What Type Of Pokemon Gym Leader Are You? Vers. 2024 Quiz

This fun Pokemon quiz will reveal which type of Pokemon Gym Leader you’d be! Are you Normal, Fire, Dark, or else?

What Type Of Pokemon Gym Leader Are You

Pokemon Gym Leader Type Quiz, Explained

Have you ever wondered which type of Pokemon master you would be? The Pokemon Gym Leader Test is a personality assessment that can help you find out. With 18 different types of trainers to match with, the test can identify which creatures you would specialize in taming if you lived in the exciting world of Pokemon. From Normal to Fire to Water to Dark and more, the possibilities are endless.

Previously, we exposed the type of Pokemon you are based on a thorough personality analysis. Now it’s time to identify your Gym Leader persona—with the same accurate process.

How to Guess Your Gym Leader Type

Each Pokemon type has its unique personality traits, and the same can be said for their trainers. To determine your Gym Leader type, you can compare your traits with their iconic features. Utilize the following table as a guide:

Gym Leader Personality Traits
Normal Balanced, dependable, practical
Grass Nurturing, natural, tranquil
Water Adaptable, intuitive, fluid
Fire Passionate, intense, impulsive
Electric Energetic, innovative, bold
Flying Free-spirited, adventurous, agile
Bug Persistent, resourceful, tenacious
Poison Sly, cunning, manipulative
Fighting Courageous, honorable, determined
Rock Resilient, steadfast, grounded
Ground Practical, reliable, hardworking
Psychic Intuitive, enigmatic, wise
Ghost Mysterious, elusive, haunting
Ice Cool-headed, meticulous, calculated
Dragon Majestic, powerful, ambitious
Dark Cunning, deceptive, ruthless
Steel Strong-willed, unyielding, disciplined
Fairy Enchanting, whimsical, nurturing


What Your Gym Leader Type Reveals About You

Matching with a Gym Leader reveals a lot about your personality, playing style, and love for Pokemon. Our test helps you discover more about yourself in the following areas:

·       Personality (obviously)

When you match with a Pokemon Gym Leader type, you’ll immediately notice the similarities in your personalities. Our test results detail why you’re a great match for a particular type and what traits you share with the legendary characters in that group.

·       Playstyle

Not all Gym Leaders fight with the same style. Some are aggressive, others are tricky, and a lot of them are cautious. But what the test does is use your responses to create your playstyle profile, figuring out how you’d approach Pokemon battles.

·       Proficiency

The Gym Leader Typology Quiz takes into account the complexity of the Pokemon you train, so the more skilled you are, the higher your score will be.

·       Pokemon Preferences

Who would you choose as your Pokemon partner? That’s the question we answer in the Gym Leader Quiz after overviewing your preferences and comparing them to that of famous Trainers.

Hey, You’ll Also Find Out “Which” Gym Leader You Are

After each quiz result, we provide information about Pokemon Trainers who share similar personalities to yours. So, this quiz is also perfect for those wondering which Pokemon Gym Leader they resemble. All you will need to do is answer 20 questions based on the Pokemon franchise to find out which world-renowned master you are.

By the way, if you’re a diehard geeky fan of the franchise, try the Pokemon Trivia Quiz next. It will determine if you’re a veteran or a newbie player.

Ready to Hit the Pokemon Gym?

Are you ready to discover your ultimate Gym Leader type? Hit that start button and get ready to reveal your true Pokemon fan preferences.

In just a few minutes, you’ll get to meet your perfect mastery class. These custom-designed questions will help identify your training specialty and uncover what kind of Gym owner you would be in the exciting universe of Ash and Pikachu.

Let’s get started! 🕹

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