What Is Your Online Personality? This Quiz Reveals

Let us expose your online personality with an awkwardly deep test. Find out if you are a troll, an over-sharer, a meme addict, or something random.

What Is Your Online Personality

Ever wondered if your online persona differs from your real-life self? Curious about the mask you wear when you’re connected to Wi-Fi? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to explore with this quiz. In just fifteen thought-provoking questions, the Online Personality Quiz delves into whether you lean towards being a troll, a wannabe influencer, an oversharing enthusiast, or even a dedicated meme expert. And yes, there’s a spot for everyone, including the lurkers and the average Joes, all based on your responses—and, more importantly, your online activity.

FYI, your online personality is essentially the digital identity you adopt on the internet. It involves having an avatar, a username, and a set of behaviors that might not represent your real-life traits. Think of it like a typical teenager pretending to be an adult on social media.

Do you ever get the feeling that your internet identity is a bit “not you?” If you’re unsure, give this test a try. Let’s settle the debate on whether your online presence leans more towards being fake or authentic.

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