Quiz: Which Gen V Character Are You?

This quiz reveals which Supe from Gen V matches your personality. Are you Marie, Emma, Andre, Jordan, or another Godolkin student?

Which Gen V Character Are You

We Can Expose the Gen V Supe in You

We want to keep you entertained while anticipating Gen V’s new season: Introducing The Gen V Character Quiz that discovers which Supe aligns with your personality traits.

We’ve already exposed the fans’ doppelgangers in The Boys. So, we figured it was time to do the same for the Godolkin University students.

If you’re new to the franchise, Gen V is the latest spin-off of The Boys, a series centered on teenage Supes grappling with their extraordinary abilities and the typical challenges of adolescence.

Which Gen V Character Matches Your Personality

For me personally, deciding my Supe counterpart in Gen V was quite a challenge. I felt like Jordan was my comfort character, but most people would say we have nothing in common. So, I came up with these brief personality descriptions that could help you unveil your match faster.

Marie Moreau

As the show’s protagonist, Marie is a kindhearted, compassionate, and heroic Supe. But she’s not flawless. Her backstory and childhood trauma is haunting her, sometimes leading her to make mistakes.

Andre Anderson

A charming young man, Andre is described as a true ENFJ. He is altruistic, empathetic, and righteous, making him a reliable and trustworthy Supe.

Emma Meyer

As a friend, Emma is loyal, supportive, and helpful. She’s an energy source for most of her loved ones, cheering them up when they feel down. However, Emma has her insecurities, often overthinking her look and personality,

Jordan Li

Jordan is calm, collected, and accepting. They find it easy to adapt to new situations and are willing to love people for who they are, not who they pretend to be.

Your MBTI Match in the Gen V Universe

A better way to uncover your Gen V personality is by comparing your MBTI type with those of the main characters. (The following table can help with that.)

Marie Moreau ISFP
Cate Dunlap ESFJ
Emma Meyer ESFP
Jordan Li ESTJ
Andre Anderson ENFJ
Sam Riordan INFP
Luke Riordan ENFJ


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Now, get ready to uncover your Gen V character.

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