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Quiz: What’s Your Cat Archetype?

What's Your Cat Archetype

Your cat archetype is a combination of your personality and lifestyle; take this quiz to see which funny feline faction you belong in.

As a cat person, you can’t help but try to resonate with your pet, like, I wonder what kind of cat I would be? If you relate, this quiz is just for you! We’ve compiled a set of 15 questions that expose your Cat Archetype, your unique kitten alter-ego based on your iconic behaviors and lifestyle patterns.

Cat Archetypes Explained (for Dummies)

Cats have personalities. While some are playful and brave, others are grumpy and avoidant. Their demeanor and temperament determine whether they lean towards being extroverted, introverted, or something in between. These distinct behaviors in cats are commonly referred to as “archetypes,” representing a set of unique and distinguishable attributes observed in individual pets or across the entire feline species.

What Are the Most Common Archetypes Among Cats

Jackson Galaxy, a cat expert, divides cats into three primary archetypes: Napoleon, Wallflower, and Mojito—all based on their confidence and territorialism.

  • Napolean: Overprotective, dominant cats who don’t like to share their territory.
  • Wallflower: Skittish, submissive cats who avoid conflicts at all costs.
  • Mojito: Confident and sociable cats who are welcoming in their territory.

By the way, assuming you’re a cat person, don’t you wonder if your cat loves you? We have an analytical quiz that settles that age-old question once and for all.

How to Know Your Cat Archetype

Five traits delineate your feline archetype: skittishness, friendliness, outgoingness, dominance, and spontaneity. The closer you align with the friendly-skittish-outgoing spectrum, the less aggressive you are. Conversely, exhibiting traits of dominance and spontaneity suggests less agreeableness and sociability.

You MBTI Can Reveal the Feline You Are

The following table shows each MBTI’s corresponding cat type:

MBTI Cat Breed
ISTJ The British Shorthair
ISFJ The Persian
ESTJ The Li Hua
ESFJ The German Rex
ESFP The Sphynx
ENTP The Balinese
INTJ The Norwegian Forest Cat
ENTJ The Siamese
ISTP The Lynx
ISFP The Anatolian
ESTP The Bengal
INTP The Turkish Van
INFP The Birman
ENFP The Singapura
INFJ The Russian Blue
ENFJ The Tonkinese


Cat Archetype Quiz: Join the Army of Bipedal Kittens

You know what they say: everyone wants to be a cat. But the dilemma is, what kind of cat would they be? After giving it decades of thought (in cat years), we came up with a Feline Archetype Quiz that exposes your inner kitten—with impressive accuracy.

During the test, you respond to 15 tom-ish questions. And we analyze your choices to expose your cat type. Simple. Quick. Meow-ly entertaining.

We also have another test called What Cat Breed Are You? It’s quite an eye-opening question for kitten-heads like you because it basically analyzes your persona from the POV of a cat. (It’s a unique experience, promise.)


How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    It’s Monday morning. What’s your mood?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 1
    • Happy

    • Tired

    • Depressed

    • Irritable

  • 2
    You posted a TikTok and got no likes or views. How does that feel?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 2
    • It’s okay

    • It ruined my day

    • I don’t even care

    • I hate my followers

  • 3
    Your friends threw a party but forgot to invite you. Now what?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 3
    • I forgive them

    • I can’t stop crying. I’m hurt

    • Fu** ‘em all

    • I’m planning my revenge

  • 4
    Someone special forgot your birthday. How do you react?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 4
    • I guess I’ll forgive them

    • It broke my heart

    • Who cares?

    • I will never celebrate their birthday ever again

  • 5
    It’s raining, and you don’t have an umbrella. What’s the plan?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 5
    • Awesome! I love walking under the rain

    • I wish I could cuddle all day and eat delicious foods

    • I just shut the windows, pull the curtains, and go to sleep

    • I probably go to work because I’m a f-ing adult

  • 6
    Your last post got a ton of hateful comments. Are you going to do something about it?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 6
    • I’ll just ignore them

    • I’ll every single one of them

    • I’ll roast all of them. It’ll be fun

    • I’ll probably delete my account

  • 7
    Your food order is mixed up. Does that hurt?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 7
    • Not really

    • YES! I’m dead

    • I just want something to eat

    • I might sue that MFs

  • 8
    Your Uber driver is incredibly talkative. Any ideas?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 8
    • I’ll just smile and pretend to be listening

    • I’ll give them a low rating

    • I’ll politely ask them to STFU

    • I will report them for some type of harassment

  • 9
    The DoorDash driver is hitting on you. So?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 9
    • Nevermind. I’ll ignore them

    • Well, are they hot?

    • I’ve had enough *sigh*

    • I might sue their ass if they don’t stop

  • 10
    Your S/O has been busy and ignorant for the entire day. Can you believe that?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 10
    • Well, it’s fine. We all have one of those days

    • NOPE! No one can ignore me

    • That’s even better because I’m busy and unavailable too

    • If they keep behaving like that, we’re done

  • 11
    Your mood is low. What can cheer you up?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 11
    • Hugs and deep talks

    • Cuddles and foods

    • Money and free time

    • I just need to get some sleep

  • 12
    Your boss said you can leave early. How are you going to spend that free time?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 12
    • Shopping!

    • Binge-watching my favorite show

    • Video games, obviously

    • Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

  • 13
    It’s Valentine’s, but you’re single. How does that feel?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 13
    • It’s fine

    • I’m super depressed

    • I don’t even care about such silly stuff

    • Well, I MUST go on a date tonight!

  • 14
    Your cat is too loud tonight. How are you going to get some sleep?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 14
    • Ear plugs

    • I’ll let her on the bed

    • IDK, but I will make her regret that

    • I might just put her outside

  • 15
    You saw a cute kitty on the side of the road. What do you do?
    Quiz: What's Your Cat Archetype? 15
    • I look for her parents

    • I take some cute photos

    • I mind my own business

    • I’ve got more important things to take care of

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