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Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You?

Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You

What character would you be if you lived in the bloody universe of Blue Eye Samurai? Mizu, Ringo, Akemi, or Taigen? Take this personality test to find out.

The Blue Eye Samurai Quiz Explained

The BES Test is a personality comparison. It identifies which character you are from Netflix’s critically acclaimed titular animated series. Blue Eye Samurai’s first season premiered in 2023, introducing four primary characters: The protagonist Mizu, the blue-eyed warrior, and her three companions, Ringo, Akemi, and Taigen.

The quiz consists of 15 questions, each honing in on a specific aspect of your personality. Here’s the twist: I’m taking you on a fictional adventure as a samurai, placing you in life-or-death scenarios to gauge your reactions. Picture it as your personal revenge story, unfolding to ultimately unveil your corresponding character.

An Analysis of Blue Eye Samurai Personalities

Coming from a talented couple, Michael Green and Amber Noizumi, Blue Eye Samurai has a deep storyline with relatable—yet complicated—characters. What seems to be a classic revenge tale on the surface is indeed a self-discovery journey hindered by trauma, identity crisis, sexual ambiguity, and, above all, blood.

After multiple re-watching sessions, here’s my analysis of the main characters.

Mizu (ISTP)

A feared assassin, Mizu is the redemption-seeking protagonist. Disguised as a heartless man, she is indeed a hurt woman, one who has never been truly loved. Mizu’s personality can be described as determined but detached. She’s focused on her goal—ultimate revenge—but her ambition has blinded her to reality.

Ringo (ENFP)

Escaping the shadows of his childhood traumas, Ringo embodies a tender-hearted spirit navigating a harsh, unforgiving world. In terms of personality, Ringo is affable, generous, and steadfastly loyal. Despite life’s unrelenting challenges, he remains an inexhaustible wellspring of kindness and compassion.

Akemi (ENFJ)

What starts as a portrayal of a non-confirming, rebellious young woman turns into the story of a mature lady ready to lead her country. Akemi is a bold, clever, and free-spirited character with a knack for persuasion and diplomacy.

Taigen (ESTP)

Taigen is an unyielding and determined warrior on a quest for recognition. His ambition to be celebrated as a formidable samurai sometimes overrides his ethics, though he predominantly maintains a sense of fairness. His personality combines elements of a past bully, a present-day samurai, and a prospective hero. What sets him apart is his potential—the capacity to become a great warrior, a dependable friend, and a responsible spouse.

Discover Your Edo-Period Japanese Self

In the Edo period of Japan, adhering to societal norms was crucial for acceptance. However, the narrative of the Blue Eye Samurai reimagines the story of a group of rebels challenging conventions and forging their own paths. Now, I pose the question: “Is there a similar rebellion within you?”

Take the Blue Eye Samurai Quiz, and I’ll reveal whether you carry a trace of Mizu, Ringo, Akemi, or Taigen in your personality.



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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    How vengeful are you?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 1
    • 0 (not at all)

    • 1-2

    • 5 (extremely vengeful)

    • 3-4

  • 2
    What makes a samurai great?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 2
    • Goals

    • Principles

    • Skills

    • Achievements

  • 3
    What kind of weapon would you like to have?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 3
    • Bladed shield

    • Bow

    • Dual-wielding swords

    • Spear

  • 4
    What would you do if someone betrayed you?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 4
    • I’d forgive them

    • I’d cut ties with them

    • I’d make them regret it

    • It depends on who they are and what they do

  • 5
    Is revenge a revenge a dish best served cold? Why?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 5
    • No, revenge is just awful and pointless

    • I guess so

    • No, I prefer my dish hot

    • I like revenge whether it’s a cold or hot dish

  • 6
    What did you like about Blue Eye Samurai the most?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 6
    • The relationships

    • The bold story

    • The action

    • The animations/technical aspects

  • 7
    What would it be if you could change one thing about the show?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 7
    • I’d make it less violent

    • I’d explore the backstory of characters

    • I would add more action scenes

    • I would add more explicit “adult” stuff

  • 8
    If you were a samurai, how would you deal with loss?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 8
    • I’d grieve like a normal person

    • I would go away for a while

    • I’d seek revenge

    • I would get drunk and have fun to forget the pain

  • 9
    Would you ever fall in love if you were a Japanese warrior?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 9
    • Yes, love knows no boundaries

    • I would try not to

    • No, I’d focus on my battles

    • Love? Maybe not. But I’d have some naughty fun

  • 10
    What type of revenge do you prefer?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 10
    • I prefer forgiveness

    • Subtle and long-term

    • Short, quick, and painful

    • An honorable and fair revenge

  • 11
    What’s the moral lesson in Blue Eye Samurai?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 11
    • Revenge ruins

    • Rebels rule

    • Love is cruel

    • Your friends and family are the only possessions that truly matter

  • 12
    What makes a person a real good friend?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 12
    • Loyalty

    • Supportiveness

    • Kindness

    • Good sense of humor

  • 13
    What would be your priority if you lived in Edo-period Japan?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 13
    • Living a peaceful life

    • Making the world a better place

    • Surviving

    • Becoming a respected warrior

  • 14
    What’s the best strategy for defeating a formidable opponent?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 14
    • Defense

    • Counterattack

    • All-out attack

    • Stealthy attacks

  • 15
    Final question: What’s something about you that you’d rather hide?
    Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You? 15
    • Memories

    • Physical features

    • Sins

    • Thoughts

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