Quiz: 👑 Which Throne of Glass Character Are You?

Take this Throne of Glass Quiz to see which character you are. Are you Celaena, Cain, Chaol, Manon, or someone else?

Which Throne of Glass Character Are You

Now that I’ve finished reading all eight books, I feel ready to give back to the fandom with a Throne of Glass Quiz, a personality test to expose your character from the Kingdom of Adarlan.

What you find on this page is a series of 15 questions, all inspired by the lores and arcs of Sarah J. Mass’s universe. I aspire to determine which of the main characters from her high fantasy novels matches your real-life personality.

Personally, I relate to Elide Lochan more than any other character. But that wouldn’t guarantee her as my match. (I feel like people who know me would say I’m more like Aelin than Elide.)

As for the good news, you won’t have to guess your ToG counterpart; I’ve created the following MBTI table to help you. If you don’t know your personality type, I’d recommend taking the quiz instead. It’s faster and much more accurate.

Character MBTI
Aelin Galathynius ENTJ
Manon Blackbeak INTJ
Dorian Havilliard ENTP
Lysandra ENFJ
Chaol Westfall ISTJ
Elide Lochan INFP


Here are some of the novel’s main characters that you might be:

Aelin Galathynius

Despite her vain and princess-ish attitudes, Aelin or Celaena is a kindhearted, caring, and righteous young lady. Those who match Aelin’s vibes are bold, passionate, stylish people with a knack for all things art.

Chaol Westfall

A true gentleman, Chaol is protective, supportive, and wise. He treats everyone with respect and is known as a dutiful captain. Throne of Glass fans with Chaol’s persona are charming, charismatic, and self-reliant. (He’s like an older version of KotLC characters.)

Elide Lochan

Despite her cold and cunning façade, Elide is actually a loving person. She is intelligent, giving, and loyal, making her one of the fan-favorite characters in Thrones of Glass. If you match her, you are hard to understand but easy to love.

Manon Blackbeak

Known for her brutality and iciness, Manon is a cruel and heartless witch. However, she gradually becomes softer and starts valuing her emotions. Those who get Manon in their results are usually dealing with depression and anxiety and are haunted by childhood traumas.

With that being said, let’s dive into the quiz and see which Throne of Glass character you are.

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