Quiz: What Is Your Angel Number? Which 1 of 10 Numbers?

Do you want to know what your angel number is? This quiz looks for universal signs in your life to reveal the sacred messages from higher realms of spirituality.

What Is Your Angel Number

The Angel Number Quiz Explained

It’s a 20-question spirituality test that exposes the number(s) your guardian angels use to communicate with you.

Your date of birth, age, or lucky number will not affect the test results. And it only considers universal or spiritual signs you have spotted lately.

Find your guardian angel’s message.

Universe prefers to guide you through implicit signs instead of giving out explicit directions. One of the ways it tries to talk to you is by using numeral patterns, also known as angel numbers. And the test helps you uncover them by reviewing the divine messages you receive.

Understand the meaning behind the patterns.

There are 10 angel numbers (0 to 9) that often occur in repeated 3- or 4-digit patterns. Each signifies a specific meaning that could be used as spiritual guidance.

000 Means new opportunities
111 Means you’re on the right path
222 Means balance and alignment
333 Means a call for a spiritual completion
444 Means stabilization
555 Means major changes
666 Means intuition
777 Means good fortune
888 Means a connection to the spiritual universe
999 Means a new journey is about to happen


Discover why you repeatedly see particular numbers.

Angel numbers happen for a reason. Numerology suggests that you see particular patterns because the universe sends you a message. But it might not be that easy to decipher them on your own.

Therefore, the test results explain the possible causes of specific numeral communications in your life.

Why You Should Not Use an Angel Number Calculator

Calculating your angel number based on your birthdate or using tarot cards is not accurate. According to Aliza Kelly, a well-known astrologist, “One of the ways angel numbers differ from other esoteric practices is that they’re not linked to your birth information.”

Synchronicity number formulas that use your birthdate are static. For example, if your number is “8,” it will always be an eight. But actual angel numbers transform all the time based on the changes in your life.

So, you’re better off without such calculators if you want a genuine answer to “What’s my angel number?”

The Quiz Works Based on the Universal Signs: Synchronicity

Unlike calculators, we inspect spiritual messages to determine your angelic numeral pattern(s)—not your birth information. We ask questions about your emotions, thoughts, dreams, and visions to come up with an accurate analysis.

3 Reasons You’re Seeing Your Angel Number More Often

Why do I see numeral synchronicities everywhere, you might ask? It could be because of one of the following reasons.

#1. You are going through a spiritual awakening.

Most psychics and numerologists believe that you recognize more meaningful patterns as you spiritually awaken.

So, you should be asking yourself, “Is my third eye open?” if you see many repeated digits around.

Of course, your awakening journey affects the angel numbers you come across. For example, it’s said that people who achieve higher realms of awareness see repeated 8s in their everyday lives.

#2. The universe is contacting you.

Communication between the real world and spiritual realms is not explicit. So, an increase in predictable or structured numeral patterns in your life might signify that someone or something is trying to talk to you—or even guide you.

#3. You are being guided or supported by angels.

Many times, the angel numbers appear to console or support you. For example, seeing patterns of number 1 (111 or 1111) often signifies that you need to believe in yourself and move forward with your decision.

People who experience spiritual messages acknowledge them when they’re facing an existential or emotional void. It is because your guardian angels are most likely to communicate with you when you’re in need—especially of guidance.

The Problem with Giving too Much Significance to Angel Numbers

When asked about meaningful numbers in life, Sadhguru acknowledged that you could find specific types of synchronicities in life. So, it makes sense to see them in numbers as well. But he also added, “[You shouldn’t] give too much significance to it because then you’ll start imagining a whole lot of things, which is unnecessary.”

Is Your Synchronicity Number Good or Bad?

As pointed out by Ulla Sukko in her TEDx talk, “the signs themselves are not good or bad; it’s our judgment or interpretation that makes them so.”

Angel numbers on their own are not meant to be positive or negative. They are neutral because their purpose is to guide or support you. And you should not expect the patterns to tell you what to do with your life or force you to choose a specific path.

So, in nature, synchronic numbers are neither good nor bad. They will neither take nor impose sides. All they’ll do is provide you with spiritual assistance.

Ready to Discover Your Angel Number? Take the Quiz

You are currently 20 questions away from finding your spiritual patterns. The test helps you overview the signs in your life to make an accurate assumption. You have to trust your intuition and answer the questions with your heart. That’s all.


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