Quiz: Which Homestuck Troll Are You? 😈 2024 Updated Series

Hey, you, which Homestuck Troll are you? My MS Paint Adventures Quiz will reveal your true internet troll persona. Are Aradia, Nepeta, Karkat, or else?

Which Homestuck Troll Are You

Two things are infinite: Time and, well, internet trolls. (Both are infinitely annoying as well.) But as a Homestuck fan, I’d say not all trolls deserve to perish in the dumpster. The Trolls I’m talking about live on planet Alterina in Universe A. Yeah, those MFs.

To be clear, Trolls are a race of creepy human-like creatures in Homestuck and Hiveswap. They dedicate their lives to harassing kids and trash-talking them for fun.

But this is not an introduction to Trolls’ race; it’s a personality test! By pressing the start button, you allow me to judge the sh** out of your character and decide which Homestuck Troll looks like you.

Since I know most of you Trolls are pretty impatient, I’ve also compiled an MBTI table. With this table, you can discover your “trollsona” on your own. (You’re welcome.)

Troll MBTI
Aradia Megido ISFJ
Nepeta Leijon ESFP
Karkat Vantas ENTJ
Feferi Pixes ESFJ
Kanaya Marya ISFP
Tavros Nitram INFJ


But hey, if you genuinely wonder which MSPA Troll you are, just take the test already. The following questions will expose your toxic internet persona according to our beloved webcomic, Homestuck.

I would also encourage you to take the Homestuck Classpect Quiz next—especially if you’re new to the fandom. I designed that test to be super simple and newbie-friendly.

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Before you jump into the Troll test, here are some of the prominent characters that you might match:

  • Nepeta Leijon: Known for her soft and loner persona, Nepeta is an artistic Troll. If you get her in the test results, you are an imaginative person with a knack for art.
  • Karkat Vantas: A moody and aggressive Troll, Karkat is a fan-favorite character because of his blunt and rude attitude. Those who match Karkat are self-reliant, confident, and tetchy people with short-lived bursting waves of anger.
  • Aradia Megido: Considering everyone and everything boring, Aradia is an introverted, cold, and irritable girl. She particularly struggles with showing her emotions, preferring to feel nothing as her coping mechanism.

Okay, you’re all caught up. It’s about time to investigate your dark core and pull out the Troll(s) lurking within. ✌🏻🤡


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