Quiz: Which DC Villain Are You? 1 of 6 Accurate Match

If you wonder which DC villain are you, this comic book-inspired personality quiz is going to reveal if you are Joker, Darkseid, Doomsday, Scarecrow, or else.

Which DC Villain Are You

A Quiz to Expose Your DC Villain Character

The test is a set of twenty DC universe questions to find the villain within you. It analyzes your personality, matching it to our comic book database of antagonists. The goal is to discover which DC bad guy is similar to you.

Forget all other quizzes that would tell you which superhero you are. Here, all we care about is your dark side. The questionary aims to extract the most malicious parts of your persona and compare them to the supervillains.

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Find your perfect villain match.

Comic books are filled with minor and major antagonists. But which one is genuinely similar to you? It is a type of question the quiz would answer. Here, you get a 10/10 DC villain match with surprising accuracy.

Get to know how deadly you could have been.

DC bad guys have different skills and abilities. And not all of them are as deadly as you might think. So, we created a quiz that determines how harmful your character could be in a comic book universe. The possibilities are:

  • Casual bad guy.

You are not a freakishly dangerous character. Being a casual bad guy means that you would be a pain in the neck for many superheroes. But they would not do anything unusual to destroy or capture you.

Having a supervillain level on the DC quiz means you probably have God-like powers. Think of Doomsday, for example. He is an exponentially strong antagonist with superhuman abilities.

The cool thing about the DC villain test is that it determines your superpower based on your character.

Meet your superhero nemesis!

Each DC bad guy has a bloody enemy that causes trouble and stops them from achieving their malicious goals. The quiz looks deep into your persona to see which superhuman-ish protagonist would hate you.

Receive a free comprehensive character breakdown.

We will tell you the exact reason why you are similar to a particular DC villain. The results come with detailed persona analysis, shedding some light on your characteristics and ideologies.

How to Know Which DC Villain Are You?

One way is to take the character quiz on this page. But not every comic book fan would have the time—or energy. So, here is another alternative for that. Read the following descriptions of the most influential and popular DC villain characters to decide which one you represent in life.

#1. Joker

Being a sarcastic loner makes you a proper match for DC’s infamous villain, Joker. He is a depressed, gloomy, and psychopathic character with nihilistic beliefs. Movies like Dark Knight show his violent, unemotional, and messed-up persona better than the actual comic books. But overall, Joker is a complicated bad guy with deep motivations behind his actions.

The most remarkable thing about him is that he has no superpowers or super-strength. Batman could easily beat him if it were a physical fight. But Joker manages to turn it into a mind game and defeats his enemies with intelligence.

#2. Darkseid

Uxas is one of the deadliest DC villains ever. He is calculated, strategic, ruthless, and powerful. Others’ suffering is a power source to him, and he does not hesitate to kill innocents to achieve his goals. If you matched Darkseid in the DC Quiz, you are a super-ambitious person.

Many consider Uxas as the incarnation of negativity and evil. That is because he has never shown mercy on anyone. All he has cared about is power, order, and dominance.

#3. Sinestro

Being a total narcissist, Thaal is one of the underrated DC villains. He is an intellectual being with superhuman strength and powers. Matching Sinestro in the quiz means you are a confident person who relies on your opinions only. It also indicates that you put your own needs before others. You also tend to value your ideas even if others disagree with them.

#4. Lex Luthor

Lex could top the list of intelligent DC antagonists. He lives on others’ admiration for him. And getting recognized by people is one of his primary motives. Matching him in the test is a sign of self-absorption in most cases. But it also shows how brilliant and strategic you are.

You’re a DC Villain if You Have These Characteristics

What makes you a comic book antagonist? Is it about having a scary costume, an army of dangerous creatures, or childhood traumas? Analyzing DC villains shows that you need to have at least one of the following three traits to become a real-deal anti-hero.

Sinister intelligence. Being smart is not enough. You need to be an unbelievably brilliant character who uses their knowledge for evil purposes. Think of Doctor Poison, for example. She was an admirable scientist. But she employed her abilities to destroy innocent people.

God-level ambition. You have probably noticed that most DC villains want to conquer the world or even the universe. That is the type of bad guy energy you need to become an anti-hero. You can take a God Complex Test for that, though. If the results are positive, you might be a potential antagonist.

Psychopathic behaviors. Joker, right? No psychopath could beat him when it comes to careless and reckless attitudes. Having such traits would make you an excellent candidate for a DC antagonist.


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