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Okokokok Lalalala Quiz. 100% Fun & Accurate

Okokokok Lalalala Quiz

The Okokokok Lalalala Quiz determines what vibe you give off. Are you chill and mature, or loud and silly?

Okokokok or Lalalala? Which One Are You?

Okokokok Lalalala is a personality test that determines what vibe you give off. It analyzes your preferences to see if you’re an Okokokok or a Lalalala—a levelheaded, agreeable person or an impulsive, brat-ish one.

Type Trait
Okokokok Levelheaded introverted
Lalalala Crazy extroverted


What’s the Deal with Okokok Lalala Test?

Okokokok Lalalala refers to Tyler the Creator’s song “See You Again,” featuring Kali Uchis. In the song’s outro, Taylor keeps saying, “Okay, Okay,” while Kali is repeating, “La La La.” But TikTok users realized that singing along to one of them exposes a person’s personality.

Basically, if you’d rather sing along to Tyler’s verse (Ok, Ok, Ok), you’re more likely to be friendly, calm, and introverted. But if you prefer to sing Kali’s part (La La La), you are likely impulsive, loud, and extroverted.

Quick Test: Kali Uchis or Tyler the Creator Vibe?

To see who’s Ok Ok Ok and who’s La La La, play Tyler the Creator’s song and do a little karaoke. Because both verses are played simultaneously, people have no chance but to choose one to sing along to, which exposes their persona.

Sounds like too much work? Then take the Okokokok Lalalala test. It identifies which personality you have with a bunch of controversial questions.


How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

How many questions does this quiz have?

15 questions

How long does it take to complete this quiz?

5 minutes

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    What are you sick of?

    • Anxiety

    • Loneliness

    • Other

    • School

    • Work

    • Relationships

  • Question 2

    What are you hungry for?

    • Sleep

    • Books

    • Food

    • Video Games

    • Parties

    • S-E-X

  • Question 3

    What’s your favorite H-word?

    • Headphones

    • Homothety

    • Hate

    • H-o-r-n-y

    • Hump

    • Holiday

  • Question 4

    When do you listen to Tyler the Creator?

    • At night

    • On the way to school

    • All day every day

    • When I’m bored

    • At a party or something

    • While driving

  • Question 5

    TikTok or Snapchat? Why?

    • Snapchat because it’s quiet there

    • Snapchat because all my friends are there

    • Snapchat because I’m a private person

    • TikTok because it’s fun

    • TikTok because I relate to it

    • TikTok because I want the Chinese government to spy on me

  • Question 6

    Best friend wants you to pass the AUX. What now?

    • Whatever. They can have it

    • I don’t want to, but fine

    • I like their playlist. So, sure.

    • I don’t like their playlist. So, no—but thanks

    • Nope. I’m in charge of the AUX

    • My bestie can go F themselves

  • Question 7

    You wake up in a spaceship surrounded by aliens. First thought?

    • Finally

    • I want to go home

    • I miss my family

    • Cool. Where we going?

    • Are they hot or average-looking aliens?

    • I knew I was special

  • Question 8

    How do you react to spontaneous plans?

    • I hate them

    • I say yes to them, but I also don’t like them

    • I would never say yes to an impulsive plan

    • I love them

    • It depends on my mood

    • It depends on who’s planning it

  • Question 9

    Dream vacation?

    • Quiet

    • Romantic

    • Long

    • Loud

    • Wild

    • Unpredictable

  • Question 10

    Choose your party persona.

    • Quiet

    • Absent

    • Irritated

    • Loud

    • Uncontrollable

    • H-o-r-n-y or d-r-u-n-k

  • Question 11

    Pick a quote but make it about bedroom stuff.

    • I can’t stop looking at you

    • Don’t take off your shoes

    • I can’t move

    • Bend over… please?

    • Rope or bandages? I’ll let you pick

    • Honey, it’s raining down there

  • Question 12

    Ideal way to waste your time?

    • Sleep

    • Netflix

    • Video games

    • Shopping

    • TikTok

    • Partying

  • Question 13

    How long should a phone call from your mom last?

    • I don’t know. It depends

    • Less than 30 seconds

  • Question 14

    Fill in the blank. People may think I’m crazy because I ______.

    • Don’t talk that much

    • Have a weird music taste

    • Don’t have any friends

    • Am too loud

    • Seem aggressive

    • Am crazy

  • Question 15

    Weird question: What would it be if your personality was a shape?

    • Circle

    • Rectangle

    • Square

    • Triangle

    • Octagon

    • Rhombus

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