What Kind of Art Are You? Personality Art Quiz

Have you ever wanted to know what kind of art you are? This random question can actually have a deep answer. Take the Art-Type Personality Quiz to see for yourself.

What Kind of Art Are You

The Correlation of Arts and Personalities

According to a 2018 study published in Europe’s Journal of Psychology, there is a positive correlation between a person’s Big Five personality traits and art preferences. For example, individuals with high Openness to Experience score higher for art interest and are often believed to enjoy symbolic or analytical aesthetic judgments.

The same study also claimed that there’s a predictable relation between a person’s traits and the way they analyze art forms. For example, people with low agreeableness scores tend to use a concrete aesthetic judgment style, which helps them avoid abstract perceptions.

Side note: We’ve utilized the findings of this study to fine-tune our test results.

Some Art Forms That You Might Be

The are hundreds of art forms that could symbolize your persona. However, these are the most common ones:

  • Visual Arts: You are introverted, sensitive, and romantic. You also have a keen eye for details and can’t help but notice subtle details about everything and everyone around you.
  • Music: You are extroverted and creative, but you also have a highly emotional side. Just like music, you can provoke and sense extreme emotions with ease, and you would score high on an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Test.
  • Theater: You are charismatic, bold, and adventurous. The theater represents the souls of the daring, those who seek discomfort because comfort zones are just too boring.
  • Literature: You are intellectual, wise, and collected. Literature represents your personality because you are as respectable as a classic literal work, and you can be the guide everyone needs when they feel lost.

An Artistic Quiz to Reveal Your Art Type

It’s a deep-convo starter: Hey, what kind of art are you? But do you actually know the answer? What if there was a personality test that could reveal your inner art form? Imagine discovering if you are music, painting, cinema, or maybe even pottery. Wouldn’t that be fun?

The good news is that there is such a test. We call it the Art-Type Personality Quiz, and you’re actually one step away from taking it. By pressing the Start button at the top, you will respond to fifteen thematic questions that expose your art type.

For another similarly fun—and artistic—experience, try our other quiz: What Kind of Painting Do You Like?

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