Quiz: What Marauders Era Character Do You Kin? 100% Fun

With the Marauders Era Kin Quiz, you find out which iconic character of Hogwarts you relate to. James, Lily, Remus, Sirius, or else?

What Marauders Era Character Do You Kin

The Marauders Era Kin Quiz

Comprised of twenty wizarding questions, the Marauders Era Kin Quiz is a Harry Potter personality test. It reveals which of the 1970s students of Hogwarts you’d relate to.

Marauders Era is a period in the Harry Potter timeline when Harry’s parents went to wizarding school. Historically, it was from 1971 to 1978 and included the First Wizarding War.

With the current test, you find out which character of this era you kin. In other words, you see if any of the senior Hogwarts witches or wizards could be your comfort character.

How to Know Which Marauders Era Character You Kin

To kin a character means to vibe with them and relate to them. So, to find your kin in Marauders Era, familiarize yourself with the personalities of that period.

The following table and descriptions help discover your 70s Harry Potter crush or bestie.

Marauders Era Character MBTI
James Potter ESTP
Lily Evans Potter ENFJ
Remus Lupin INFJ
Sirius Black ENTP
Peter Pettigrew ISFP
Severus Snape INTJ
Regulus Black INFP
Marlene McKinnon ESFJ
Lucius Malfoy ENTJ


James Potter

Despite being a naughty Hogwarts student, James Potter was a caring and protective person. He was known as a confident, adventurous, and talented young man who’s often causing trouble. But deep inside, he was a good friend and a loyal husband.

Lily Evans

Among all Marauders Era characters, Lily was the most levelheaded one. She was intelligent, compassionate, and courageous, which made her a reputable young girl.

Remus Lupin

As one of the prominent Marauders Era characters, Remus has a lot of Potterhead fans. His personality can be described as kindhearted, loyal, and honest, a true friend to all Marauders.

Sirius Black

Although a rebel at heart, Sirius Black was a charismatic, honorable pureblood wizard. He was also a prankster who’d not hesitate to mess with other Hogwarts students. But Sirius was known for his undeniable trustworthiness and unmatched wizarding skills.

Peter Pettigrew

Not many fans kin Peter Pettigrew. Personality-wise, Peter was timid, traitorous, and mischievous. He was a betrayer, a selfish coward who chose power or friendship.

Severus Snape

As an emotionally complicated character, Severus Snape was an iconic Marauders Era student. He was described as introverted, quiet, and depressed.

Ready to Find Your Comfort Character of Marauders Era?

James, Lily, Remus, Sirius, Peter, and Severus weren’t the only important character of the Marauders Era. Other iconic personalities were Regulus Black, Marlene McKinnon, and Lucius Malfoy. But the question is, which one do you kin?

The following Harry Potter-inspired questions accurately reveal your Marauders Era kin and comfort character.

All you have to do is grab your wand and push the start button.


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