Quiz: Which Aggretsuko Character Are You? Season 5 Updated

Do you want to know which Aggretsuko character you are? This personality quiz reveals if you’re Retsuko, Fenneko, Haida, or else.

Which Aggretsuko Character Are You

The Aggretsuko Character Quiz Explained

Comprised of 20 existential questions, the Aggretsuko Quiz is a personality analyzer. It identifies which of the anime’s main characters you are.

Short for Aggressive Retsuko, Aggretsuko is a Japanese animation about a hardworking girl, Retsuko, who feels trapped in existence, struggling with her career, relationships, and friendships.

Aggretsuko is a part of the Sanrio character’s universe. But it has a darker plot and is more adult-oriented.

With the current quiz, you find out which of the show’s main characters you represent in real life.

How to Know Which Aggretsuko Character You Are

An MBTI match is the best way to identify which Aggretsuko character you are. If you already know your type, use the following table to find your matching personality.

Character MBTI
Retsuko ISFJ
Fenneko INTP
Haida ISFP
Tadano INTP
Tsunoda ESFJ
Shikabane INTP
Ton Buchou ESTJ
Washimi INTJ



A timid, soft, and polite girl, Retsuko is dealing with a lot of demons. Personality-wise, she’s facing a duality: On one hand, she wants to be a lovable, friendly coworker to her friends. On the other hand, she hates her job and wants to rage.


Despite being a quiet and introverted-looking girl, Fenneko is actually quite judgmental. She is usually in detective mode, stalking people on social media and trying to figure out what’s going on in their personal lives.


A reliable, loyal friend, Haida often struggles with general anxiety and seems to have OCD. But he’s a kind and considerate person who, despite his insecurities, tries to be a good friend to his coworkers.


Although a ladylike young woman, Gori is shy and emotional. And she finds it hard to find true love, thanks to her energy-draining career. As a friend, Gori is protective and caring, making sure her loved ones are doing fine no matter what.

Ready to Meet Your Aggretsuko Doppelganger?

Okay, the big question remains, which Aggretsuko character are you? Answer the following questions about your career and love life to find out if you’re Retsuko, Fenneko, Haida, Gori, Tadano, or else.


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