Why Don’t Guys Like Me? 100% Honest Quiz

If you ask yourself, “Why don’t guys like me?” This honest relationship quiz exposes the REAL reason why you feel that way and shows how to fix it.

Why Don’t Guys Like Me

The Reason Most Guys Don’t Like You

Guys might not like you because you are overly insecure, negative, spoiled, manipulating, or needy. But it’s false to assume all men dislike you since every person has a specific taste in romantic or sexual partners.

Is It Possible to Be Someone Every Guy Likes?

It’s impossible to be or become a person every man loves. Popularity is directly connected to feelings, thoughts, and tastes. So, you might be Adolf Hitler and still find people who want to date you. No matter how hard you try, you cannot convince everyone to like or adore you because you cannot change their individual views on attractiveness.

What if It’s You (NOT Every Man on the Planet)?

Your question for now is, “Am I lovely?” But what if it’s actually you who doesn’t like yourself? Your brain might be projecting negative thoughts onto others to make it bearable. But if you want a true answer, look deep into your judgments and see if the idea of being unlikable is actually coming from an unexpected place.

The Logical Problem with Saying, “Guys Don’t Like Me”

To say something like that, you have to ask every guy in the world whether or not they like you. And even if there’s ONE man who says the opposite, you can’t walk around complaining how not a single soul appreciates you. Logically speaking, there are millions (if not billions) of guys who’d at least want to get to know you. But you’re closing the doors to all of them by assuming no one adores you.

3 Things That NEVER Prove Any Man Likes You

Unfortunately, people asking, “Why don’t guys like me?” usually have false reasons to think so. They look into the wrong aspects of their love or date life to come up with such a negative conclusion. But the following situations would never indicate you’re unlikable or dismissed by men.

Having no one to hit on you.

You may be like, “Why don’t guys hit on me?” But the thing is that men don’t walk around hitting on random people all that long. And even if they did, it wouldn’t prove anything negative about you if they ignored you. It’s a false belief that the more guys hit on you, the more preferable and popular you are. Most of the time, it only means that you seem cool with flirting and having a chitchat with strangers, and it makes you more approachable than the rest.

Not being asked out.

There’s no rule that only guys should make the first move. And it doesn’t mean you’re undesirable if no prince with a white horse shows up at your doorway every afternoon to take you out. The thing is that a guy might not ask you out for the same reason you avoid asking him out. Fear of rejection? Insecurity? Shyness? (You name it). But it’s cruel to assume it’s because you’re unattractive.

Being single for a long time (or forever).

You may ask yourself, “Why am I single?” thinking that it’s probably because no one likes you. But that’s not true. There are a zillion famous, rich, and super-attractive people who are single or died as a single person. Just take a look at the list of celebrities who’ve never married. Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Evans, Shakira, Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves, and the list goes on. Should these super-attractive and successful people find it difficult to get on with? We highly doubt that.

Things That Actually Make You Unlikable: It’s Not Being Ugly!

Okay, let’s face it. You can turn into someone who most people reject and don’t want to date. But you need to be a total jerk to reach that level (sorry). Here are five traits that can help you be the one no one likes.

Unaddressed insecurity

We all have insecurities one way or another. But the thing is that excessive levels of insecurity can frustrate our partners or dates. It would stop you from believing the fact that someone likes you. And the guy you’re dating may feel the need to constantly prove his love and affection to you—which is tiring and unhealthy. (Psst, you can take our quiz called, ‘Am I Insecure?’ to ensure that’s not the problem).

Uncontrolled neediness

Do you want to know why most guys don’t like you? Think about how needy you are in a relationship. Dating a codependent individual is comparable to parenting a spoiled child. It’s not fun, not at all. People who look for a healthy romantic relationship would never opt to adopt a needy partner because it’d lead to a toxic, one-way thing.

Manipulation or narcissism

If you are a selfish, self-absorbed, and manipulative person, don’t even bother to ask, “Why don’t guys like me?” Relationships require sacrifice, humbleness, and giving. Unfortunately, self-occupied individuals can’t handle those attributes and, eventually, blame others for being single.

Trust issues and jealousy

Romantic relationships are built upon mutual trust. If you constantly doubt everything about your partner, it will be challenging to find peace and love.

Aggression and abusiveness

Men might not like you because you are either too aggressive or emotionally abusive. Addressing your anger and emotional issues can lend a hand in becoming a proper partner and stop asking, “Why don’t guys like me?”

Okay, Take the Test for a Real Answer to Your Big Question

Are you still overthinking things like, “Why don’t guys like me?” If yes, then you’re lucky to be on this page because we have a dedicated analytical quiz to help you find the true answer to that. The test analyzes twenty important factors that can determine why no one chooses you as a romantic partner.

It analyzes your beliefs, views, and thoughts.

The way you perceive social clues and signals and your views on guys, in general, are important. We’d use that information to identify why you feel like no man likes you and how it’s related to your own insecurity.

It looks into your previous experiences with guys.

Sometimes, things you go through might have traumatic effects on you, making you insecure or hopeless. So, the quiz also focuses on your experiences with guys, trying to figure out if your negative emotions are rooted in your past relationships.

Note: It’s a Unisex Test

As the QuizExpo team, we’re sorry to see that most other online quizzes about the topic are designed explicitly for heterosexual women. However, we’re proud to say that our questionnaire is unisex and delivers accurate answers for anyone interested in men, not just ladies, because hey, it’s the 21st century.


Our editorial team worked hard to make all the results and questions of the test respectful, considerate, and inspiring. But please let us know if any of them bothered you or sounded inappropriate. We’re constantly trying to improve and will review your report(s) immediately. Now, enjoy the quiz.

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