Quiz: What Type of Clutterbug Are You? 100% Accurate Match

Take this Clutterbug Quiz to find out which decluttering bug matches your neatening style. Are you a Ladybug, Cricket, Butterfly, or Bee organizer?

Clutterbug quiz

The Clutterbug Quiz, Explained

Inspired by Cassandra Aarssen’s work, the Clutterbug Quiz is a self-assessment to discover your organizing style. According to Cassandra’s theory, people can be grouped into four types of organizers: Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs, and Crickets. Each type has a unique tidying preference that determines how their home and interior design look.

Our quiz utilizes the four axes of declutter (visual, hidden, micro-thinker, and macro-thinker) to expose what type of Clutterbug you are.

Generally, if you’re a visual micro-thinker, you’re a Bee; if you’re a micro-thinker who hides the clutter, you’re a Ladybug; if you’re a micro-thinker obsessed with organizing, you’re a cricket; and if you’re a visual macro-thinker with little to no care for detailed cleanness, you’re a Butterfly.

Clutterbug Type Feature
Butterfly Visual, Out-of-Sight
Ladybug Hidden, Out-of-Sight
Bee Visual, Detail-Oriented
Cricket Hidden, Detail-Oriented


What Are the Four Clutterbug Types

Cassandra Aarssen, the author of Real Life Organizing, believes that the four Clutterbug types are tied to four aspects of systematizing: Visualization, Hiding, Seeing the Big Picture, or Hyper-focusing on Details. Based on these axes, the Clutterbugs are either macro-thinking concealers, macro-thinking visualizers, micro-thinking concealers, or micro-thinking visualizers. (Also known as the Ladybugs, Bees, Butterflies, and Crickets.)


As a macro-thinker with concealing tendencies, Ladybugs prefer to keep things out of sight. People with this decluttering style benefit from closets, drawers, and other types of hidden storage where they can pile up their stuff—and hide the mess.


Known to be true hoarders, Bees are detail-oriented organizers. However, they prefer to keep things in sight, creating a tidied cluster of stuff—just like a beehive.


Spending the least amount of time on organizing, Butterflies are visual creatures who appreciate detail-free systems. They like to keep their stuff visible so they know where they are and avoid hiding them because it seems pointless.


The most hyper-focused and detail-oriented organizers, Crickets hide things away but in the most organized way. They often use labeling, color coding, and other comparable techniques to categorize and sort things in logical systems. And they enjoy the entire process of neatening—no matter how extensive it is.

What’s the Point of Knowing Your Clutterbug Type

The goal of identifying your Clutterbug Type is achieving the best organizing style in your home. Knowing your neatening preferences will help you create your ideal home décor style without feeling burned out.

Instead of fighting the urge to tidy your house in a specific way, embrace it. The Four Clutterbug Philosophy helps you build a cleaning and organizing strategy around your current style, excluding the limiting frameworks that stop you from being a super-neat person!

Are You a Bee, Butterfly, Cricket, or Ladybug? Let’s Find Out

Hey, having a sort-out strategy for your home is not an OCD thing; everyone needs a neat neatening plan. And with the Clutterbug quiz on this page, you get to unleash and appreciate your preferred plans. Answer the following questions, and we will tell you which Clutterbug (Bee 🐝, Butterfly 🦋, Cricket 🦗, or Ladybug 🐞) you are—with unbelievable accuracy.


Although the Clutterbug Quiz is inspired by Cassandra Aarssen’s work, it does not include any copyrighted material, and QuizExpo does not intend any copyright infringement.

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