Quiz: Which TBHK Character Are You? 100% Personality Match

The TBHK Personality Quiz reveals which character from Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun manga and anime you are. Will you get Nene, Kou, Teru, or Hanako himself?

Which TBHK Character Are You

Whether you call it Jibaku Shounen or Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, Aidalro’s manga is a fascinating rom-com. I still remember purchasing the first volume thinking, “This can’t be that good.” But here I am, a complete TBHK simp looking to expose your in-manga soulmate or doppelganger—if you will.

If you’re like me and resonate with manga/anime characters too much, this quiz is for you: Find out which Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun character you are based on personality. Today, I’m your dungeon master, and our goal is to reveal if you are Nene, Kou, Teru, Hanako, or another intriguing student of the Kamome Academy.

Which Main Character from TBHK Looks Like You

I’ve analyzed the main students to help you find your perfect match. Review the following descriptions and see which one you relate to.

Yashiro Nene: Friendly and Naïve

If you are outgoing, agreeable, and insecure, your match is Nene. She’s the protagonist of TBHK, a young, naïve girl seeking true love. Nene is lovable and bubbly, but she also has a self-doubting persona pushing her to demand approval.

Minamoto Kou: Energetic and Flamboyant

Those who match Kou in TBHK are loud, spontaneous, and fiery. Kou is Teru’s younger brother, who, unlike his older sibling, has no patience. He’s likely to cause trouble and put himself at risk—though he also has a kind, caring, and protective persona. (I can imagine him as an excellent fit for Tokyo Revengers or something.)

Minamoto Teru: Calm and Wise

Described as peaceful, collected, and reliable, Teru is Kou’s older brother. He is protective and loyal. But he’s also shown a rather cruel alter-ego, having no mercy for the sinners.

Hanako: Playful and Sadistic

The show’s deuteragonist, Hanako, is a naughty ghost who enjoys teasing the living. Those who get him in their TBHK Quiz results are fun-loving, charming, and unpredictable people with a surprisingly strong sense of right and wrong.

Find Your MBTI Match in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Can’t decide which TBHK character you are? I get it. (It took me two hours of intense research and guesswork to discover my counterpart. And no, it wasn’t my comfort character.)

I have two solutions: A) Find your TBHK match based on MBTI, and B) Take the personality quiz and let me expose your true lookalike. If you went with option A, use the following table. It has a list of primary anime characters’ personality types. If your choice was option B, press “Start Quiz” now, and let’s play the dangerous game of getting to know you.

THBK Character MBTI
Yashiro Nene ISFP
Minamoto Kou ESFP
Minamoto Teru INFJ
Yugi Amane Hanako ENTP
Nanamine Sakura ISTJ
Akane Aoi ENFJ
Mitsuba Sousuke INFP


Are you an exorcist, a demon, or just a naïve student? Time to find the answer.


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