Which Oppenheimer Character Are You? 2024 Movie Quiz

Take this Oppenheimer Character Quiz to see which iconic figure from Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece matches your personality.

Which Oppenheimer Character Are You

The Oppenheimer Character Quiz Explained

Comprised of twenty personality questions, the Oppenheimer Character Quiz is a self-assessment that reveals which iconic physicist or scientist from the movie you resemble in real life.

Oppenheimer is the latest film by Christopher Nolan portraying the tragic life of J. Rober Oppenheimer. The story revolves around his contribution to the Manhattan Project and the discoveries that led to the creation of the atomic bomb.

We’ve accumulated a list of the historical figures in the movie to give you an unmatched opportunity: Find your doppelganger among the Oppenheimer (2023) characters.

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Which Iconic Figure from the Oppenheimer Film Are You?

With cameos from scientists like Albert Einstein, the Oppenheimer film is home to so many iconic male and female characters. But the big question is, which one shares the same personality and traits as you? The following descriptions might help you find your counterpart.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Played by Cillian Murphy, Robert Oppenheimer is a brilliant, philosophical, and artistic physicist who also struggles with anxiety and depression.

Kitty Oppenheimer

Katherine Oppenheimer Vissering was Oppenheimer’s first wife. She was known for her fierce and bold personality, which could initially frighten some people. She was also recognized for her unwavering support towards her family, standing by her husband’s side through every step of his journey.

Lewis Strauss

A strategic leader, Lewis Strauss was a charming, quick-thinking, and calculated man. As portrayed in the movie, he was a go-getter who’d not let any distractions steer him away from his goals.

Jean Tatlock

A charming young lady, Jean Tatlock was a free-spirited and ambitious philanthropist. As a physiatrist, Jean was determined to help people in need and use her knowledge to make the world a better place.

Find Your Oppenheimer Character Based on Your MBTI

Do you still want to know which Oppenheimer character you are? Take this Nolan-esque quiz to meet your doppelganger from the 40s.

The following questions analyze your MBTI type to expose which historical character you look like. Are you Oppenheimer himself? Let’s find out! If you can’t wait for your test results, use the following table to meet your match.

Character MBTI
J. Robert Oppenheimer INTJ
Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer ENTJ
Lewis Strauss ENTJ
Jean Tatlock ISFP
Ernest Lawrence ENFJ
Richard Feynman ENTP
Frank Oppenheimer ESFP


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