Quiz: Would I Be a Good Nurse? 100% Honest Evaluation

If you want to know whether you’d make a good nurse, take this RN Qualification Self-Test. Answer 15 questions to get an accurate potential evaluation.

Would I Be a Good Nurse

What Makes You a Good Nurse?

A proficient nurse provides both physical and emotional care, acting as the patient’s advocate and implementing medical directives. The qualities defining a good nurse are compassion, empathy, and expertise, forming the core attributes that contribute to exemplary patient support.

Being a reliable RN requires patience and devotion. A nurse puts the patient’s needs before their own, ensuring their recovery. And when it comes to soft skills, a nurse must possess the following attributes:

  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Critical-Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence

What Are the Subtle Signs You’d Be a Good Nurse?

If you find fulfillment in improving others’ well-being and have a genuine desire to care for them, you likely have the inherent qualities of a compassionate nurse. Additional indicators include a strong sense of empathy, philanthropic values, and a dedication to ongoing education.

Here’s a quick self-evaluation. Answer the following questions with yes and no to see if you’d make a good RN.

  • Do I care about all humans regardless of external factors?
  • Do I constantly feel like I have to contribute to something great?
  • Am I okay with putting others’ needs before mine?
  • Am I ready to dedicate most of my time to people?
  • Am I aware of compassion fatigue and how energy-draining it might be?

If your answer to most of the above questions was a “yes,” you’re a proper nursing candidate. (Though, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’d make a good one.)

Should You Become a Nurse?

Nursing is among the top in-demand jobs in the US. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the country needs 203,200 nurses annually up until 2031. Nurses are also considered well-paid in most states, with an average pay of $38.74 per hour.

However, RN is considered one of the most physically and emotionally demanding jobs. Before making up your mind, consider the following aspects:

  • Nurses must work in long (12-hour) shifts.
  • They have to be on-call regardless of the weekday.
  • They will have to rotate shifts.
  • They might have to work in hazardous environments.
  • Most nurses work for over 48 hours per week.

The Best Way to Find Out if You’d Make a Good Nurse

An ideal way to choose RN as your profession is by volunteering at a nursing house. This allows for hands-on experience and a risk-free evaluation of your skills. As for the good news, most volunteer positions at assisted living facilities do not require training. However, they all offer a first-hand glance at what a nurse’s job looks like.

Let an RN Qualification Quiz Help!


This self-assessment assesses your qualities and abilities as a nurse. By responding to the questions, you’ll uncover your strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately receiving a comprehensive evaluation of your potential as a registered nurse.

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