Divergent Faction Quiz. 100% Accurate Divergent Test

The Divergent Faction quiz reveals your group based on your personality. It is the most accurate & 2021 updated Faction test of the original Choosing Ceremony.

Divergent Faction Quiz

Welcome to the Divergent Faction Simulator!

The events of the Divergent book inspire the test you are about to take. The goal here is to put you through the procedures of faction selection to discover your main virtue. Here are a couple of things you need to know about the questionary.

What is the Divergent Faction Personality Quiz?

It is a set of 20 personality questions that discover your Divergent Faction.

You Go Through All the Faction Selection Stages

The quiz includes the Aptitude Test, Choosing Ceremony, and Initiation processes.

The Algorithms Decide What Your Divergent Faction Is

Although your decisions matter, it is the algorithm that decides which Divergent Faction you belong in.

The Process of the Divergent Faction Quiz Explained

You go through three primary stages to expose your inner virtues. The last stage is the Decision phase, where you learn about your group. Read on for more info on each phase.

Stage #1: Aptitude Test

The Divergent Faction quiz starts with the Aptitude Test—just like the original story. You will enter an imaginary simulator and react to various scenarios. The goal of the phase is to eliminate three to four of the groups before the Choosing Ceremony.

Stage #2: Choosing Ceremony

Similar to what happens in the movie, you get to select your group after the first stage. You have to pick your future division carefully as you have to live with it forever.

Stage #3: Initiation

The third stage of the Divergent Faction quiz is initiation. This is where you have to engage in hands-on practices and pass some tests. Those who fail to pass the third stage become factionless.

Stage #4: Decision

Those who make it this far should only wait for the results to appear on their screens. The fourth stage of the Faction quiz is where the algorithms decide if your personality and traits match your selection.

What Do the Results of the Divergent Faction Quiz Mean?

Depending on your responses on the Divergent test, you receive an analytical result. We included some personality psychoanalysis as well as fun facts about your faction in each of them. Here is a sneak peek of what the questionary outcomes are like.

The Dauntless:

Falling into this category means you are brave, fearless, bold, and heroic. The Dauntless are the ones who secure the city and protect other citizens. So, if you match with them, you are a protective and caring person.

The Dauntless
Traits The brave
Symbol Fire
Substance Hot coal
Color Black
Serum Fear
Famous Dauntless Tris and Tobias


The Candor:

Brutal honesty is what sets the Candor apart from society. Members of this group believe there is no excuse for lying. And if the Divergent Faction quiz calls you a Candor, you are either viciously frank or you’d like to be.

The Candor
Traits The honest
Symbol Scale
Substance Glass
Color Black & White
Serum Truth
Famous Candor Johanna Reyes, Christina, Peter Hayes


The Amity:

All you need for a better life is peace of mind. Or at least that is what the Amity community believes to be true. If the Divergent quiz puts you in this category, you are a calm, chilled, and kind person.

The Amity
Traits The Peaceful
Symbol Tree
Substance Soil
Color Green
Serum Peace
Famous Amity Johanna


The Erudite:

Knowledge is what humanity needs to survive. That is the slogan for the Erudite faction. If you match their qualities, it means you are a wise, sensible, and clever person.

The Erudite
Traits The intelligent
Symbol Eye
Substance Water
Color Blue
Serum Death
Famous Erudite Caleb Prior, Jeanine Matthews


The Abnegation:

Being selfless leaves the door open for the better and for the good to happen. The Abnegation community is all about helping, giving, and caring for those in need. Those who match with this faction are humble, respectful, and compassionate.


The Abnegation
Traits The selfless
Symbol Holding hands
Substance Grey Stone
Color Grey
Serum Memory
Famous Abnegation Andrew Prior, Natalie Prior



This one is the rarest result in the Divergent Faction quiz. Those who qualify for two or more virtue-based groups are called divergent. Such people have several characteristics that match multiple divisions. And that makes them unique.

The Test Also Reveals If You Are a Factionless Citizen

Factionless people are those that do not fall into any of the five virtue-oriented categories. As a result, they have to live in the abandoned places and live on the Abnegation aids. Our Divergent Faction quiz can determine people who would possibly end up living like this the franchise’s futuristic Chicago.

Glossary of the Divergent Faction Quiz

Answering a question like, “which Divergent Faction you belong in?” requires your honest assistance. You have read each question carefully and select your choice precisely. Otherwise, the test results will not be 100% accurate. To help with that, here are the definitions of some reoccurring terms in the questionary. You have to what each of the following words means to understand the questions.

Faction: Chicago is divided into five main groups called fictions. Each student should choose their group by the age of 16. And the test on this page recreates the same process you would go through in the Divergent universe.

Serum: Each faction uses various liquids and substances to test the newbies. Drinking a serum could put you in hallucinations and let you take virtual tests or face your fears.

Fear Simulator: It is a device that combines serum injection and mind control to simulate your biggest fears. During the Divergent Faction test, some questions will represent such a process.

Initiation: Each group has its distinct form of initiation. But the main goal of all is to evaluate your practical capabilities. Several questions in the Divergent Faction quiz put you through a similar process.

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