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Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals

Which Beatle Are You

If you want to know which Beatles member you are, take this Beatlemaniac quiz to reveal if you are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, or Ringo Starr.

The Most Accurate Beatles Quiz Ever

Answering the twenty questions on this page can reveal which Beatle you are. It’s a personality test based on the MBTI profiles of the original bandmates. And the goal is to find out which one you match in real life.

QuizExpo has dozens of similar quizzes for music lovers, such as ‘Which Spice Girl Are You?’ But the one here is by far the most anticipated and requested test ever.

Which of the Beatles Bandmates Are You?

You might be any of the four popular boys of the original group. But how could you meet your true soulmate? Well, taking the quiz is your best bet. We create your virtual profile according to your responses, matching it to the Beatles. So, by the end of the questionnaire, you realize which bandmate is similar to you and why.

Get to Know More About Your Beatles Soulmate

The results of the Beatles quiz include exciting information that only true Beatlemaniacs might already know. It helps you relate to your counterpart and understand why he’s your perfect match. Plus, it allows you to get to know yourself better because your Beatles match represents some of your personality traits.

It’s a Special Quiz: Past Members Included, too!

You’re about to take the only Beatles Quiz on the internet that matches you to past bandmates as well as the four golden boys. Our results include famous (and somewhat forgotten) names like Pete Best, Jimmie Nico, Norman Chapman, and Tommy Moore. You’ll not find any other personality test offering such a broad database of all The Beatles’ original and temporary members.

How to Know Which Beatle You Are?

Mega fans still ask the big question “Which Beatle are you?” But how can one answer it without taking an online test? The only option is a manual matching process. You need to get to know the real-life personality of the bandmates to decide which one you represent or relate to the most.

However, manual processes are usually sloppy and inaccurate. So, we’d recommend taking a genuine quiz like the one on this page. If that’s not your thing, though, here’s a quick guide to the personality type of all the main Beatles to lend a hand with finding your soulmate.

#1. John Lennon

Being the leader of the Beatles, John was a controversial musician. His extraordinary sense of humor and rebellious comments on politics made him a favorite newspaper topic. However, John was a philanthropist who wanted world peace more than anything as a person. Thanks to his drawings and writings, he was also probably the most artistic of the four boys.

If you ask super-fans, “Which Beatle are you?” many would pick John with no hesitation. His influential character has created a cult-like fanbase who are still in love with his work no matter what.

#2. Paul McCartney

Sir McCartney has always been a natural mediator. He was the only bandmate who tried to keep the boys together and continue the legacy. As a person, Paul McCartney is responsible, visionary, and kindhearted. As an animal rights activist, his work indicates his strong sense of right and wrong. And he has been open about being a vegetarian, teaching others about the moral reasons behind his diet.

People who take the Beatles Quiz and match Paul McCartney are peacemakers. They tend to see the good in everyone and bring the best in them.

#3. Gorge Harrison

The quiet Beatle is known as an INFJ who’s introverted and intuitive. George, the youngest member of the band, was also pretty rebellious and innovative. Despite his unpleasant school life and low grades, he was a musical genius who’s behind some of the greatest hits of the Beatles. George preached piety and simple pleasures and never bragged about his lavish superstar-ish life.

Matching him in the Beatles personality quiz indicates you’re a humble, thoughtful, and wise person.

#4. Ringo Starr

Surprisingly, when asked, “Which Beatle are you?” many fans reply, “I’m Ringo.” He’s known as the steadiest person in the band. His friends describe him as a generous, gentle, and peaceful lover. Ringo believes in love and appreciates it in his songs and lyrics. People who take the test and match him are confident, smart, and considerate.

Character Birthdate
John Lennon 1940
Ringo Starr 1940
Paul McCartney 1942
George Harrison 1943


Why One Might Ask, “Which Beatle Are You?”

The Beatles legacy lives on, and fans want to know which of the four boys is similar to them personality-wise. The thing is that each Beatle has his own unique persona, which makes it more interesting to find your match. While matching John Lennon is one thing, matching Ringo Starr is a whole another story. The diversity actually drives Beatlemaniacs to look for their soulmate among the bandmates.


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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What makes the Beatles great?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 1
    • Their songs

    • Their lyrics

    • Their ideologies

    • Their friendship

    • I don't know

    • Nothing. They're not great.

  • 2
    How'd you feel if you were an actual member of the Beatles?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 2
    • Blessed

    • Excited

    • Stressed

    • Inspired

    • Numb

    • Sad

  • 3
    Which of the following topics do you believe to be more important?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 3
    • Peace

    • Human rights

    • Freedom

    • Climate change

    • I don't know

    • None of them

  • 4
    What do you feel when you listen to the Beatles songs?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 4
    • Energized

    • Calm

    • Creative

    • Romantic

    • Nothing specific

    • Depressed

  • 5
    Why did the Beatles separate their ways (in your opinion)?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 5
    • Destiny (it wasn't intentional)

    • Minor disagreements

    • Ideological differences

    • Being young and ambitious

    • I don't know

    • Money

  • 6
    Which one sounds like your guilty pleasure?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 6
    • Overeating food

    • Drinking

    • Smoking

    • Drinking and smoking

    • Meh

    • All of them

  • 7
    What do you think about drug consumption?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 7
    • I don't like drugs

    • Drugs are hazardous

    • I think all artists need them

    • I do like them

    • Meh

    • I can't live without them

  • 8
    What would it be if you had to pick only one topic to write your songs about ever after?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 8
    • Love

    • Peace

    • Humans

    • Soul

    • Women

    • Depression

  • 9
    What's something about contemporary music that you cannot relate to?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 9
    • The lyrics are cruel

    • Most of them are incomprehensible

    • New songs lack novel ideas

    • New artists are money-oriented

    • Meh, I like new songs better

    • New artists are too hyped and optimistic

  • 10
    Which one describes your political views better?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 10
    • I'm not a political person at all

    • I like clean and law-oriented politics

    • I'm an anarchist

    • I don't trust any governments

    • I don't have any views on that

    • I think politics is all about dirty money

  • 11
    What kind of student were you during your school life?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 11
    • Smart and successful

    • Polite and likable

    • Smart but unsuccessful

    • I was a bad student

    • I was a casual student

    • I was a troublemaker

  • 12
    What's one word that can describe your prominent mood?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 12
    • Optimistic

    • Grateful

    • Uneased

    • Energized

    • Indifferent

    • Depressed

  • 13
    Which one could be a fun vacation plan for you?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 13
    • Staying at home

    • Hanging out with friends

    • Going on a solo trip

    • Partying and getting wasted

    • Sleeping all day long

    • None of them

  • 14
    How would you describe your relationship with your best friends?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 14
    • I can't live without them

    • They're like my siblings

    • They're my secondary family

    • We're pretty close

    • We're not THAT close

    • I don't like them

  • 15
    Fill in the blanks. The saddest songs are usually about ______________.
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 15
    • Heartbreaks

    • Loss

    • Existential topics

    • Loneliness

    • Poverty

    • Depression

  • 16
    What would you do if you were the Beatles' manager at the time and you heard that they were about to break up?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 16
    • I'd respect their decision

    • I'd never let them do that

    • I'd still support them individually

    • I don't really know

    • I'd mind my own business

    • I'd encourage them to do so

  • 17
    What do you think about being rich and the whole concept of money?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 17
    • I like it

    • I think it's overrated

    • I don't like it

    • Meh

    • I don't like rich people

    • All I want in life is to become rich

  • 18
    What's your definition of an ideal country?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 18
    • A peaceful place

    • A country with no poor people

    • A government-free country

    • Somewhere you can chase your dreams

    • I don't know

    • It doesn't exist (not even in my dreams)

  • 19
    Which of the Beatles albums is your all-time favorite?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 19
    • Please Please Me

    • A Hard Day's Night

    • Twist and Shout

    • Rubber Soul

    • Let It Be

    • None of them

  • 20
    Final question; do you think you're happy with your life?
    Which Beatle Are You? This 2023 Rock Quiz Reveals 20
    • Yes

    • I think so

    • Not yet

    • I used to be

    • Meh

    • No

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