Ultimate Wuthering Waves Quiz: What Character Are You?

If you’d like to know which Resonator from Wuthering Wave has your personality type, take this quiz that’s inspired by Solaris-3 events.

Ultimate Wuthering Waves Quiz

💡 What to Expect: The Wuthering Waves Quiz helps you find out which Solaris-3 Resonator matches your personality and explains why. You can be matched with 4-Star and 5-Star Resonators from all five Elements: Havoc, Fusion, Electro, Aero, and Spectro.

🎮 Which Wuthering Wave Resonator Are You? Your WUWA Resonator match can be figured out based on your temperament. For example, if you’re thoughtful and analytical, you’re Jinhsi. If you’re bold and fearless, you’re Jiyan. And if you’re reserved and introverted, you’re Rover. (For a more accurate match, take the detailed test on this page.)

Wuthering Waves has been making a big splash in the gaming world. Just days after its May release, it became one of the most popular games on Google Play. Despite controversies labeling it a Genshin Impact clone or a pay-to-win Gacha game, WUWA has built a loyal fan base.

One feature getting a lot of attention is Wuthering Waves’ Resonators, the main playable characters you need to unlock. This personality quiz helps you find out which of these stylish, anime-like characters matches you. We’ve kept the results up-to-date by including upcoming v1.1 Resonators, Jinhsi and Changli. So, if you’re enjoying the game, give it a try.

Also, before revealing your Wuthering Waves match, we have a personality quiz for Honkai Star Rail that you might enjoy, too. Now, let’s find out which Resonator you are.



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