Ultimate Aviation Quiz: Are You Smart Enough to Score 80%?

The aviation quiz reveals how much you know about aircraft and the flight industry. Only true aeronautic experts can score above 80%.

Ultimate Aviation Quiz

Aviation Quiz Explained

It’s a 20-question trivia test about airplanes and the aviation industry in general. Each correct answer gets you a point, and the overall result shows how educated you are about aircraft.

The premise of the questionnaire is similar to our Supercar Fan Quiz. But here, we ask about everything planes.

The All-in-One Test for Aircraft Lovers

Surprisingly, there are countless aviation quizzes out there. But most of them focus on one or two aspects of the industry. So, our editorial team created a comprehensive test that covers all the main topics and generates reliable results.

The questions touch on the following subjects.

Aviation History

You can’t call yourself a plane spotter without knowing much about the industry’s background. That’s why the aviation quiz asks questions about the history of aircraft and its iconic names.

Early Days of Flights

A popular test among aircraft lovers is the early aviation quiz. So, we dedicated a section to the milestones of the flight industry.

Airplane Trivia

You cannot create an aviation quiz with no questions about the planes. We enriched our database with fun facts and rare pieces of info about the aircraft to spice up the test.

Military Knowledge

Fighting aircraft have been a major part of aviation history. The quiz, therefore, has some tribute questions about the military planes and unforgettable influential people.

An Aviation Trivia That Gradually Gets Challenging

The questionnaire’s advantage is intended for both novice and expert enthusiasts. It begins with simple questions and progresses to more complex ones. So, any score above 10 means your airplane knowledge is above an average person’s.

What Your Quiz Result Actually Mean

Most online aviation quizzes score your knowledge. But none would tell you what your results indicate or imply. Our editors have turned the scores into meaningful results that determine how big of an aircraft fan you are. Here’s what you need to know.

0-5 Points: Plane Watcher

Scoring less than six points in the aviation test is not that. It indicates you like planes and does care about the flight industry. But your knowledge doesn’t go beyond an average person. Your score indicates that you regularly commute by airplane and follow the industry news as much as possible. But you’re not a plane spotter or aircraft enthusiast.

In fact, most Americans score 0 to 10 points in the planes trivia quiz.

6-10 Points: Airplane Enthusiast

A score above six and below ten shows you like aircrafts more than an average person. It also indicates you educate yourself about the industry. Most casual plane spotters end up in the same category as you. And only about 40% of the participants score as high as ten on the aviation quiz.

11-15: A Potential Pilot

Scoring as high as fifteen in the aviation test is remarkable. Less than 25% of the participants manage to beat that result. It indicates that you are a true airplane lover. And you’d probably even consider following a career in the aviation industry—if you haven’t already.

16-20: An Aeronautic Expert

It’s rare for the participants to pass the fifteen correct question barrier. That’s because the last five questions are pretty difficult. Less than 10% manage to beat the test and get a perfect score. Beating the trivia means you are an expert-level aircraft lover who knows about the industry way more than an average person.

Examples of Aviation Quiz Questions with Difficulty Level

Question Difficulty
Do pilots eat different food from their co-pilots? Easy
How many parts is a Boeing 747 is made of? Normal
How much does each Boeing 747 engine weigh? Difficult
Where is the world’s busiest commercial airport located? Easy
What is the maximum speed of a Boeing 747? Normal
What percentage of the world’s population fears flying? Easy


No Boring Questions Guaranteed

Unlike most aviation quizzes online, we won’t bombard you with the same old questions. Contrarily, you’ll come across brand-new challenging stuff that would scratch your brain. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn fun facts and trivia about airplanes and the flight industry. (A pop-up will offer more insight into each question right after your responses).

Ready to Challenge Your Knowledge?

You don’t come across an all-in-one aviation quiz every day. So, this is your call to put your knowledge to the test and see if you genuinely like aircraft. The questions cover so many topics that the results could even help you choose your career—you’re a perfect candidate for the industry if you answer 16+ questions correctly.


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