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Emotional Intelligence Test

The Simplest Definition of Emotional Intelligence Test

An EQ Test is a questionnaire that examines your ability to understand, control, and use your feelings. People who pass the exam with a higher quotient are better at showing empathy and dealing with various frames of mind.

Most of the online assessments are based on Goleman’s work. He was the first science journalist to study humans’ social behavior and estimate their capabilities despite their IQ level.

It Works Based on Goleman’s EI Principles

The EQ Quiz on this page considers four principles of being an emotionally intelligent person. Goleman claims that you need the following characteristics to score high.

Principle #1: You Know Your Feelings

Human moods are interchangeable. That means your anger might be a sign of sadness. Or your fear may be a sign of stress. So, knowing what you feel is not an easy task. You have to dive deep into your thoughts to figure out the real reason behind your state of mind. During the Emotional Intelligence Test, you answer questions that reveal how well you can do that.

Principle #2: You Handle Your Emotions

“knowing what’s going on in your brain is not enough.” People with high EI levels know how to deal with what they feel, too. So, acknowledging and controlling your moods is a sign of being an intelligent person—regarding sentiments. The more you organize your attitude, the better you score on the quiz.

Principle #3: You Understand Others’ Feelings

Empathy is a must-have when it comes to the emotional quotient. Not only are you able to understand your thoughts, but you also comprehend what people around you go through. That makes you a highly empathic person who cares for others—and is willing to help. The test shows how responsive and sympathetic you are.

Principle #4: You Use Your Abilities in Your Relationships

Not every thoughtful person is emotionally intelligent. You need to be able to benefit from your skills. Goleman believes that those who are in charge of their thoughts also know how to use them properly. That is why individuals with high EQ are more likely to have a successful career.

The Results Contain a Free Personality Analysis

Your understanding of mental state tells so many things about your personality. That is why you get a character analysis by the end of the quiz. The results also include some advice on making the most of your social skills—or how to brush up on them.

Note: you do not have to pay to see the full results.

Why Do I Need to Take an Emotional Intelligence Test?

Your ability to deal with feelings affects your life. It is not only about your relationships and love life. Contrary to popular belief, a high Emotional Quotient is a crucial factor in building a satisfying career. So, taking a test to estimate your capabilities could be helpful. See below.

EI is more important than IQ.

Studies show that the Intelligence Quotient does not guarantee a well-paying job or a happy marriage. However, the same studies indicate that being an emotionally intelligent individual could result in both. That is, people with higher EQ are more successful career- and relationship-wise. Taking this test helps you figure out what you need to do to secure a more reliable future.

It can influence your career.

Having more connections means facing more opportunities. A lower Emotional Quotient can affect your interactions with others, resulting in fewer contacts and eventually less chance to encounter better opportunities.

If you lack social skills, you’re less likely to find a good job. So, taking the EI Test is a way to be notified in advance.

The results can improve your relationships.

Empathy and self-control are a must-have in romantic relationships. The Emotional Intelligence Quiz tells you whether you are an empathic person or not. If the answer is no, you might struggle to build trust in your relationships. However, if the answer is yes, you are likely to experience reliable and trustworthy affairs.

Signs That Your EQ Level in Higher Than Usual

  • You are influential. Leading others is easy for you because you understand them and guide them accordingly. Your influence is primarily because people find you trustworthy.
  • You read the nonverbal signals better than others. It is almost natural for you to empathize with others—even when they hide their feelings. That is because you value body language as much as verbal language.
  • You have no problem expressing yourself. People who score high on the Emotional Intelligence Test are extroverts. So, if describing your feelings is easy for you, it is a sign that you have a solid grasp of what is going on in your mind.
  • You care about what others go through. Empathy is a part of your life. And you have chosen to be sympathetic. Understanding others and caring for them is an undeniable sign of having a high EI.

The Test Says I’m Not Emotionally Intelligent. What Now?

There is nothing to worry about. You are not talking about an inherent skill. Most experts agree that you can develop a higher EQ level through practice. Here is what to do in case you scored low on the quiz.

Avoid unhelpful criticism.

One of the reasons you do not understand people is that you are always blaming others. Psychologists believe that unhelpful critique is a defense mechanism for some people to hide their insecurities. So, if you want to develop a stronger EQ, stop passing judgment on those around you. Instead, comment on their work or behavior to help—and not to destroy them.

Stop worrying about the future.

Wariness is a response to prepare yourself for upcoming challenges. However, people with lower EI levels tend to misuse it. They relentlessly worry about the future to create an illusion of control. That means their fears help them feel like they know what will happen—and therefore, they are still in charge. Stop concerning about uncertain things to develop your emotional intelligence. Instead of fearing your future, face it. Take actions that will guarantee a better life. And do not waste your time/energy fantasizing about things that “might or could happen.”

Stop living in the past.

Getting stocked in the memories is not a good sign. Of course, it is natural for human beings to think about their past and analyze them. However, emotionally intelligent individuals do not let their memories control their presence. If you want to develop your EI, it is best to avoid living in the old days. Learn from your previous experiences. But do not allow them to overcome your life, making you feel bad about who you are—or what you’ve done.

Keep your expectations realistic.

It is a broad topic. However, it would be best if you controlled your expectations to become an emotionally intelligent person. If you always feel like others are letting you down or disappoint you, it is time to change. Unrealistic expectations make you a naggy individual who does nothing but complain. Keep your prospects realistic to achieve a higher EI level. Assess the capabilities of you and the people around you before setting an impractical goal or hoping for an unlikely change.

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