What Is My Skin Tone? This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

What is my skin tone? This quiz is going to reveal your undertone and help you choose proper makeup, clothes, and hairstyle. Just answer 20 simple questions.

what is my skin tone

Quiz: What Is My Skin Tone?

The warm, cool, or neutral undertones determine what color looks good on you. This 20-question test helps you determine your undertone and makes your makeup, dress, and hair color decisions easier. Answering the following simple questions reveals what looks based on you according to your current skin tone.

If your goal is choosing better clothes and dresses, take our ‘What Color Looks Best on Me?’ test instead. It gives you the final answer with no need to go through extra steps.

How Does the Test Work?

The questionary works based on the features and overall look of different skin shades. It determines if the primary hues on your skin are cool (blueish), warm (reddish or pinkish), or neutral. The quiz focuses on your undertone as the surface tone might change due to external factors, such as getting tanned, etc.

What Does It Reveal?

The premise of the quiz is to answer, “What is my skin tone?” However, it offers additional information, such as seasonal color analysis, personal palette, and makeup hue tips. More on this below.

Your Undertone

A genuine warm or cool skin tone quiz always analyzes your undertone. That is because the surface colors change seasonally. And it is fairly difficult to classify them.

Your Season

Jang Haejung, a color expert, explains what each season means when it comes to skin colors. She says, “Spring is about clear, light, and bright colors. Forsythia yellow, hot pepper red, and mandarin colors look excellent on summer people.” She goes on to explain Autumn as well. “People with fall skin tone have warm and goldish colors. The shades here are usually deep and yellowish.”

See the skin tone chart below for more information on the seasonal categories.

Skin Tone Season Colors
Warm Spring Hot pepper red, mandarin, yellow-green, and violet
Warm Autumn rust red, mustard yellow, medium olive green, mid-browns, camels
Cool Summer Sky blue, grayish blue, gray, white, light mauve
Cool Winter Wine red, magenta, pine green, navy


Your Best Personal Color

Your main question is, “What is my skin tone?” But you usually need such information to make better color-related decisions for your style. So, our quiz provides you with the best palette suggestions as well.

Identifying Warm or Cool Skin Tone Without a Quiz

Not anyone has the will to undergo a detailed test to discover their undertone. So, here are other methods to help you find out what your skin tone is as fast as possible. But note that we recommend taking the full test for the most accurate results.

Method #1: Vein Test

If you wonder what your skin tone is, look at your wrist veins. If they look blueish or purplish, you fall into the cool tone category. If they seem to be greenish or olive-like, you have a warm tone.

Method #2: Paper Test

Hold a white paper sheet near your neck and chest. If it makes your skin look reddish or pinkish, you have a cool tone. If it made you look yellowish, you have a warm skin shade.

Method #3: Jewelry Test

If your skin glows with gold jewelry, you have a warm skin tone. If it looks better with silver ones, you have a cool tone.

If None of the Above Is True

If none of the said methods are applicable, you have a neutral skin tone. It means you have a perfect balance of cool and warm colors in your undertone. And that makes it relatively easy to choose colors because most palettes look good on you.

Things to Know Before Taking the Quiz

We created one of the most reliable tests on the internet to help you discover your skin tone. However, here are two things you should know before participating in the quiz. (They help you understand the questions and results better).

Surface Tone VS. Undertone

The surface tone is the color you see when looking at your skin. It includes several different shades. So, the redness or tanned spots are counted when analyzing the surface colors. The thing is that your surface colors change because of external reasons, such as seasonal changes or sunburns.

The undertone is the hidden color in your skin. It does not change over time. And it is the actual determiner when it comes to cool or warm tones.

Skin Tone for Makeup

Many people look for a skin tone quiz for foundation and makeup. The good news is that our test suggests the best makeup colors and shades based on your tone, so you do not need any other quiz.

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