Quiz: What Is Your Top Gun Call Sign? 2024 Maverick Updated

This Top Gun call sign quiz suggests the best military nickname based on your personality. Find out if you’d have a cool pilot name like Maverick or a basic one like Bob.

What Is Your Top Gun Call Sign quiz

What Are Call Signs in the US Military?

According to Capt. Brian Ferguson, call signs (also spelled: Callsigns) are an informal social way that the US Navy Air Force pilots address each other and showcase the positive message of naval aviation. It’s often a one-word nickname that replaces a pilot’s actual name.

What Is the Top Gun Call Sign Quiz?

Inspired by the Top Gun: Maverick movie, the call sign quiz is a nickname generator that determines your navy pilot name based on your personality.

You must answer questions about aircraft, army operations, and services during the test. However, it will not be aviation trivia with right or wrong answers. The goal is to choose the options you relate to so we can examine your personality and come up with accurate names.


Character Call Sign
Pete Mitchell Maverick
Bradley Bradshaw Rooster
Natasha Trace Phoenix
Reuben Fitch Payback
Javy Machado Coyote
Robert Floyd Bob
Mickey Garcia Fanboy
Jake Seresin Hangman


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What Happened to the Original Top Gun Call Sign Quiz?

During the movie’s premiere, you could go to WhatsMyCallSign.com to participate in an AR (Augmented Reality) experience to discover your pilot name. However, it was a limited-time event, and the original call sign quiz’s website is currently unavailable because the servers were shut down.

For those unfamiliar, the original test asked you a few questions before generating a “bone dome,” a flight helmet with your call sign.

How Do Pilots Get Their Nicknames or Call Signs?

Ryan “Neo” Bodenheimer, a Veteran-Fighter Pilot, explains how jet operators get their monikers. During a naming ceremony, the FNGs (f-ing new guys or girls) bribe the community by telling stories about their squadron or simply introducing themselves. Later, the community decides what call signs suit them based on their speech.

There are several unwritten rules, though:

– You cannot choose your own call sign.

– A call sign should not be embarrassing or humiliating (although, it doesn’t have to be super-cool either).

– If you ask for a specific call sign, you’ll most likely get the exact opposite.

Did Top Gun Actors Have Call Signs in Real Life?

Apparently, several cast members have had call-sign-like nicknames in real life.

During an interview with Mashable, some Top Gun: Maverick actors revealed their real-life callsigns.

Lewis Pullman, who plays Bob in Top Gun, claimed that his moniker is “Caballero.” Bashir Salahuddin, Coleman in the movie, said most of his friends called him “Buzz” in college. And Jon Hamm, Cyclone, sarcastically said he used to be called “Awkward Pause.”

Get Your Unique Call Sign with a Quick Quiz

Are you asking yourself, “What is my call sign?” Use this military pilot name generator for an accurate answer. It exposes the type of operator you’d be in the Top Gun’s universe, suggesting cool monikers accordingly.


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