Kiki or Bouba Quiz. 100% Accurate Personality Test

Do you want to know if you are a Kiki or a Bouba? This geometry-inspired psychological quiz reveals what abstract shape you are based on your persona.

Kiki or Bouba Quiz

No, it’s not a Drake line. It has nothing to do with the Kiki who’s riding in his song. This Kiki-Bouba thing is actually a psychological theory that we’re about to apply to your personality. Here’s what you need to know before taking the test.

A Kiki/Bouba Test Except It Is Based on Your Personality

This personality quiz reveals if you are a Kiki or a Bouba. After inspecting your most prominent features—character- and style-wise—we determine if you are Kiki, an angular abstract shape, or Bouba, a round abstract shape.

It is a matter of what shape you are. But there is deep psychological stuff involved. The Kiki-Bouba effect is real. And you being categorized in any of these groups could potentially reveal how attractive you are.

What Is a Kiki Bouba Test?

Kiki Bouba Test is a cross-modal perception examination. Simply put, it analyzes how you visualize words through unintended sound symbolism. The idea was coined by a German-American psychologist in the ‘20s. He asked people to associate round and angular shapes with two words: Bouba or Kiki.

To his surprise, most people would call jagged shapes “Kiki” and round ones “Bouba.” His theory was that there is a connection between auditory and visual stimuli in our brains that creates these imagery representations—even when there’s no context.

But if you’re wondering what the Kiki-Bouba TikTok trend is, that’s another story. A while ago, a user suggested that people are Kiki or Bouba—just like the angular and round shapes—and that you are attracted to a specific type.

After that viral video, people came up with personality tests that could reveal if you are a Bouba or a Kiki. (The test on this page is one of them—the most accurate one.)

How to Know If You Are Kiki or Bouba

Kiki is associated with angular shapes, representing an energetic, assertive, and extroverted personality. Bouba, on the other hand, represents a nurturing, agreeable, and introverted persona.

Kiki Characteristics

  • Vibrant
  • Goal-oriented
  • Bold
  • Adventurous

Bouba Characteristics

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