Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching

Which Kardashian Am I

Are you low-key wondering, “Which Kardashian am I?” This celebrity finder quiz reveals if you’re one of the Kardashians or Jenners with unbelievable accuracy.

The Kardashian-Jenner Quiz Explained

It’s a series of lifestyle and personality questions to identify which of the Kardashians family member you represent in real life.

Unlike other TV & Movie quizzes, this one is focused on the real-life characteristics of the KUWTK celebrities. So, by the end, you find out if you are similar to Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, or else.

Find out which Kardashian you are.

Thousands of people google things like, “Which Kardashian am I?” every day. And they want a genuine answer. So, we created a personality test that compares your lifestyle and traits to that of the K family members to create an accurate match.

See if you are the richest.

With a staggering net worth of $1.8 billion, Kim Kardashian is the richest family member.

But what about you? How rich would you be if you lived in the luxurious world of KUWTK? The quiz has the answer. We analyze your answers to determine how business-focused you are and the chances of you becoming a millionaire—or maybe even a billionaire.

Get a free personality analysis for your celebrity self.

Fans wonder what kind of person each of the Kardashians is outside their reality-show life. So, we enriched our database with their personality type to help with that. We can tell you more about the K family member you matched and explain why you matched them.

The First MBTI-Based Kardashian Quiz

Other online alternatives are interest-match quizzes. So, they ask you boring questions like “what is your favorite food?” to come up with results. But that’s not how we do it. You’re about to take the first MBTI Kardashian quiz ever.

Our editorial team categorized all the K family members into proper Myers-Briggs Type Indicators so that the test results are 100% accurate.

The Kardashians MBTI Type
Kendall ISFP
Khloe ESFP
Kourtney ISTP
Kylie ESFP


How to Know Which Kardashian or Jenner You Are

It’s challenging to keep up with the Kardashians. But they’ve lived an on-camera life for, like, 20 years. So, you can find every detail about their personalities online. However, the thing is that finding your Kardashian match on your own could be pretty time-consuming.

Here’s a quick guide on some of the family members’ characteristics in case you want to find your “Kounterpart” the old-school way.

#1. Kim

She is a motherly figure, always protecting and nurturing her babies. But as an ISFJ, she’s also kind, reliable, and trustworthy. Despite being a victim of brutal internet cyberbullying, she has never stopped being a giving and caring person in her personal life.

Most fans would pick her when asked, “Which Kardashian are you?” It’s because she’s one of the most successful daughters of the family, also known as the queen of Instagram.

#2. Kris

As a hardworking traditionalist, Kris Jenner is the core reason why the Kardashians succeeded in the celebrity game. She is eager to take charge, orderly, and obedient, making her the best person to manage the girls’ extraordinary lives.

However, not many fans would be happy to see her in their test results as she’s been rumored to be somewhat manipulative.

#3. Kourtney

Despite her glamorous celebrity life, Kourtney is somewhat introverted and shy. She’s been open about her fear of public speaking and has been living a slightly more private life than her sisters. But as an ISTP, she’s also observant, thinking, and prospecting.

#4. Kylie

Her personality is described as warm and friendly. But Kylie loves being the center of attention, and she’s famously a party girl, using every chance she gets to celebrate life—in the most luxurious ways possible.

Ask young fans, which Kardashian are you?” and watch them talk about their love for Kylie for the rest of the day. You cannot judge them, though. She’s the first woman to reach 300 million followers on IG while becoming a billionaire at 21.

Other K-J family members.

The Kardashian-Jenner family is an extended one. You might be a better match for the family boys rather than the daughters. Or you might be more similar to lesser-known siblings like Brody, Brandon, and Burt.

Inspired by the Keeping Up with the Kardashian Events

The KUWTK came to an end after 14 years and 20 seasons. And we couldn’t ignore the Kardashians’ personal stories and real-life drama during its run. So, we used some of the show’s iconic moments to help us create this personality quiz and finetune its results.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a fan of the show to keep up with the quiz. (There are no right or wrong answers in the test).

Are You Team K or Team J? Let’s Find Out

Your big question is, “Which Kardashian am I?” But what if you are a Jenner? Our quiz determines if you fall into a more modernist J-side of the family or the traditional K-side.

All you have to do is answer 20 Hollywood lifestyle-inspired to get a solid answer.



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Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    What would you worry about if you were the Kardashians' manager?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 1
    • Their public appearances

    • Their outfits and style

    • Their relationships

    • Their kids

    • Their contracts

    • Their net worth

  • Question 2

    You're invited to one of the Kardashian's birthday party. What gift would you get them without knowing whose b-day it is?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 2
    • A life-changing or inspiring book

    • A fancy nightgown

    • Tickets to an artist's private concert

    • A $10K gift card

    • A luxurious makeup set

    • They wouldn't need my gift.

  • Question 3

    What is the most interesting part of living like a celebrity?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 3
    • Traveling a lot

    • Having millions of followers on social media

    • Having so many cool and famous friends

    • Becoming an influential person and helping others

    • Wearing designer pieces and having personal stylists

    • Being rich and buying expensive stuff

  • Question 4

    What is the worst thing about it? What would bother you the most if you were a celeb?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 4
    • Too many paparazzi around

    • A lot of drama in your personal life

    • Challenging relationships and love life.

    • Working hard and having a busy schedule.

    • Not being able to hang out with your friend like normal people.

    • None of the above. Being a celebrity is an easy job.

  • Question 5

    What do you think of Keeping Up with the Kardashian show? Is it any good?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 5
    • I didn't like it.

    • It was 'meh.'

    • I used to like it during the early seasons.

    • I started to like it towards the final seasons.

    • I've never actually watched the show.

    • I loved it.

  • Question 6

    What kind of boyfriend/girlfriend would you like to have if you were famous?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 6
    • Protective

    • Responsible

    • Loyal

    • Intelligent

    • Good-looking

    • Rich and successful

  • Question 7

    Imagine you are a Kardashian, and the paparazzi are spying on you 24/7. How would you feel about that?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 7
    • It'd damage my mental health.

    • I'd feel pissed off. But it wouldn't be a big deal.

    • I'd feel annoyed and would probably ask them to leave.

    • I'd feel famous and would probably pose for them.

    • I'd ignore them and live my life.

    • I'd give them some controversial shots to add to my fame.

  • Question 8

    Are you open about your love life and relationships, or are you a private person?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 8
    • No, I'm super-private

    • I'm slightly private

    • It depends. IDK.

    • I'm kind of open about my relationships.

    • I only share the details with my best friends.

    • I am super-open about every aspect of my life.

  • Question 9

    Which one sounds like an unethical way of making money or getting rich?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 9
    • Selling an online course without proper knowledge about the topic

    • Selling your "inappropriate" photos on OnlyFans.

    • Becoming rich off of selling illegal substances.

    • Using your kids' fame to make money.

    • Advertising a product that you don't believe in.

    • There's no such thing as an unethical way of making money.

  • Question 10

    What kind of career would you pick if education, money, or time was not a concern?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 10
    • Artist or writer

    • Super-model

    • TV show host or performer

    • Businessperson or entrepreneur

    • Designer or fashion critic

    • Stock market investor

  • Question 11

    Which of the following celebrities do you admire or like better than others?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 11
    • Billi Eilish

    • Jiji Hadid

    • Ariana Grande

    • Oprah Winfrey

    • Addison Rea

    • Cher

  • Question 12

    If your life was a movie, what would its genre be?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 12
    • Tragedy

    • Thriller

    • Comedy

    • Romance

    • Sci-Fi

    • Drama

  • Question 13

    How would you spend the weekends if you were as rich as the Kardashians?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 13
    • Traveling to exotic destinations

    • Working out or learning a new skill

    • Hanging out with my besties or going shopping

    • Spending quality time with my family

    • Throwing wild parties

    • Working on my business plans

  • Question 14

    Which one makes a person stylish?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 14
    • I don't know much about fashion and style.

    • It's about creativity.

    • It's actually about your personality.

    • It's about the brands that you're wearing.

    • You need to know what's trending and what's outdated.

    • You just need to hire a professional stylist.

  • Question 15

    Which side has been more successful, the Kardashians or Jenners?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 15
    • I don't really know

    • I'm team Jenners.

    • Both of them.

    • I'm team Kardashians

    • It depends on your metrics and standards.

    • None of them have achieved their full potential.

  • Question 16

    How'd you react if you found out that your celebrity boyfriend/girlfriend had cheated on you?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 16
    • I'd never be the same person again.

    • I'd never publicized it but would break up immediately.

    • I'd probably try couples therapy.

    • I'd publicize the issue after breaking up with them.

    • I'm not sure how I'd react to that.

    • I'd ruin my ex's career and make them regret it.

  • Question 17

    Out of the following unusual baby names, which one sounds like a cool one?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 17
    • Windy

    • Starlette

    • Charmayanne

    • Snowdrop

    • Vin'nyla

    • None of them. I like traditional names better.

  • Question 18

    Choose a method that you'd like to become famous through.

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 18
    • Work of art.

    • Modeling.

    • Trading and investment.

    • Selling products.

    • Content creation and social media.

    • Marrying a rich person.

  • Question 19

    Which price tag is reasonable for a pair of designer shoes?

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 19
    • $500

    • $5,000

    • $10,000

    • $20,000

    • $30,000

    • $50,000 or maybe even more

  • Question 20

    Final question; how old were you when the Keeping Up with the Kardashian show ended? (It ended in 2021).

    Quiz: Which Kardashian Am I? 100% Fun Matching 20
    • 40 or older

    • 18-25

    • 26-30

    • 31-39

    • 17 or younger

    • I'd rather not say.

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