Quiz: Name Every One Direction Song. Real Fans Score 80%

Can you name every One Direction song in this ‘difficult edition’ quiz? Only true Directioners beat this 1D test.

Name Every One Direction Song

Explaining the 1D Song-Naming Quiz

With this song-naming quiz, you must correctly name every song in One Direction’s discography. It’s a fandom test to discover how many 1D tracks you know the name of.

During their career, One Direction recorded 109 songs—91 of which have been released.

The test challenges your knowledge about those songs through a guessing game.

Name The Song Difficulty
Which One Direction song starts with the letter G? Easy
Name three 1D songs that start with A. Medium
Which 1D song’s title starts with D and ends in A? Hard


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Can You Name Every One Direction Song?

Take this trivia quiz to put your knowledge to the test. With its 15 questions, the “Name Every 1D Song Quiz” reveals if you know the band’s discography.

Naming all 91 songs of One Direction takes work. It takes a real Directioner to do so. (Are you one?)

Guess the Songs by Lyrics and Images

During the test, you must name One Direction songs by their lesser-known lines and rarely-seen images.

The “Name Every 1D Song Quiz” is a multi-level trivia test. It starts with simple lyric-guessing games and gradually steps up to more challenging questions based on images.

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Are You a True Directioner Who Knows Every Song?

Thirteen years of One Direction and fans are still posting “Guess the Song” videos on TikTok. (The band has an immortal fandom.) But what about you? Can you name every 1D song?

The One Direction Song Quiz lets you compare your knowledge with other Directioners.

It is one of the hardest guess-the-song tests ever. Beating this one proves you know the band’s discography like the back of your hand.

Hit the start button, and let’s see how many 1D songs you can name.


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