100% Fun Anime Name Generator. What Is Your Anime Name?

This Anime Name Generator is a personality-based quiz. Find out what your Japanese name would be like if you were an anime character. 100% Cool nicknames!

Anime Name Generator

What Is Anime Name Generator?

It is a test that contains 20 questions about your personality, beliefs, and opinions. But all of them are also related to anime universes. The goal is to figure out what anime character you are before finding the proper nickname.

The quiz is similar to our fan-favorite MHA Quirk Generator. But it creates cool Japanese names that match your persona. Here are the three main stages of the questionary.

· Personality Analysis.

We need to know what type of character are you to discover your anime name. In most TV shows, the main personas have titles that match their powers, skills, and personalities. For example, Shoto Todoroki (from My Hero Academia) means Burn and Freeze. It is a direct reference to his ability to control fire and ice at the same time.

So, our Anime Name Generator does an in-depth personality analysis before offering any nicknames. That is why the results are 100% accurate and customized.

· Inspecting Your Skills and Abilities

Both your soft and hard skills affect the Anime Name Generator. We like to come with the most fitting title. So, the second half of the quiz dives deep into what you can do and how good you are at certain tasks.

· Picking the Fitting Name.

After answering all the questions, it takes a few seconds for us to generate your anime name.

· Explaining the Meaning.

Make sure to read the results to find out what your anime name means. Our generator suggests titles that match your personality.

How to Know What Your Anime Name Is (5 Simple Ideas)

You can find many different ways to figure out what your manga nickname is. And it is quite easy to do so when you know Japanese. However, here are our top five methods to generate a cool name—even if you cannot speak or read Japanese Kanji.

Choose Based on the Names’ Meanings

It is as simple as googling, “Cool Japanese names with meanings.” You will encounter dozens of lists of super-fun titles along with their English definition. It is an easy-peasy task after that. Skim through the nicknames and pick one that you relate to the most.

Use Random Japanese Name Generators

Several websites offer tools that create random titles and nicknames. It is the easiest way to find out what you would be called as an anime character. However, such tools do not tell you the meaning of the generated title. So, you should choose based on how they sound and not what they imply—which is a huge downside.

Go with Your Favorite Character’s Name

Who do you love the most in the anime world? Using your favorite persona’s nickname is an excellent self-explanatory action. Otakus would find it easy to know what type of person you are just by hearing your name. The downside of this method is that the nicknames would not be unique. However, the following tips help you overcome this problem.

Combine Two Characters’ Names

One way to get a unique Japanese title is by combining two or even three of them. For instance, Saitama Todoroki sounds like a fun nickname. And it is the combination of Saitama (the protagonist of One-Punch Man) and Todoroki (the last name of Shoto from My Hero Academia).

Take the Anime Name Quiz

The most convenient way is to take a comprehensive test to discover your anime title. The Name Generator on this page analyzes your personality and suggests matching nicknames. It is the most accurate, reliable, and fun method to realize what you would be called in an anime or manga universe.

Examples of Anime Name Generator Results

Here is a sneak peek of what you might encounter in the test results. Below are three generated anime names based on three different types of personalities.

Asami Cho

Asami means morning beauty. And Cho refers to butterfly. Asami Cho is an excellent name for cute Otakus who enjoy Shoujo and Josei shows.

Chikako Daisuke

The name Chikako means the child of wisdom. And Daisuke can be described as a “great helper.” Only the wisest and most intelligent ones deserve such a nickname.

Kentaro Katashi

Kentaro literally means big boy. And Katashi refers to firmness. So, if the Anime Name Generator called you that, you are a tough boy (or at least that is your spirit).

What Do Anime Names Mean?

You are here to find out what your anime nickname is. However, we thought you would like to know what famous characters’ titles in manga and Japanese animations mean. So, here is a list of the top ones.

Anime Name Meaning
Naruto Maelstrom
Levi Joined in Harmony
Luffy King of Pirates
Kakashi Scarecrow
Itachi Weasel
Eren Saint
Shoto Todoroki Burn and Freeze
Ryuk Gift of God
Armin Hero
L Lawliet Lost One Last One
Hinata Sunny Place
Erza Strong Warrior
Alucard Dracula
Yugi Friendship


You Are All Set Up to Take the Test

Your anime name is ready to be generated. All you have to do is answer twenty fun and Otaku-ish questions. You can also share the results with your friends, so they know what to call you from now on!


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