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Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You?

Which NCT 127 Member Are You

Would you like to know which NCT 127 member you are? This K-pop quiz uses your personality to reveal which boy’s profile matches you. Are you Ten, Jaemin, Jaehyun, or else?

A Genuine Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You?

The test is a set of 20 questions about your behaviors, likes, and dislikes. Its goal is to find your match among the twenty-three boys in the Neo Culture Technology band.

Similar to our BTS personality quiz, the questionnaire is designed by NCTzens—aka diehard fans of the group. So, not only will you enjoy the results, but you will also have fun answering the questions.

Discover your perfect match.

We have created a database of all 23 members’ accurate profiles. Your responses help us compare yours to that of the boys, declaring the most similar one. The process is a bit more complicated when compared to other Korean bands like Black Pink because NCT has lots of singers. But we guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our quiz.

Find out which sub-unit you belong to.

The cool thing about the NCT quiz is that it reveals your sub-unit as well as the personality match. As you know, the band is made up of four smaller groups: 127, U, Dream, and WayV.

NCT 127: The name of the sub-unit comes from the fact that three boys were added to the original 7-membered unit. If you ask diehard fans, “Which member are you?” many would pick a name out of 127 since they’re among the most popular groups.

NCT U: It’s one of the critical groups as the members constantly change. The ‘U’ part stands for unity, and the singers, dancers, and rappers are chosen based on compatibility and performance for each song.

NCT Dream: Previously, boys had to start their journey in the Dream sub-unit and leave it by the age of 20—to leave some room for newcomers. However, SM Entertainment canceled the rule and made it a fixed boy band with four boys, including Mark.

WayV: The newest Chinese sub-unit of the band is also included in the NCT quiz. Although their songs are in Mandarin and their name doesn’t have Neo Culture Technology, the band is still a part of the original Korean supergroup.

Get your personality analyzed as well.

The big question might be, “Which NCT member are you?” But our quiz offers more than that. Your responses allow us to investigate your personality to create a comprehensible breakdown. So, by the end of the test, you will also know why we think a particular boy is similar to you.

The Challenge of Finding Your NCT Member Match

Neo Culture Technology is currently the largest Korean boyband, with twenty-three members across its sub-units. That’s what makes it challenging to create an accurate personality test. You have to analyze and categorize 23 different personas, generating detailed profiles.

That’s also why most other online NCT personality quizzes are inaccurate. However, our editors spent a lot of time inspecting each boy’s characteristics to ensure the results were reliable and precise.

How to Know Which Neo Culture Technology Boy You Are

Most NCTzens think that their bias is also their matching character. But that’s not true. You need more information to discover your genuine counterpart.

One alternative is reading the character description of the NCT members deciding which one you resemble in real life. It is not as accurate as taking the test—but it’s better than the bias technique.

#1. Jaemin

Being only 21, Jaemin is a bit stubborn and ambitious. However, he is also described as a quiet boy when no one is around. Many diehard young fans would pick him when asked, “Which NCT member are you?”. That’s because he’s good-looking, confident, and attentive.

#2. Ten

He is gentle, caring, and sweet. Ten’s personality is described as sincere, polite, and likable. He’s currently a part of the WayV sub-unit and has lots of fans both in Korea and China—as well as worldwide.

#3. Teayong

As one of the most popular NCT members, Taeyong is endearing and genuine. He’s also a passionate guy who dislikes messiness and prefers to organize things.

#4. Lucas

Personality-wise, Lucas is a mood-maker. He lifts everyone’s energy regardless of the situation. His love for video games makes him a relatable young boy. And his manly attitude turns him into one of the hottest NCT members.

NCT Member Age
Jaemin 21
Mark 22
Lucas 23
Ten 26
Taeyong 26
Jaehyun 26


Other Members

Above are the descriptions of only four NCT members. However, the boyband has 19 more singers. So, you either have to go check out all their personality breakdowns or take a genuine quiz like the one here to find your perfect match in less than five minutes.

How the NCT Personality Quiz Works

The test has three separate segments: Behaviors, interests, and energy. It investigates each to create your detailed profile. Then, the algorithms will search through our database to find the Neo Culture Technology member with the highest similarity percentage.


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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Describe your morning mood.
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 1
    • Focused

    • Sleepy

    • Naughty

    • Blessed

    • Anxious

    • “Feeling pretty”

    • Grumpy

    • Happy

    • Sad

    • “In the mood”

  • 2
    What position would you like to have in a K-pop band?
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 2
    • Lyricist

    • Visual

    • Choreographer

    • Leader

    • Dancer

    • Producer

    • Sound engineer

    • Maknae

    • Rapper

    • Label CEO

  • 3
    What makes NCT a unique boyband?
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 3
    • Lyrics

    • Dances

    • Styles

    • Diversity

    • Friendships

    • Live performances

    • Unique personalities

    • Energy and vibe

    • The beats and overall production

    • It’s hard to explain

  • 4
    Which one would make you a happier person?
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 4
    • Trust

    • Sleep

    • Shopping

    • Respect

    • Love

    • Compliments

    • Silence

    • Travel

    • Drinks

    • Something “naughty”

  • 5
    What’s your spirit animal? (Yes, it matters)
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 5
    • Lion

    • Bear

    • Fox

    • Swan

    • Pinguin

    • Peafowl

    • Owl

    • Dog

    • Wolf

    • Cat

  • 6
    What do you say to K-pop haters?
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 6
    • It’s okay

    • I don’t care

    • Go F yourself

    • We can all appreciate music without hating on each other

    • Leave us alone

    • Bias is a sign of stupidity. Just saying

    • Silence is the best response

    • I would definitely roast them on the spot

    • I would respectfully raise my middle finger

    • Well, I have the same hateful vibe for their music taste

  • 7
    How do you deal with failure?
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 7
    • I treat it as a lesson

    • IDK. It would cause a mental breakdown

    • I just forget it and move on

    • It ruins my mood for a while

    • I ask for a loved one’s friend

    • I study my failures and document them

    • I just spend some time alone and reflect

    • I laugh it off because it’s no big deal

    • I see my failures as stepstones to success

    • Honestly, I never fail

  • 8
    Describe NCT 127 in one word.
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 8
    • Dynamic

    • Harmonious

    • Exciting

    • Captivating

    • Collaborative

    • Engaging

    • Diverse

    • Energetic

    • Versatile

    • Vibrant

  • 9
    Which hobby matches your personality?
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 9
    • Organizing things

    • Music

    • Fitness

    • Entertainment

    • Cooking

    • Creative stuff

    • Exploration

    • Socializing

    • Learning

    • Camping or dancing

  • 10
    Final question: Which aesthetic suits you?
    Quiz: Which NCT 127 Member Are You? 10
    • Dark Academia

    • Vintage

    • Sporty Urban

    • Streetwear

    • Classic Chic

    • Romantic Bohemian

    • Minimalist

    • Pastel Grunge

    • Casual Cool

    • Bright Retro

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