Gender Identity Test. 90% Accurate Quiz to Find True Gender

Finally, here is a real gender identity test that allows you to find out your true gender. Answer 20 questions to see if your biological and mental gender match.

Gender Identity Test

The Most Respectful Gender Identity Test

The problem with most online gender-questioning quizzes is that they want to dictate your sex—to you! However, we created a respectful test that keeps you in charge of the results. That is because we acknowledge the fact that gender identity is related to your individual experiences.

Keep reading if you are curious to know how we did that.

A Brief Clarification of What Gender Identity Is

Before taking the test, it is good to review what it is about. According to scientific explanations, gender identity is how a person experiences their sex. It is possible that an individual’s gender identity does not match their biological anatomy.

What a gender identity test does is allowing you to explore your sex regardless of biological labels. The questionary includes items that ask you about how you “feel” about your sex.

How Does The Quiz Work?

Our team tried hard to create a free, neutral, and respectful quiz to acknowledge all gender identities. You will not face any gender-assuming pronouns, labeling attempts, or misgendering. The whole process is based on how you feel, experience, and express your gender.

·Your Feelings

Governments are in charge of labeling kids’ sex at birth. And that is why we are living in a cisgender-dominant world. During legal procedures, there is no place for how you feel about yourself. However, during gender identity, you are in charge of choosing who you are. Most test questions aim to allow you to reveal your emotions and beliefs without thinking about your biological sex.

· Your Experiences

Things you go through in your life shape who you are. So, it is essential to include them in the identification quiz. Of course, you do not have to provide us with any private information. The questions are common sense by any means.

· Your Desires

Who do you want to be? How to like to be called? What is your pronoun? And how do you like to dress? These are some sorts of simple questions to explore your desires—rather than focusing on your current appearance and behavior. Many non-cisgender people are forced by society to fit in one side of the gender spectrum. So, it is best to ask how do you “like” to do things instead of how you are doing things.

Why Do People Take a Gender Identity Test? (Facts)

Based on our database, most people who take the gender identity quiz are heterosexual cisgenders. And their main motive is mostly curiosity or fun. By default, humans do not need to take a quiz to discover their gender. Even non-cisgender individuals know their true identity. However, in most cases, external elements force people to question their gender and look for an answer. Below you see some of the examples of the said elements.

Being Influenced by Social Pressures and Conflicts

It is said that social conflicts are the number one reason for persons to look for a gender identity checker. When someone does not fall into a category of male or female, other society members react negatively—at least most of the time. Society resists accepting a non-cisgender attitude or nonconforming appearance leads some to worry about their identity. Which then makes them look for quizzes or tests.

Growing Up in a Strict Environment

If you grow up in a strict environment, the chances of recognizing and understanding the gender spectrum are thin. That is why many participants actually take the gender identity test to explore the possibilities. Unfortunately, growing up in such an environment is specifically more difficult for persons who cannot fit into a masculine or feminine character. The rate of confusion and worry is usually among the said group—as they assume something is wrong with them, not their society.

Feeding Their Curiosity or Having Fun

Honestly, most gender identity test participants take it out of curiosity or fun. Of course, there is nothing wrong with such an approach. However, we just want you to know that this is a serious questionary that values all different identifications, classifications, and expressions of gender.

How Accurate Could a Mental Gender Test be?

No online test is 100% accurate. Our team used a self-explanatory system to increase the chance of returning precise results. But you have to remember that no one should dictate your sex to you. The most accurate result is the one you feel like to believe in—because it is your body, your life, and your choice.

You Do Not Need a Gender Identity Test If…

QuizExpo does not necessarily encourage anyone to participate in this questionary. That is because we believe in freedom of choice and expression. So, you know your gender the moment you decide on it. Of course, we did our best to generate a practical and useful quiz to answer “what gender am I?” But you can skip it if you fall into one of the following categories.

You Have Made Your Choice

If you already know who you want to be, you already have the answer. Taking the gender identity test, in this case, would only help you confirm your choice one more time.

Someone Else Is Pushing You to Do So

If you are here because someone else told you to be, leave the page immediately. Others get to say nothing about your gender. We created this quiz only for you to figure out how you would like to express yourself. It is not meant to prove any point to others.

Some Non-Cisgender Results You Might Face in the Gender Identity Quiz

It is challenging to create a quiz that includes all sorts of identities. That is because the spectrum is vast. But our team tried to have and acknowledge as many as possible. Here are some of the non-cisgender identifications you might face in our questionary results.


Genderqueer or non-binary




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