Guess The Anime Character by Picture. Geniuses Score +80%

Here is an opportunity to show off your anime knowledge. Guess the anime character by picture and get scored. Only 9% of the participants got higher than 80%.

Guess The Anime Character

Can You Guess All the Anime Characters by Picture?

According to the latest studies, you can commit to memory up to 1,000 to 10,000 faces. People who can recognize more than 5,000 faces by pictures are called super-recognizers. Our quiz is going to test if you used your Otaku memory to remember anime characters as well as real-life persons or not.

Explaining the Anime Character Quiz

The test on this page asks you to guess the anime character by its picture. We have 20 images that go from very easy to impossible. Only the legends can guess the final five questions correctly. The anime quiz process is pretty simple, though. Just look at the picture and choose the right name.

We divided the anime character guessing game into four levels. So, the questions gradually get more complicated. Here is what you need to know about each stage.

5 Very Easy Questions

During the first stage of the test, we ask you to guess the anime character who is already famous. So, it is the most basic level. The pictures are usually showing viral Japanese animations’ protagonists or antagonists.

5 Normal Questions

The second stage of the quiz is about guessing the less known anime characters. You might encounter pictures of the supportive personas instead of the leads.

5 Hard Questions

The third stage of the anime character quiz is going to challenge you for real. Only 40% of the participants can guess all the correct answers. That is because you should recognize rarely seen anime scenes.

5 Impossible Questions

The final five pictures are almost impossible to answer. We want you to guess the anime character that only 9% of the participants might recognize by image. Most of the questions are about shows and manga not many people are even aware of.

What Does Your Score Mean?

At the end of the quiz, you see how many anime characters you have guessed correctly. However, since the test has four stages, your scores reveal some information about your fandom knowledge. So, here is what your final results indicate about you.

0-5 Points: You Are a Newbie Anime Fan

You only guessed the easiest questions. It seems like you just stepped into the fandom. And you might need more time to memorize more faces. If you are an oldie Otaku with such a score, you might have Prosopagnosia or face blindness. (Or you are too lazy to keep such details in your mind). Only 19.5% of those who take the test end up scoring 0 to 5 points.

6-10 Points: You Are an Otaku Candidate

Having up to ten correct answers in the test means that you are a potential Otaku or weeb—but you are not one yet. Yes, you did better than an amateur participant. But still, you only guess half of the characters. 31.5% of the participants usually make it this far.

11-15 Points: You ARE an Otaku

Scoring up to fifteen points shows that you are an Otaku. 40% of the participants can guess all the hard questions and pass the third stage successfully.

16-20 Points: You Are an Anime Guru

You are among the top 9% of people who guess the anime character by picture perfectly. The final questions of the quiz are very difficult to answer. So, you are either a god-like guru or an extremely lucky person.

Are You Ready for a Real-Deal Anime Challenge?

Guess the anime character correctly on each stage to prove that you are an unbeatable Otaku. The results are sharable. So, you can show off your knowledge on social media and even challenge other anime lovers to participate in the quiz and share their scores.


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