if and how touch-starved you are.

Are you hugging your blanket and pretending it’s someone you love? If yes, you’re absolutely touch-craved; don’t even bother to take the quiz.

But that’s just a surface-level analysis. Don’t you want to know how deeply you want to be touched? The test identifies how badly you need affection, love, or maybe even, ahem.

Physical Affection Type Touch-Starved Level
Holding hands High
Cuddling or Hugging Medium
Kissing Low


See what movies you should watch based on your physical craves.

Let’s assume you discovered what kind of physical touch would destroy you. What now? What’s the plan?

Are you going to look for someone to beg for a particular type of affection? If yes, good for you. But if you’re a lonely Incel, you should watch one of the movies we suggest right after taking the test.

The results include a list of ridiculously relatable movies and TV shows that would brighten your day—or maybe make you feel even lonelier.

Please note that some of the movies are R-rated. So, you know, don’t watch them if you’re underaged?

Discover if you’re on the innocent or naughty end of the spectrum.

Two types of physical touches could destroy you: innocent ones, and naughty ones. Which one do you crave? You can’t lie in the quiz, though.

We can identify if you’re a “hold my hand, baby” or “use your fingers!” type of person. So, don’t even try to hide your desires because it’s pointless.

How Did the #Physicaltouch Went Viral?

It all started with a green screen challenge on TikTok where users shared the results of a test that revealed how touch-starved they are and what kind of physical affection they crave.

The idea was that you need a specific type of intimacy, one that would emotionally destroy you—in a good way.

Cool thing is that the #Physicaltouch challenge went viral during the pandemic and lockdown. So, many people could relate to the results, thanks to social distancing and no-physical-touch thing.

The only problem was that the test results were mostly inaccurate since it was meant to be a satire or humorous quiz. But that’s been changed recently and you can find other accurate and genuine alternatives for discovering your physical touch destroyer online—like the one on this page.

Unexpectedly Weird Things That Could Happen After the Quiz

You might have an innocent question like, “Which kind of touch would make me feel better?” But the quiz has other plans. Some of the results might change your views on affection, love, and intimacy. So, prepare accordingly.

You may discover a new aspect of your sexuality.

The quiz dares you to face your fantasies and erotic side—if you have any. So, you’re likely to find out some undiscovered parts of your sexual desires when reading the results.

You may fall in love with your bestie.

What if the physical touch that would destroy you is actually one that comes from a friend? Rumors’ have that you might self-question, “Am I in love with my best friend?” after the test.

You may question your love life.

What if you’re in a romantic relationship and still wonder what type of physical touch would give you butterflies? Does that mean you are a clingy person? Does that suggest you’re not happy in your relationship? We’ll see.

The results have some eye-opening insights that might change your views on your current romance status.

You may go viral.

Yeah, about that. Some of the green screen TikToks with #physicaltouch have thousands of views, likes, and comments. So, fame might be inevitable after sharing your deepest desires with the world.

Though, not every participant has the guts to reveal their physical touch fantasies—because, hey, some of the results are controversial AF.

No Joke, People Actually Need to Be Touched

Think about it; why would someone ask, “What physical touch would absolutely destroy me?” Well, turns out many individuals are touch-starved right now.

The image below shows search trends for “I need to be touched.” People are literally asking Google for help. (Talk about loneliness, huh?).

But that’s not it; a recent study revealed that specific types of physical touches, especially ones from your loved ones, can improve your health. It’s scientific: “More frequent physical touch (e.g., hugging, kissing, a pat on the back) by a romantic partner, family, friends, and neighbors was related to a lower likelihood of elevated chronic inflammation after 5 years.”

So, yeah, it’s all fun and silly until you realize loneliness will eventually kill you. Just kidding, you’re going to be fine, my lonely friend.

Ready to Meet Your Physical Touch Destroyer?

Is it an innocent hug that you need? Do you want to hold hands and enjoy a romantic moment? Or are you dealing with some taboo-ish thoughts and naughty desires in your head? The quiz reveals it all.

The quiz covers all the common physical affection types (Backrubs/massages, caressing/stroking., cuddling/holding, hugging, holding hands, kissing on the lips, and kissing on the face). But that’s not all. We have other semi-weird, almost fetish-like desires that you might see in your results.

It all depends on how touch-starved you are. So, good luck with that.


The test’s premise is to identify what kind of physical touch you crave. But we want you to take it lightly as it uses humor to spice up the results. Please, contact us if you find any of the questions, options, or results inappropriate or offensive. We’ll take care of the matter as soon as possible.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    When do you often crave physical intimacy?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 1
    • When I feel lonely

    • When I feel hopeless

    • When I’m happy

    • When I’m exhausted

    • When I’m with a particular person

    • When I’m in the mood

    • When I fantasize about unavailable people

    • I rarely crave physical touch

  • 2
    Which one describes a sensual or erotic movie scene?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 2
    • Two shy people on their first date.

    • A couple finally meeting after two years apart.

    • A risky kiss in a public place on a rainy day.

    • Two people passionately dancing.

    • Two friends confessing their love for each other.

    • Two coworkers doing it in a dark room during the lunch break.

    • A guy falling in love with his old boss’s young wife.

    • A girl having a one-night-stand with an alien.

  • 3
    What would it be if you had to describe your fantasies in one word?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 3
    • Predictable

    • Boring

    • Lovely

    • Needy

    • Unpredictable

    • Naughty

    • Scandalous

    • Unique

  • 4
    You’re trapped with a super-hot person in an elevator. What kind of thoughts might come to your head?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 4
    • I don’t want to die

    • What if they attack me?

    • I wish I was trapped with someone I know

    • I wish they could save me

    • I’m glad I’m not trapped with someone I know

    • Wouldn’t it be fun to do it right here, right now?

    • Being in stressful situations turns me on. So, may the Lord help me.

    • Sounds like a boring situation. I’d only want to get out and leave.

  • 5
    You see your crush in the gym and they look amazing. What do you think?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 5
    • I wish they liked me back.

    • I wonder how it feels to hug them.

    • I wish I could seduce them or something.

    • I could take care of that hot, tired body.

    • I wish my bestie was there to support me.

    • I want them in my bed.

    • I wonder how they taste.

    • I just go say hi. I don’t like to be a weirdo.

  • 6
    Choose the body part that you believe determines a person’s attractiveness.
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 6
    • Neck or shoulders

    • Arms or hands

    • Face or hair

    • Chest, belly, or back

    • Buttocks

    • Legs or thighs

    • Feet

    • I don’t even know

  • 7
    Without a given context, which of the following words would you choose? (Listen to your gut).
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 7
    • Crush

    • Mom

    • Valentine

    • Couch

    • Classmate

    • Darkness

    • Cousin

    • Spaceship

  • 8
    You had a rough day but you’re finally home now. What could cheer you up or make you feel better?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 8
    • A phone call from my parents

    • An old friend’s surprise visit

    • A small gift from a loved one

    • A lovely spouse expecting me to come home.

    • A small cozy party with my besties

    • Hitting a bar, drinking, and dancing.

    • Getting off and falling asleep.

    • IDK. Anything but a predictable, boring sh**.

  • 9
    You receive a mysterious message from someone who claims to be madly in love with you. How do you react?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 9
    • I block them

    • I ignore them

    • I ask who they are

    • I show it to my spouse

    • I tell a friend about it

    • I ask to meet them in person

    • I text back and flirt a bit (just for fun)

    • IDK. It depends on my mood.

  • 10
    Your friend told you about their new sexual experiences. How do you feel about that?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 10
    • Ugh, gross.

    • I’m not interested.

    • Sounds like fun.

    • I feel like I’m too old to care.

    • I’d like to experience the same stuff with them.

    • I can’t wait to try them out in my own relationship.

    • It depends on how dirty the experiences are. The dirtier, the better.

    • Boring. My own sex life is way more interesting.

  • 11
    Fill in the blank. I’m curious to know about some stranger’s ______________.
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 11
    • Income

    • Routine

    • Love life

    • Career

    • Relationships

    • Bedroom adventures

    • Scandalous fantasies

    • None of the above.

  • 12
    Imagine you’re dating a dull and distant person. But their hot friend is hitting on you, too. How do you react to that?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 12
    • That’s rude

    • That’s disgusting

    • I’m not a cheater. So, I reject them.

    • I might get them to me some favors.

    • I tell my best friend about it and ask them what to do.

    • I might let them show me what they got.

    • The idea arouses me. But IDK what I’d do.

    • Oh, that happens all the time. I’m sick of it.

  • 13
    Which one is closer to your controversial fantasies? (C’mon, we all have some of those).
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 13
    • I fantasize about famous people

    • I fantasize about my exes

    • I fantasize about fictional characters.

    • I fantasize about people way older than me.

    • I fantasize about someone I know closely.

    • I fantasize about adult movie stars.

    • I fantasize about a relative.

    • My life is so adventurous that I don’t need to fantasize.

  • 14
    What made you take an online quiz to find out what your physical touch crave is?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 14
    • I was lonely.

    • I was sad.

    • I was excited about the idea.

    • I had some free time to kill.

    • A friend asked me to do it.

    • I needed to be touched so badly.

    • I was curious about my desires and needs.

    • I was bored.

  • 15
    Which one sounds like a roleplay that you could get along with?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 15
    • Nurse-patient

    • Artist and subject (like Titanic movie)

    • Princess and prince

    • Fitness instructor and the trainee

    • Classmates

    • Master or mistress

    • Cosplays and experimental stuff

  • 16
    What’s your opinion about cheating and people who cheat on their partners?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 16
    • I hate cheaters.

    • I feel sad for people who are betrayed

    • I just don’t get it. Why do some people cheat?

    • I’m mentally too old to care or think about it.

    • I don’t know. I think it’s a part of life.

    • Some people are too hot to settle down with anyone.

    • Cheaters are humans, too. I relate to some of them.

    • I’ve had too many cheaters in my life. Fu**’em all.

  • 17
    Who are you most likely to share your deepest secrets with?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 17
    • Mom or dad

    • Coworker

    • Lover

    • Spouse

    • Best friend

    • Strangers

    • Anyone

    • No one

  • 18
    You met an attractive person at a bar and you seem to like each other. What should be the next move?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 18
    • Exchanging numbers

    • Scheduling an actual date

    • Maybe a kiss or two.

    • IDK, I’m too old for dating questions.

    • I have to ask my bestie’s opinion about my new date.

    • We should hook up.

    • We should exchange some nudes.

    • IDK. The whole thing is too boring for me.

  • 19
    Without a given context, which of the following words sound sensual to you?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 19
    • Gentle

    • Warm

    • Inseparable

    • Tight

    • Firm

    • Wet

    • Smelly

    • Breathless

  • 20
    Final question; how often do you feel like you’re the loneliest person alive?
    Quiz: What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You? 20
    • All the time

    • Once in a while

    • It’s random, but pretty often.

    • It happens when my partner is gone.

    • It happens when I’m away from friends.

    • It happens when I stop dating for a while.

    • It usually happens when no one wants to sleep with me.

    • It happens rarely or never.

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