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This metabolic type quiz analyzes 20 factors to reveal if you are fat-protein, carbohydrate, or mixed. Let’s find your type and a way to speed it up.

Metabolic Type Quiz

What Is Metabolism?

It is a function of heat, and Metabolic Typing Theory is the science of determining the right amount of calory consumption to produce enough heat to burn fat.

A Science-Backed FREE Metabolic Type Quiz

Diane Kress categorizes the body’s energy production into two groups, Regular and Lazy, in her 2009 book, The Metabolism Miracle. However, other theories grouped individuals into three types (fat-protein efficient, carbohydrate-efficient, and dual) based on how efficiently their body burns macronutrients.

The quiz on this page uses the latest researches on the topic to determine your dominant macronutrient.

Things the Test Tell You

The Metabolic Type Quiz does more than revealing your fat burn pattern. It offers a comprehensive body type analysis as well as best practices to master your diet.

· Your Metabolic Type

The premise of the test is to answer questions like, “What is my metabolic type?” So, you receive the answer right after finishing the questionary. And you will be categorized as either a fat-protein efficient, carbohydrate-efficient or mixed (dual) person.

· Things You Should Eat

The Metabolic Quiz also suggests what to eat to have a healthy diet. All the suggestions are according to what the experts of the field say about each type.

· Pieces of Expert Advice

The test also tells you what to do after discovering your Metabolic Type. You receive tips and how-to guides on the results page.

How It Differ from the Dr. Goglia Quiz

Dr. Philip Goglia is the creator of G-Plan, which is a Metabolic Typing-oriented diet plan. He also has a specific quiz to determine your food consumption pattern online. However, his quiz is different from the one on this page in three ways.

1. Same Accurate Results, No Email Address Required

The Goglia Test requires you to give up your email address to see the results. However, QuizExpo’s Metabolic Type Quiz delivers 100% accurate results immediately. And you do not have to provide us with any personal information to see the answers.

2. Instant Analysis

You need to wait for Dr. Goglia’s test results to be sent to your email, which takes a while. But the questionary on this page shows your Metabolic Type directly—in a few seconds.

3. No Forced Diet Plan

In the Goglia quiz, the goal is to sell you the G-Plan. But our Metabolic Type Quiz is free of any ads or pushed purchases.

Things to Know About the 3 Metabolic Types Before the Test

Depending on who you ask, there are different ways to refer to the three Food Absorption Types. Some use the terms protein burner, fat burner, and mixed, while others prefer fat-protein-efficient, carbohydrate-efficient, and dual.

But regardless of the names, here is everything you need to know about each category.

Fat-Protein Efficient

Nutritionists believe that roughly 70% of the world’s population has a metabolism that does well on protein and fat. The said group is called fat-protein efficient people. Such individuals have thick and muscular bodies (Mesomorph). And they tend to get along with strength training better than others.

Diet-wise, a fat-protein efficient person should receive most of their energy by protein. So, the ideal ratio is 50% protein, 25% fat, and 25% carbs.


Also called sugar burners, a carbohydrate-efficient person does well on carbs. Such an individual might mainly crave sugars and sweets and have a less active appetite. One of the signs of having this Metabolic Type is waking up full and feeling okay with having only two meals a day.

People with this type of metabolism are often tall, long, and lean. Plus, they might prefer exercises like cycling over weight lifting and power workouts.

Mixed or Dual

If the Metabolic Type Quiz says you are dual, you are neither a fat-protein nor carbohydrate-efficient individual. Only 5-10% of humans have this metabolism pattern. And they tend to have V-shaped bodies, which is ideal for bodybuilding and fitness.


Your Body Type Your Metabolic Type
Thick/Muscular Fat-Protein
Tall/Long/Lean Carbohydrate
V-Shape Mixed

Factors That Identify Your Digestion Type

For many folks, the question is, “How can I determine or get my metabolic type?” While there are different methods to do so, they all analyze the following factors to come up with an accurate answer.

Fat Accumulation Pattern

Your body shape and the way you store fat shows your metabolism type. You should find out if you are an Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. For instance, having love handles is a sign of consuming extra Glucose, an indicator of being a Carbohydrate-Efficient person.

Current Diet

The food you crave is another indicator of your Metabolic Type. For example, Fat-Protein Efficiency makes people tend to love salty and meat-oriented meals. And they may feel hungry after consuming carbs. So, one way to determine your group is to analyze your appetite and the things you enjoy eating.


The Metabolic Type Quiz includes questions about your sleep pattern, energy levels, and overall lifestyle. That is because the things you eat affect the way you live. And your day-to-day actions or behaviors are directly connected to your digestion category.

Quiz Disclaimer

The Metabolic Typing Theory is considered to be pseudoscience. So, might want to take the results lightly. It is best to talk to a professional nutritionist after taking the test to make sure your diet is sufficient for your body.

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