Ultimate Roblox Quiz. Just a Pro Can Score +80%

This is the hardest Roblox quiz. It is going to challenge professional players with 20 trivia questions. Are you an LVL 200 player? Prove you are not a Boosted Ape.

Roblox Quiz

Okay; What Is Going on?

Roblox is a 2006 online game platform that allows gamers to play and create games. The Roblox quiz is a trivia test for players who claim to know everything about this game. Only the real ones can score more than 17 points on this questionary.

2021 Roblox Quiz That You Will Regret Taking

Do you know how many accounts does the Roblox creator actually has? Can you tell when the game changed its Robux logo? If yes, you are on the right page. This is the hardest-to-beat quiz a Roblox player might encounter online.

How Difficult Is This Roblox Trivia Quiz?

The test has three stages. As you progress, the questions become more complex—until they reach the impossible-to-answer LVL. Here is what you need to know.

· Intermediate

The ultimate DynaBlocks quiz will start with casual trivia questions. Like, “Does Minecraft have more monthly players than RBLX?” Or, “What is the name of the most favorite hat in the game?” If such questions already sound difficult to you, head out before it is too late.

If you are a Minecraft head or something, take our Ultimate Minecraft Quiz instead. (Just saying).

· Advanced

You need to have at least one year of experience playing RBLX to answer the Advanced questions. Most noobs will get Bloxxed during this section. Here is an example, “What does Comped mean?” If you know, you know!

· Pro Roblox Player

The last couple of questions in the Roblox quiz are going to cause you rage-quite the game. Okay, that was a bit exaggerated. But hey, the pro stage is going to challenge everything you know about this game.

What Do the Roblox Quiz Result Mean?

We will give you a score by the time you finish the test. It is a number from 0 to 20. The bigger the number is, the better you are at this game. But your points reveal your proficiency and expertise level. So, here is how to interpret the Roblox quiz scores.

1-10 Correct Answers: You Are a Noob

Let’s face it; RBLX is a complicated game. And it is pretty challenging to progress in the game—especially when you are not a Boosted Ape. So, it is okay to score that low on our test. Make sure to join the game’s communities and interact with other players to increase your knowledge about the stuff. We hope to see you again (when you passed the Got-Noobed stage).

11-17 Correct Answers: You Are a Veteran

You are up to something. Scoring above 10 on the Roblox quiz is a cool achievement, to be honest. Look, many people call themselves RBLX players. But not many of them are as knowledgeable as you. However, it would be better if you could score more than 17, you know. Maybe next time, huh?

Anything Above 17: You Are a Total Guru
Wow. Your Roblox quiz scores should be a high-priced NFT item. Only selected players reach your expertise level. And that is respectable. (We would like to send you a postcard or something to congrats scoring that high on our test. But we can’t).

Sneak Peek of the Ultimate Roblox Trivia Quiz

Did you know that 2/3rd of USA 9-13 years old kids are playing Roblox? Well, the game is huge. Even Gucci is working with the developers to market their goods. So, honestly, it was rather easy for us to create an impossible RBLX quiz. Here are some of the intermediate and advanced questions of the test for you to see for yourselves.

What was the name of the guy who used to wear the Soviet Ushank hat before they passed away?

How do you perform moonwalk dance in the game? (What is the shortcut?)

Can you make a car fly in Roblox? How?

What is the shortcut to freeze everything around you?

How many developers are active on the RBLX platform?

What percent of the players are above 13?

Sounds easy? If yes, we dare you to take the full Roblox quiz and see if you are still proud of your final score. If not, there is still time to go back and forget about the day you tried taking an RBLX test, and you failed—before even trying.


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