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Do you know that foods can reveal your personality?
Answer these 7 questions to find out your personality. By answering these questions you will know if you are “Thrill Seeker”, “Extrovert”, “Conscientious”, “Romantic” or “Honest”

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Nowadays, we live in a consumer society and can access a variety of foods effortlessly. Dietary habits and lifestyle are closely related to chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.  However, changing dietary habits is often tricky and seems to depend on health awareness. Self-management, such as body weight control, requires a high level of knowledge and effort.

A lot of research has been done to find a relationship between someone's personality and eating habits, and there seem to be specific characteristics that increase our chances of being engaged in certain eating behaviors. The personality of an individual affects health awareness and therefore has an impact on the effectiveness of nutrition education.

Food intake was influenced by neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness of personality. Some people are emotional eaters, who use food as a coping mechanism in times of stress. However, those who tend to be in more contact with their emotions are reported to have a little secret about food.

  • Neuroticism increases the consumption of sweet and tasty foods through the promotion of emotional and external eating.
  • Extraversion encouraged the use of sweet and salty and meat and soft drinks by inviting eating out. This type of personality consumes more often and participates in group activities where high-calorie foods are abundant.
  • High openness to experience has been associated with high fruit, vegetable, salad and, low meat and soft drink consumption.
  • High agreeableness is associated with low meat consumption.
  • Conscientiousness increased fruit consumption mainly by encouraging limited food and reduced meat consumption by reducing external food. Conscientiousness prevents consumption of sweet, salty foods and sugary non-alcoholic beverages by promoting restricted eating and reducing external food and consumption of sweet and savory foods also by reducing emotional eating.

These are a few interesting facts that show that there are some connections between a person's personality type and meal preferences. This is undoubtedly an issue that requires more detailed research, but even with the information we have now, it is possible to conclude a few ways in which you can slowly begin to develop better eating habits. If we want to make a significant lifestyle change, such as moving to a healthier diet, it helps to understand why we are being taken to some foods.

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