Quiz: Which Fourth Wing Quadrant Are You In?

With this Fourth Wing Quadrant Quiz, you see which group you fit in: the Riders, the Healers, the Scribes, or the Infantry.

Fourth Wing Quadrant Quiz

After my second binge-reading of Fourth Wing—and in anticipation of Iron Flame—I created this Quadrant Quiz that tells you which faction you are in.

In case you need a quick recap, there were four Quadrants in The Empyrean’s first book: Riders, Healers, Scribes, and the Infantry. My goal is to identify which of these groups you would fit in.

Think of this test as a virtual Conscription Day or a Threshing ritual. You must prove worthy of becoming a Dragon Rider or join one of the other three parties.

Here’s a rundown of each group:

  • Riders are Dragon tamers who are also the primary military clique of Navarre.
  • Healers serve as the equivalent of doctors in the military, tending to injured soldiers and researching medicines.
  • Scribes are historians and academics of Navarre.
  • The Infantry is a group of military personnel that engages in ground combat, builds camps, and advances in the enemy territory.

On a side note, these Quadrants are divided into three subdivisions: Flame, Claw, and Tail.

I know what you think: “I am a Rider.” (Aren’t we all?) What’s funny about the Fourth Wing fandom is that it’s packed with fans rooting for Riders, but only a handful of people match the faction.

The Riders syndrome is comparable to that of the Slytherin dilemma among Harry Potter fans. Most want to enter this House, but not many actually do.

I’d say trust the selection process. Let me reveal which Fourth Wing Quadrant you are in based on solid evidence. Answer the following 15 questions as a Basgiath War College student, and I’ll expose your true faction.

Are you a Healer, a Scribe, an Infantry soldier, or an actual badass Rider like Violet and Xedan? Let’s find out. 🐉⚔

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