Quiz: Am I Fat? 2024 Honest & Accurate Test

Here is a body shaming-free quiz if you ask yourself, “Am I fat?” Answer 20 questions about your height, weight, age, and body type to get the result you need.

Am I Fat quiz

A Quiz for Those Who Are Like, “Am I Fat?”

9 out of 10 women are not happy with their bodies. And 85% of teenagers are afraid of being obese. So, more and more people are wondering if they are fat. The test on this page helps you get a reliable answer to such questions without labeling you—or hurting your feelings.

We already created a Body Type Test that gives you the typology. However, the questionary on this page mostly focuses on the psychological aspects of feeling fat.

No Body-Shaming Involved!

Fat-shaming’s scope is wide. Being overweight is wrongfully reflected as the reason for being depressed, alone, unhealthy, and unattractive. However, the quiz on this page proves all of them wrong.

It is a body-shaming-free test that analyzes how you feel about your body. And it provides you with practical insight on why you have negative views on your physical appearance—if there are any.

Understand the Psychology of Feeling Fat

“fat” is not a feeling. It is a body type, just like tall, short, thin, etc. When you say, “I feel overweight,” you are actually reflecting other emotions, such as sadness, guilt, or shame. It is crucial to know that you might feel this way with no physical evidence. You could have an average weight-height ratio and still consider yourself obese.

That is why our fatness quiz takes psychological aspects into account. It gives you an analysis of what might have caused your unwanted emotions.

Are You Actually Fat, or You Just Think So?

A 2010 University College London study proved that our brains usually see our bodies as up to two-third bigger than it is. So, before asking, “Am I fat?” think about this: Are you rational about your size or weight? The chances are your opinion is biased against yourself.

To create a fair quiz, we consider much more factors than your self-reflection. (See below).

Things That the ‘Am I Fat Quiz’ Considers

You might be sure that you are overweight and all that. But the goal of this test is to dig deeper into your ideas and emotions. This is not a BMI-centric questionary. We consider both physical and psychological aspects to come up with accurate results. Here are some of the elements of your life and body that affect the outcome.

Height, Weight, Age, Sex

In a clinical setting, your height, weight, age, and gender are used to determine if you have healthy body fat. While our quiz is not a body mess calculator, it uses the said data to understand your physical appearance better.


Many conditions, such as binge-eating, amnesiac, or bored eating, affect your shape. So, before determining if you are a fat person, we would like to know if you have any related disorders. Some questions in the test analyze the probability of having such food-oriented problems to fine-tune the results.

Here is a quiz to find out if you have any of the said conditions: Do I Have an Eating Disorder?


Things you wear, the type of diet you have, and the amount of exercise you get affect your body. If you want a solid answer to the ‘Am I fat?’ question, you should decipher your habits. The overweight quiz does its best to expose all your bad habits.


The whole “I am obese” thing can be an illusion. Studies have proved that sometimes individuals’ body dysmorphic emotions are the actual reason they consider themselves fat. That is while most of them would not even fit in the category.

Social media and all the unrealistic standards affect your self-reflection, too. So, the test investigates your beliefs to make sure you are not biased.

BMI Is Not Enough to Decide if You Are Fat

You wonder if you are obese and proceed to check your Body Mess Index. But such a number would never be precise. Here is an example, according to BMI metrics, Marshawn Lynch, a professional football player, is obese. His index number is 30, which puts him into the fat category. Except, almost all of his body mess is made of muscles, and he is extremely fit.

The problem whit BMI metrics is that they cannot distinguish between fat and muscle. So, you may spend half of your life building a statue-like perfect body, only to find out your Body Mess Index is above average.

Here is how BMI categorizes body types without considering fat-muscle ratios.

Underweight Normal Fat/Overweight Obese
<18.5 18.5-24.9 25-29.9 >30.0


You Can Have Normal Weight and Still be Obese!

Scientists discovered that 20-30% of normal-weight people are obese. Surprisingly, you can have an acceptable BMI but fall into the overweight category due to your body fat percentage. Usually, apple- or pearl-shaped fat around your belly and waist is an alert—even though you generally look thin.

Body fat percentage should be calculated precisely using clinical tools. So, the ‘Am I Fat Quiz’ is unable to determine it. But you can consult a nutritionist about that.

‘Am I Fat Quiz’ Disclaimer

The goal of the test is to help you understand the psychology of feeling fat. QuizExpo is against body shaming and all kinds of appearance discrimination. Please, take the results lightly and remember, self-love is much more important than meaningless social labels.



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