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Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz

Am I Clingy

Sometimes you might wonder if you’re too clingy in a relationship or if your partner is distant. Am I clingy quiz aims to answer your question and tell you whether you’re too attached or is it them who’s aloof. Before starting the test, let’s cover some basic relationship principles to distinguish between being needy and affectionate. Furthermore, we will investigate whether the root of your relationship problems lies with you or is it them.

Am I clingy, or is she distant?

A healthy romantic relationship is essential to happiness and fulfillment in your life. However, you need to maintain a delicate balance and reach compromises in various areas to achieve this goal. Am I clingy quiz focuses on how clingy or indifferent you are in your relationship.

Everyone has needs; however, being needy or clingy is different. Partners need to care for each other and feel central in their better half’s life. Giving attention is part of being in a healthy relationship. In addition, sharing and caring are critical features of leading a happy life.

On the other hand, psychologists assert that happiness is achieved from within. Although attention and admiration are crucial elements of our ego, we shouldn’t expect others to make us who we are and define us as valuable people.

Clingy people tend to seek their worth through others’ appraisals exclusively. Thus, coping with a needy partner will lead to catastrophe in your life.

What are the symptoms of a clingy person? Am I clingy quiz

A dependent and needy person shows some symptoms that could lead to the downfall of a romance. Therefore, beware of the following signs in yourself’s and your better half’s behavior:

  • Being extremely jealous:

Some extent of jealousy is natural. The feeling is there to remind you to cherish your loved one. Nevertheless, a clingy person constantly wants to be at the center of attention. Therefore, such a person might ask their partners to avoid people who bring joy or grab their partner’s attention, even though they don’t mean to steal your place.

  • Frequent overreactions:

The human brain is hard-wired to pay attention to loud noises and extreme reactions. Therefore, a clingy partner might overreact to trivial things just to grab attention and gain sympathy in return for the tears they shed. Remember, a dependent person wants nothing more than to be at the center of your attention.

  • Social media stalking and constant messaging:

Viewing your crush’s posts and social media content is typical; however, keeping track of your partner’s social activity is insane! Some people would even go further, trying to analyze every social media interaction their partner makes.

In addition, while communicating through social media and text messages is ordinary, a clingy person would check upon their crush every minute. This annoying conduct will prove detrimental to your relationship. In fact, missing the one you care about is part of a relationship. Therefore, you would cherish the moments you spend together.

  • Losing sense of self:

If you don’t feel like doing anything on your own, you need to tell your love everything, and nothing is fun when you’re apart. It is a concerning sign that you might be a bit too clingy.

Although people share a lot in a relationship, constantly trying to please your girl or boy is alarming. Don’t lose your identity as an autonomous person. State your claims, especially when they oppose your partner’s. However, please don’t get out of your way and start fighting with them.


Am I clingy, or is she/he distant

On the other end of the spectrum, some people lack care and attention in their relationships. A cold relationship is also unfavorable. Therefore, if you can’t work it out, you might want to leave and search for someone who understands you and makes you feel comfortable. Here are some signs of a relationship gone sour:

  • There is no trust nor intimacy:
    She might not be into you when she keeps you out of her life entirely. The same goes for boys; a boy who truly cares lets his partner know what’s on his mind.
  • You’re always fighting and can’t work things out:
    If your partner avoids you, and when she doesn’t, you’ll start throwing a tantrum, maybe it’s time to reconsider the relationship. Spending quality time is a rudimental part of any relationship.
  • You don’t spend much time together:
    We don’t mean you should be together all time, but if your spouse prefers to be apart when she could be hanging out with you, there’s something wrong with her or your affinity.

Am I clingy quiz results

After asking you 20 questions, the test will show you one of the results below:

You are clingy

Your answers indicate that you’re the clingy type who might run into serious trouble unless you change your behavior.

Remember that you’re not what others think of you! Try to find who you are and get comfortable with yourself. You don’t need others to find happiness in life.

You are somewhat needy

Some questions you answered show you can be clingy from time to time, but don’t worry, you can work things out just fine.

Try to work on your patience. Respect your partner’s liberty and let them spend some time on their own. However, you should also focus on yourself and try different things alone to reassure yourself that your happiness depends on yourself, not anyone else.

You have a fine relationship

Congratulations! Your choices indicate that you are not clingy. In fact, you care about the one you love. However, sometimes they might perceive your attention as being clingy or needy. Fortunately, you can prove them wrong by giving them some space. In return, you want your partner to respect your solitude as well.

Your partner is cold or distant

It’s not you! It’s her/him! You’re not clingy at all. On the other hand, your partner isn’t nice to you. Perhaps it’s time to do the talk.


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Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    How often do you call or message your girlfriend or boyfirend?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 1
    • All the time, even if I know she's busy.

    • Whnever I'm free

    • When we are both free and want to catch up

    • She's told me not to bother her, she'll call me

  • Question 2

    How often does your partner start the conversation via calls or social media?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 2
    • Almost never, because I'm the one who's always texting her.

    • Sometimes. I've told her I want her to contact me several times and I hate to be the one you begins the conversation.

    • We have our fair share. No matter who starts the conversation, it is such a blessing to talk.

    • Rarely, even if we haven't talked for days.

  • Question 3

    How would you feel if your partner wants to hang out with friends and you can't go because it would be awkward?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 3
    • I'd feel terrible, there is nothing wrong with me joinging their girls night out.

    • It's ok, but I'd expect her to call me to say how much she misses me.

    • It's totally fine, I also spend some quality time with friends.

    • Well, that's how it usually is. She spends more time with friends than me anyway.

  • Question 4

    Which option is closest to what you feel after two weeks of being in a relationship?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 4
    • I fantasize our marriage and wonder how our kids and pets would look like.

    • I think we should move in and live together.

    • I'm happy I found them. I'll try to know them better and spend more time.

    • I don't think she's interested at all, so I don't make any plans for our future.

  • Question 5

    Imagine you've caught a cold. What would you like your partner to do?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 5
    • He/she should be looking after me. Even if they're busy, they should check up on me.

    • I'd like them to get me something such as soup to make me feel better.

    • First, I'd tell them to stay away so they wouldn't catch cold. It would be nice if they checked up on me from time to time.

    • I don't think they'd do anything at all if I got sick.

  • Question 6

    Imagine you've been in a relationship for a month and your partner's birthday is coming. What would you do?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 6
    • Organize a surprise party with all her friends and buy her something expensive.

    • Surprise her on a date with a romantic gift and post it on social media so everyone knows she's mine.

    • Surprise her with a small but cute present and take her out on a date.

    • I think she prefers to be with her family on her birthday.

  • Question 7

    Imagine you're at a huge party. Which option shows what you'll probably do?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 7
    • I would like to be with my partner all the time. I'd blow up a fuse I somebody asked them for a dance!

    • I would spend most the time with my spouce and carefully observe who she talks to.

    • We'd both socialize, but happily state that we're together.

    • She's told my not to call her baby or honey in front of others and refuses to take pictures of us two.

  • Question 8

    What's your take on having your secrets in a relationship.

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 8
    • In my view, having secrets is equal to cheating.

    • I'd love to know all their secrets. However, I have a few secrets myself.

    • Trust is vital to a relationship. Everyone has their own secrets. However, as time goes by we'd open up gradually.

    • She wants me to spill everything out but gets mad when I ask her to share.

  • Question 9

    Where would you keep the $1000 that you won in a lottery?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 9
    • In my wallet with me.

    • Somewhere hidden in my room.

    • In a bank account.

    • My partner has taken it.

  • Question 10

    What do you think of dogs?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 10
    • I just love how loyal they are. Wouldn't it be great if you were with someone who showed such joy whenever they saw you?

    • I think they're amazing. They'll always love you no matter what.

    • Dogs are cute and interactive. They're so adorable.

    • Dogs are stupid to put their faith in people.

  • Question 11

    What would you do if you suspect your partner is being unfaithful?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 11
    • No way! I check all her messages and track her location LOL.

    • I know who she talks to and there might be a few suspects. I'm keeping an eye on her.

    • I'll tell her about my concerns and we'll work it out. I wouldn't keep her on a leash, though.

    • She'll break up with me the moment I suggest something like that.

  • Question 12

    Which statement is more accurate about your behavior on social media?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 12
    • I want full access to my pertner's accounts. They have to talk to me about acceping followers and so on.

    • I watch their social media activity closely. Sometimes I might test her with fake accounts.

    • I'd follow their activity. I'd only get upset if she posts something bad about our relationship.

    • They won't let me have them on social media.

  • Question 13

    Your partner is breaking up with you! What would you do?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 13
    • Do whatever I can to keep them until I find someone else. Then, I'll dump themand haunt her on social media.

    • I'd beg them to change their mind and try to sabotage their possible future relationships.

    • If we can't work things out, we'd better stay apart.

    • They would break up without letting me know or have anything to say.

  • Question 14

    What hurts you in a relationship?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 14
    • Not being in the center of attention.

    • Not being with my spouce as much as I'd like to.

    • Being stuck in a relationship that's going nowhere.

    • Being so alone and neglected even though I have a partner.

  • Question 15

    What is one negative adjective that someone can associate with you?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 15
    • narcisist

    • jealous

    • stingy

    • submissive

  • Question 16

    select one of the objects below to keep something in place.

    • Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 16

    • Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 17

    • Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 18

    • Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 19

  • Question 17

    Pick one famous saying from below.

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 20
    • keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

    • A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

    • The woman cries before the wedding, the man after.

    • I love, begger and king are equal.

  • Question 18

    What kind of movies do you like to watch with your partner?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 21
    • love stories with happy endings

    • nothing that would expose my weaknesses

    • a cool trending movie

    • whatever they like

  • Question 19

    After two weeks of being together, which option is most accurate?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 22
    • I'm pals with my partner's parents.

    • I know all their friends and ask them to beware of some of them.

    • We're still dating and there's much to learn.

    • We've dated just once, and they seem reluctant.

  • Question 20

    If you had an invisibility cloak, what would you peek at?

    Am I Clingy? 100% Honest Quiz 23
    • Whatever my partner does.

    • I'd follow my partner when she goes to work or school.

    • I'd tell my partner what I've found and we'd do crazy stuff.

    • I don't need one. I'm already invisible to my partner...

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